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The Birth of a Phenomenon.

How it All Began...

 Was I scared!

     Like you, I've been in and out of many jobs, knowing that there's an easier buck to be made. With all of the "ups and downs" there were; just thinking about it kind of makes me dizzy!

     Spending years working like a fool, for awful bosses, I earned practically nothing to show for it. I usually never had enough money to get through the month. The bills would just keep piling up. Bankruptcy surely wasn't too far away.

     There were days that I was so depressed, I couldn't get motivated to go out and work. I'd sit around in my two room apartment and just daydream. Dreaming up ways to get out of the hole that I had dug for myself.

     Have you ever felt like that?  I just wished that I could start all over again! 

Then it happened...

     Have you ever felt like that?  I just wished that I could start all over again! 

     One day, my friends noticed that I was awfully depressed. So, they took me camping up in the mountains in northern Arizona. That night, I lay awake worrying about where the money to pay my bills was going to come from.

     The starry sky was so beautiful up there... I thought, "If I only had a dollar for every star in the sky, my money problems would disappear."

My mind exploded...

     I fell asleep. Then, suddenly, early in the morning, about 2:30a.m., I woke up.   It was almost as if someone was talking to me. It was an incredible idea! I had just discovered an amazing way to raise all of the cash that I needed!

Jolted me wide awake...

     It seemed so fantastic at first, it just seemed too good to be true. But yet... IT'S PROBABLY THE SIMPLEST WAY IN THE WORLD TO MAKE MONEY!  I'll never forget that night. The very next morning, I tried to clarify my thoughts. All day long, I worked my plan out on paper.

I made more money than I knew what to do with...

     My background ingenuity as a professional, entertaining magician kicked in!  It was so easy! A child...or even a monkey on a street corner could do this! There was no question about it. I figured I could easily make some extra cash applying this unique method. Was I ever wrong! I could make myself rich! So, guess what? I started working for myself... creating STARSCAPES® in people's homes!

You can too! I'll share it with you...

     The market is WIDE OPEN. Everywhere you look... Up and Down the streets... BEDROOMS!  The city is yours!  Any room in any home, office, hotel, motel or school will be your market.  Everyone that sees your work will want it.  I'm serious! 

     Once you do THIS... You'll never go back to anything else!  Period!  Wouldn't that be great?  Most people don't know about this opportunity, so you'll be the first in your area!  I've been doing this for half my life and certainly don't intend to stop now!  It's way too much fun, and way too much money!

     STARSCAPES® is the original, glow-in-the-dark ceiling mural!  I like to call it the Cosmic Environment Simulator.  It's a completely NEW and PROVEN, money-making business you can run from your home.  Earn $100.00 to $1,500.00 per hour or two in your spare time. It's extremely fun and rewarding. It could be your PERFECT home-based business. Get started now! Be sure to send in your order today!  (There's a link at the bottom of the page.)

     Using a secret, magical process (definitely not a template or stencil), you'll learn how I place a permanent STARSCAPES® 3-D ILLUSION ceiling mural in a customers' home.  An accurate, 3-dimensional painting of the nighttime sky, with thousands of stars, including constellations, the Milky Way Galaxy, and even shooting stars!  All in an hour or two! 

     The greatest magicians in the world couldn't do any better!  Don't let it scare you though!  Can you paint a happy face on the wall?  Good!  Then, you can do this!  (In fact... you're probably OVERQUALIFIED!  Ha ha!)  It'll be the easiest thing you've ever done!  Really!  Young or old...  Man, woman, boy, or girl.

Magic to come home to... 

     It's a simple, yet effective method of replicating and painting the starry night sky, with rare earth phosphors, on any ceiling or wall (even acoustic or popcorn ceilings).  Now, understand, you won't have to paint any ceilings black... Because at night, when it's dark... The ceiling automatically looks black!

     Oh, and our special Creation Paint is water-based, non-radioactive, and non-toxic.  It's nothing like the paint you can buy in your local craft store.  We make this special ourselves in our own laboratory.  Nobody else has it.  It may not be the best for painting tshirts, but it's the absolute best for our industry; and it's only available to you, and not the general public!  And with it, the painting is invisible during the day... so, it won't interfere with any decorating scheme.

     But, at night, or when the lights are turned off... The result is astonishing! It appears that the ceiling has been removed, and what you see above you is the most incredible, realistic, starry sky imaginable. Not just any nighttime sky...but, a crystal-clear evening, high atop a mountain valley, above the clouds! Thousands of stars are visible. And the depth-perception completes the illusion.

