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Amazing Stargazing Bedrooms
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Our 29th Year
Customers in 165 Countries
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Imagine your own StarScapes® Stargazing Bedroom!
Relaxing - Stress relieving - Romantic - Educational - Inspirational

Joe Petrashek, founder

Joseph Petrashek, Founder, Starscapes International.
The world's #1 authority on the subject.


Like Viewing the Magnificent and Beautiful Starry Sky Through a Glass Ceiling, On a Clear Night, Away From the City Lights. You'll See Thousands of Stars, Constellations, Meteors, and Galaxies.

In daytime the room and the ceiling looks normal.
The magic happens every night when the lights go out and
the ceiling disappears! In a STARSCAPES
® SPACE Room, the walls disappear too!

Starscapes Space Ceilings Independent Business Opportunity

Awe Inspiring -- Relaxing -- Stress Relieving -- Romantic -- Educational

People gasp in astonishment and cannot believe their eyes when they see it!

The incredibly detailed expanse of universe looks like it took months to create, but with your Professional STARSCAPES® StarBiz Program you'll do it in about an hour or so, and you'll be paid well for it. So, order today and begin your new, exciting future! Your order will generally be shipped out the same day and you'll receive it in 3 days.

A real business for real people.

How many people in your city have bedrooms? Imagine the possibilities.

You do NOT need to be artistic or know
anything about astronomy to do this.
NO experience necessary.

You'll learn in the comfort of your own home
with the Professional StarBiz Program, all of the equipment and supplies to do your first 50 - 100 ceilings.
ON SALE THIS MONTH at an extraordinary low price. (Details on Starpage 3.)

Get Started Today In Your City or Town With StarScapes F/X® Ultra-Realistic Stargazing Bedrooms & SPACE Rooms That Even NASA Has and Enjoys!

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As seen in these fine magazines...




Like to experience the magic this week in your own bedroom? Order your FREE Discovery Business Information Package which contains the Amazing 4' x 3' Cosmic Portal Sample! Just show your family and friends and you'll be booking jobs before you're even in business. You can even get their deposits so you can purchase your StarBiz!

  • Lisa made $3,700 her first day.
    Rodney made $95k his 1st year, part time, just promoting on FaceBook.
    After a few motel rooms, Mark bought a new car. Someone else also bought a new motorcycle. Countless others paid off their bills.
    Frank regularly makes $2k a day.

You too can become a STARSCAPES® Illusionist!

  No experience necessary.

At Starscapes, we're on a mission. A mission to get everyone in the world under the stars. (We'll explain why below.) To do this, we're offering you incredible value for an honest fair price; and you can even try it first before buying with the Discovery Sample Package and a 100% guarantee that you'll love what you're about to see!

A customer testimonial: "Thank you so much for the joy and optimism you have brought back to us. I will forever be grateful!! My 10 year old grandson, Anthony, was so impressed with his "new" bedroom that he got choked up with happiness!" Michael Berenato

It Moves People. It's Cool. Everyone Loves It
and It's a Very Respectable Trade!

We're successful and have been in business for many years
as shown in our still-relevant vintage video:


The Market is Huge.
We Need Someone In Your Area Now.

Millions of Residential and Hotel/Motel Bedrooms Await You!

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Ramada West - Dubai
Just one of the listings in our International Lodging Directory


 "WOW! Looks like the real night sky! Everyone wants this in their rooms! We finally found a great family business!"


Listen to the little button


Your clients can choose between a general or astronomically correct night sky to commemorate the exact birthday of a child or the day the couple fell in love!

Invisible during the day...
Lights off -- behold the beauty of the universe!


 "I was out stargazing last night
and then realized I was in bed
and wondered where my ceiling went!"



"WOW! You won't believe your eyes! You have to see it to believe it. Order it today while it's FREE for a limited time." family photoExperience it yourself. Get your
amazing 4'x3' cosmic ceiling portal sample, lay it on the floor and turn out the lights. You won't believe your eyes... you'll feel as though you could jump right into SPACE! Put it on the ceiling and you'll have a Window to the Universe!

Listen to this family as they see it (on the floor) for the 1st time!

equipment case

THE BUSINESS:  You can become a certified StarScapes® Artist-Illusionist! You need ZERO artistic or astronomical knowledge or ability. Just the passion and desire!

Get on board with us and begin this fun and exciting Certified SPACE Business today by ordering your StarScapes® Professional StarBiz Program "total business in a box" (details on Starpage 3).

This is not just a set of instructions or a beginner's YouTube video that leaves you hanging. Everything is included, as you'd expect, including your business manual, DVDs, business forms, heavy duty portable equipment case, magical tools and supplies for your first 50-100 customers.

