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The Amazing Introductory Package with the 3-D Portal Poster will be offered free.  Shipping & handling charge will apply as stated on the order form.  Absolutely NO guarantee or promise of earnings is made to you.  Neither will any assistance be needed (or given) other than the traditional call to customer service, or company newsletters.  While some people make good money, some don't.  It all depends on your efforts.  We have one of the best, educational programs available in the universe, but YOU are the deciding factor whether or not you'll make any money at all.  Want to see if it's possible?  Get your Introductory Package today with the amazing STARSCAPES® 3-D Demonstration Portal and show a few others.  Show some adults, and show some children.  You'll be amazed at what happens.  Look for the smiles.

You also agree to not copy, duplicate, use a facsimile, or otherwise, of any image or text on this site, unless you have written permission from us to do so (This includes: not allowing anyone else, with or without your communication, to do so.).  We reserve the right to give away either the Professional STARSCAPES StarBiz or the STARSCAPES Super Select StarBiz or the Basic StarBiz in our free drawings. With this continued understanding, you're most welcome to our site.  Please see our Terms and Privacy Policy at the links above.

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Joe Petrashek is the originator of  this program and website.  ANY site that doesn't mention STARSCAPES, that resembles this one, or is a word-for-word duplicate is an illegal copy, infringing on copyrights and patent law, and should be avoided.  Do not be fooled or misled by any unauthorized imitators.  All rights reserved explicitly, without prejudice.  1-308 UCC.  "With explicit reservation of all rights".  Thank you.  Program not available in District of Columbia, South Dakota, or Arizona.

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