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              since 1991


The Original
Virtual Planetarium  
Bedroom Stargazing!

+Incredibly Realistic
HD Repositionable
Photographic Wall Murals

Starscapes Bedroom



"Blows the
roof off
your house!"


Awesome - inspirational
relaxing - romantic

Turns any room into your favorite vacation destination!

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It's Time to Re-Think Stargazing. 

Stargaze From Bed -- See What You've Been Missing!

It's Awesome -- Inspirational -- Affordable -- Relaxing -- Educational -- and Romantic!


Hundreds of Thousands Worldwide are Already Enjoying the Benefits of Stargazing From Bed with STARSCAPES®

The Peaceful Relaxing Good Night Sleep Sensation

Improves the healthcare experience of patients and they recover quicker. Professor Roger Ulrich study
The awe-inspiring experience of stargazing lowers stress.
A University of Calif.Berkeley study
Stargazing eases anxiety.  Kathleen Emerson, LPN, CHPLN
It's very relaxing.
Dr. Mike Margolis

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Have You Ever Even Seen the REAL Night Sky? Most People Haven't.


Imagine the Serenity and Awe of Stargazing Every Night...

Starscapes Bedroom

Someday Everyone Will Have Their Own
STARSCAPES F/X® Virtual Planetarium!


This Is Where YOU Come In!
We Need
YOU To Help In This Mission!


You'll Simply Apply the Cosmos To People's Bedroom Ceilings.  It's Quick, Easy, and Fun!

It's NOT WallPaper or Stickers, It's Not a Holographic Projection.  It's Magic!  Because...

When You're Done --

The Ceiling Looks the Same (plain white)... Nothing Is Left In the Room.

People Come Back Into Their Bedroom and Wonder What You Did In There For An Hour or Two.  They Look Around And Nothing Has Changed.   And Then... the Surprise of Their Life!

When the Lights Go Out... The Ceiling is Gone!  The View Up In the Sky, Past the Clouds, Is Nothing Short Of INCREDIBLE!  They're Gazing Up at the Most Beautiful Starry Sky Ever!  Thousands of Them!  More Than You Can See From Any City Anywhere.  Stars and Deep Sky Objects that are Light Years Away. 

Listen To Them Gasp in Wonder and Amazement.  And YOU Created It... With Our Help Of Course.

NO Experience Necessary.  Step-by-step Instructions.  All of Your Professional Equipment, Tools, and Supplies.  Affordable One Time Cost. Be Ready in a Weekend!

Every Man, Woman and Child in Every Bedroom in Every Residential Home, Hotel, Motel, Resort, B&B, RV, Camper, Home Theater, and Even Classrooms is Your Market.  Below, You'll Read the List of Personal Benefits They Gain Just From Having It. 

And EVERYONE LOVES STARGAZING!  We've Just Forgotten About Them.  We've Become Too Busy.  The Stars Have Died Out For Us.  The City Lights Have Taken Them Away. 

But There's Something Inherent In All Of Us That Desires To See Them.  We Were Meant To See Them.  "The Heavens Declare the Glory of God."  Psalm 19:1

PROVE THIS BUSINESS TO YOURSELF:  Just Simply Show the Amazing Brochure and Your FREE Sample Star Portal To Others, and They Will Want Their Bedroom Done.  You'll Be Booking Jobs Before You're Even in Business!  How Many People Do You Know That Have a Bedroom?


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Everyone loves stargazing; we've just forgotten about them!  Due to city light pollution, rain, clouds, smog, haze, etc. we can't see many, if any, stars anymore.  It's too bad, because the stars give us something very, very special. 


Your FREE Portal Sample:

The FREE Amazing Demo Portal shown above looks plain white like most ceilings.  But...
Just turn out the lights and listen to people go crazy!!!
One lady placed it on the floor and panicked as her toddler began crawling into space!  She's now doing this in her city.

Hundreds of Thousands Worldwide are Now Stargazing From Bed Because Of Us.  Now's Your Chance to Profit Handsomely!


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Reach For the Stars!  And Be a Respected Business Person
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The STARSCAPES® Virtual Planetarium Professional StarBiz.

Starscapes StarBiz Collage

* The Original
* Since 1991 (25 years)
* America's #1 Favorite
* Thousands of Satisfied
Customers in 160 Countries
* 590 Awesome Testimonials on This Site
* BBB Acredited
* BBB A+ rated

The World Goes To Bed With STARSCAPES FX®

And... You'll Never Have More Fun Doing Anything Else.
We'll Prove That. 


   Using the STARSCAPES® special, custom made astronomical equipment, custom tools, proprietary supplies like our world famous Creation Paint and know-how that you'll quickly learn while watching DVDs on your sofa, you'll discover the business of how to install an awe inspiring, breathtakingly beautiful, and realistic Virtual Planetariumsm for your clients on the ceiling in their bedroom or home theater.  ABSOLUTELY NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED.

   In an hour or two, when you're done; you leave nothing in the room.  But when it's time to go to bed at night, they'll think their ceiling has disappeared!  It's that realistic!  Above them will be the beautiful and fabulous starry night sky; their own Virtual Planetarium!  It's a massively huge, from wall to wall, trômpe l'oeil mural of the cosmos!  It looks like you spent two months creating it!  But with our incredible Professional StarBiz System it's so easy a 9 year old boy can do it in a hour or two.  It's EZ, comfortable and quick!

   In fact, your customer will show you the room they want it in; you'll "wave your magic wand", and in about an hour or two, you'll be inviting them back into the room to see your finished magic.  Get ready to gain instant respect...

   Their ceiling will look NORMAL, until you turn out the lights in the room. And now, their ceiling is "gone"!  And they're looking up at thousands of  twinkling stars, searching for constellations and discovering the Milky Way galaxy and shooting stars!  They won't believe their eyes!  But they'll be begging you to do it in all of the other bedrooms!  Everyone in your town will want one!

   It's the coolest thing you'll ever see.  It's fun, educational, inspiring, relaxing and stress-relieving.  Everyone you know is going to want it for themselves.

   After they tell you how wonderfully beautiful it is... They will gladly write you a check, or give you cash.  And you keep all of it.  The average profit is between $500 and $1,000 a room.  Not bad for an hour or two is it?

   How's the market for this?  Just Google Earth your house and look at how many homes and bedrooms are around you.  Everyone has a bedroom.  The possibilities are endless!  It's new and exciting!  Everyone that sees it -- wants it!  We'll prove it in two steps.  (1.) Sign up for our newsletter, and (2.) See it with your own eyes! Order your FREE sample Demonstration Portal & Discovery Pkg. today!

   Fire your boss! You'll be writing your own paycheck every week!  It's a 2 for 1 money maker when you simply show the HD Wall Murals to every customer!


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