You'll also be in constant contact with the "Tesla" of the industry, Joseph Petrashek, the originator of StarScapes® via phone (1-602-679-0257), text and email; excellent and caring customer service to get you off to a good start. This is our 28th year. It's our passion, and we're committed to making it yours too!

THE REASON EVERYONE LOVES STARSCAPES®: It's astronomically correct, just like the real night sky looks, away from the city lights on a clear night. Pure entertainment, inexpensive home improvement, awe inspiring, educational, romantic, relaxing, stress-relieving, therapeutic, better sleep, competition buster for hotels and motels.

THE UNTAPPED MARKET: How many people live in your area? How many of those people have bedrooms? Residential bedrooms = untapped. Commercial bedrooms = untapped. Plus, home theater/s -- Meditation/Prayer rooms = untapped.

Adults, Children and Teenagers -- Hotels, motels, & resort guest rooms, B&Bs, hospitals, assisted living, hospice, yachts, jets, RVs, trailers, truck sleeper cabs. Check out this quick random poll:

THE MARKETING: Our 'Automatic Lead Generating System' (explained in the business manual), reveal parties, showing sample directly to hotels/motels/RV dealers. Word of mouth, local print media and ad/coupon magazines, direct mail, brochures, fliers, vehicle lettering or wraps, radio, TV, press releases to local media for free publicity, social media eg. FaceBook, email, guerilla marketing, billboards, home shows, fairs, festivals, door hangers, free drawing boxes, retail gift certificates, school, church, and fraternal organization fundraisers, company leads, and our Virtual Reality app. Our new Children's Astronomy Course contains 9 lessons and each lesson is emailed to the parent every Friday for weekend reading to the children. Then, lights go off, and they can discuss the lesson under their own stars! We have a great strategy to get it into the schools for dissemination by the students to the parents, to get you more business!

THE PROFIT: Retail price (the price that you charge) begins at $150 for a small area (Stargazing Skylite/Window to the Universe) above the bed. With our system, that just takes a few minutes to complete and your cost of supplies is very low. Suggested retail is $12.95 per square foot of ceiling space. Just one 10' x 10' bedroom ceiling is $1,295 and will take approximately one to two hours to complete the universe. Most homes have 3 bedrooms. Each Space Ceiling Illusionist sets his own pricing, so if a customer gets more than one room, you might give them a "Buy 2, get 1 free" offer to entice the sale. You have a very small supply cost per room, so everything else is profit for you because now you're a professional. Sound too good to be true? Prove it to yourself and get your FREE sample today! Every day you aren't doing this, you're wasting money.

best business opportunity


Oh my! Joe, thanks for the company lead! I love the reaction I get at the unveiling! His wife literally shrieked in excitement! What a day! I made $3,500! Anne B. S.A.I.

I booked $5,000 in business just showing the Amazing Cosmic Portal Poster! Yeah! Now, I'm in the business! Eric S. S.A.I.

"The StarBiz Package is FANTASTIC!. ..Thank you!"

"I made $1,450.00 part time my first week!

"I've been showing the Cosmic Portal poster to some friends and they all said, 'I want it in my room!'.  I've got 5 jobs booked.  My kids are 'dying' for it!" 

"I just did a room for $1,200!"   It's the simplest, fastest money I've ever seen with NO skill on my part!"

"I'll be doing some rooms at a local resort... For $20,000!"

"I showed them, and all the skeptics just said WOW!"


Two business programs all rolled into one!

We bring the outdoors IN.
Break rooms


You can also offer this custom service for extra profit.

"I just did four ceilings this last weekend. The local hospice ordered an illusionary wall mural and I made $1,886 on that! And I just did one house with two full ceilings.

Matt Barklage S.A.I.




STARSCAPES F/X® sleeping woman


    The universe is our home. Stargazing is primal and instinctive. We were meant to stargaze and experience the awe, inspiration and beauty of creation every night before we sleep. It has the ability to positively transform our lives. Today, we ALL need this. We need to bring the outdoors IN!

     But we're all too busy and the city lights have forever taken the stars away from us, leaving us with a rather dystopian view of the future.

     Now, with STARSCAPES F/X®, everyone can now enjoy stargazing and the great outdoors, and the world will certainly be better for it.

     Everyone that sees the STARSCAPES® COSMIC PORTAL POSTER says "WOW"! Everyone that sees it -- wants it. You'll see.  


  • More meaning in your life

  • Enjoy what your hands create

  • More free time

  • More money    

  • More friends    

  • Peace of Mind  

  • Money, housing, vacations, healthcare, education, status, cars, and more can be yours when you're successful and in business for yourself.

  • Imagine in just one to two hours, making up to $150 to $1,800 to $3,700 cash in your pocket!

