I have seen glow paints at some stores, are they the same kind you use?

No, it certainly is not the same paint we use. As noted above, the paint I use is mixed and used exclusively by STARSCAPES® F/X Artists. The professional grade phosphorescent pigments used in my paints glows at least 10 times brighter and longer than mass produced paints you will find sold at some retail stores. For this reason it is no wonder why glow paint sold at some retail stores does not mention glow time or brightness! With exclusive STARSCAPES® paints your mural will glow all night long and is brightest in the first few hours. As the saying goes " you get what you pay for". With your STARSCAPES® F/X painting, not only are you getting our exclusive super glowing paint, you are also getting the artistry, expertise and the STARSCAPES® name behind it!