  • Your first job can pay for your entire business startup cost!

Starscapes business opportunity

* The Original
* Since 1991 (29 years)
* Thousands of Satisfied
Customers in 165 Countries
* America's Trusted #1 Favorite
* Certified SPACE Imagination Product
* 656 Testimonials
* 5 Star Reviews
* BBB Accredited
* BBB A+ rated

With our unique system you'll need NO prior experience as we teach you everything.
The StarBiz Program is all inclusive. No upsells.

 It's easy to do and it's fun.
You'll have a new skill for the rest of your life in just one weekend.

Your Ship Just Came In...
It's Your Turn.
Are You On Board?

The Complete StarScapes®
Professional StarBiz

E-Z to learn at home, taught by the one and only master, the inventor of the product, in just one weekend! You'll receive the complete course business manual, instructional video DVDs/USB drive, the precision astronomical equipment, unique specialized tools, business forms, and the very special supplies for your first 50 to 100 rooms, marketing samples, all of the different and creative ways you can market it, customer service, and more!
Get started today during the
HUGE COVID-19 Sale. (Details on Starpage 3.)

Order This Week
Only $1,295 Complete.

SAVE $1,700 This Month
When You Pay in Full With Your Credit/Debit Card!

Your first job could pay for it!
Every job after is cash in your pocket!

Joe Petrashek StarBiz
Founder Joe Petrashek with his StarBiz.

"All of the people in your town that have bedrooms need you!
Get started today!"

658 Stargazing Portal Sample

FREE SAMPLE Discovery Package Now Available!

Get your "See it for yourself" Discovery Package business information and you'll also get the amazing 12 square foot Amazing Cosmic Portal Sample FREE!

You'll be stargazing once again, but this time, in your own bedroom, through what looks like a window in your ceiling! When you show your family and friends... it's guaranteed they'll all be in total awe and you'll be gaining your first customers -- proving this business before you're even in business! A $39.95 value, get it FREE today! Just pay half the postage ($5) to prove you're serious and not a child trying to get this for free.

Eric showed the free sample and booked $5k!

"Just finished our first official job! We created two rooms for kids and the parents loved it so much that they want us to come back and do their room!!" -- Travis & Renee Stith Discovery package

Your 4' long Portal Sample and special discount pricing will ship out to you today!
We're here to answer all of your questions by text or phone
Customer Service 1-602-679-0257.

Making money is easier than you think. We'll prove it.


Joe Petrashek, founder
Since 1991

CONTACT: Joe Petrashek originator founder

"You'll never have more fun doing anything else."

Customer service 1-602-679-0257
Showroom in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.


NEXT: You'll see the incredibly beautiful optional Space themes that you can offer your clients. You'll see more of our fascinating high definition photographic wall murals too. 653 exciting reviews & testimonials, exciting audio clips, and more!

Learn more about starting your business
at a price much lower than you might think...

1994 - 2020  Starscapes International div. of Voyager Industries LLC  
Customer Service 1-602-679-0257
Visit Our Showroom in Phoenix, Arizona. Call for appt.
U.S.A., North America, 3rd rock from the sun, Orion Arm, Milky Way Galaxy


Substance and Earnings Disclaimer. Do not mistake this for a get rich quick or money making opportunity, business opportunity or franchise of little or no investment, that promises you'll get monetary gain with no effort. There's no guarantee of specific results for you specifically and your results of course can vary. All testimonials on this site are from real people. People that aren't "couch potatoes", and go out and work their business.

The StarBiz is a specialty artist-illusionist educational course/program, much like a course you'd take in college, a trade school or from a book on how to learn a skill. No prior experience is necessary. You'll learn at your own pace, in your own home, and you'll pay for your education and your tools and equipment from us. What you do with it from then on, is totally up to you. If it's a hobby, it will be a fun one. If your goal is to trade your services to others for something of value; that will be fun and rewarding too. Anyone can be taught our metho no artistic skill necessary.

Good education usually comes at a price. You usually get good value for your money. Your education and equipment from us comes at a price too, and it isn't cheap, but it is good value, in fact it's great. Like any skill that you may acquire; people won't generally come knocking at your door to give you money. You have to promote your product and let others know about you and what you're doing in one way or another. You may not make any money at it, but on the other hand, you may make more money than you ever dreamed possible. We think that it makes sense to be comfortable with your purchase so we always suggest that you test it on your family and friends first with the initial Discovery Package that we pay for; you just pay shipping on it.

As with anything, it's up to you and what you do with the knowledge and tools in your life. We reserve the right to give away the STARSCAPES StarBiz Program in our twice a year free drawings. With this continued understanding, you're most welcome to our site. Please see our Terms and Privacy Policy at the links below.

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