     You can invite the entire astronomical society club in your city to see your masterpiece.  They will be astounded!  (TIP: For your own sake, record their responses.  Soon, you'll have an hour or more of OOH'S, AAH'S and WOW'S!  You'll want to play them back for others!)

Those that see it--hunger for it...

     Everyone that sees it, wants it for themselves, and will gladly pay you up to $200.00, $500, $1,500 and more for it!  In fact, I won't even paint a room for a customer unless four or five of their friends are over.  Because, when I'm done, and they all pile onto the bed and the floor, waiting for the lights to be turned out; I'm waiting for their jaws to drop and scream, "I want this, too"!  "Great!"  I say.  "I've still got Tuesday of Thursday still open.  What's best for you?"  

     And then, I do the same with them!  (Make sure they have their friends over when I paint their room.)  This keeps the "ball rolling" for you and you don't have to spend half your earnings for advertising, like you would in any other kind of business.

     One of the benefits of becoming a certified and licensed (more on that later) STARSCAPES® Artist-Illusionist (SAI professional designation) is that you not only get our customer support department and newsletter, you also get to chat with hundreds of us worldwide.  More heads are better than one!  This is where you benefit from learning from hundreds of experienced STARSCAPES® Illusionists.

    I'll show you the special marketing idea that I've used to help get a steady growth of customers.  I call it the exclusive, and powerful..."Automatic Lead Generating System". 

     By the way, your cost of material is usually less than $5 per job.  $100 worth of paint can make you up to $20,000.00!

Comfortable work...

     Others will think that it took you two months to create it!  You'll find out exactly how to paint thousands of stars on the ceiling in about an hour for a 10' x 10' room (3 meter x 3 meter).  After your third practice room, in your own home... The very next day, you'll be a pro! 

     And don't worry... With these methods, neck aches and back pains never occur!  And you won't be lying down on your back like Michelangelo either!  You'll be comfortable and relaxed all the time! Send in your order today, and show everyone how successful you can be. 

The Virtual Reality home improvement...

     No doubt you've already heard about one of the newest and hottest entertainment ideas of the future.  It's called Virtual Reality!  It's like a popular video game -- but, you're inside it!  That's right!  Just place a special computerized helmet on your head, and voila!  Suddenly, you look all around yourself and...WOW!  You're not where you thought you were!

It's the original Cosmic Environment Simulator!

     What you'll learn with your StarBiz program, there'll be no heavy helmet or wires all around you.  No expensive computers to purchase!  Just lay back and relax.  Soon, you'll feel yourself drifting off into the stars!  Perfect in home cinemas, theaters, media rooms.  Adds another reason to enjoy the room.  A home planetarium!

     Now, YOU can be a part of all the excitement!  TRENDS CAN MAKE YOU RICH! (When you get in early.)  There isn't anyone, anywhere around the world that doesn't enjoy stargazing.  Whenever you can find something that costs you less than $5 and you can sell it for any price you want... You've found a GOLDMINE! 

     Here's the goldmine.  It's yours if you want it.  The new & exciting STARSCAPES® learning opportunity is for you!  Order today.

Who wants it?  
How many people in your city have bedrooms? 

     Imagine a young newlywed couple receiving this for a wedding present!  And kids love it!  It's the perfect night-light!  Kids that never slept in the dark, will NOW!  They'll even ask you to shut the door!  STARSCAPES® is educational too!  All the constellations, like the Big Dipper, Cassiopiea, Hercules, Pegasus, Draco the dragon, and the Southern Cross are in their correct positions. 

    You can even paint the same sky your customer was born under, first fell in love under, or just a summer sky!  My customers have ranged in age from 2 years old to 70!  Everyone who sees it, wants it!  It's the biggest impulse item you'll ever see!  And it's the perfect gift!  They can't break it and it lasts forever!

     The hotel and motel industry is a huge market!  They love it!  They get to promote something that their competition doesn't have!  Can you imagine all the attention they'd get with just one billboard? "Sleep under the stars...when you stay here at the Hilton Inn!"  Wow!  Guests love it! They return asking for the same room over and over again!  It's the perfect stress reliever after a hard business day.  Apartment complexes give them away with lease promotions!  Let's face it. For the business person... your magical work will attracts attention; and is cost-justifiable!  There's NO opportunity better!

     You can take your Star-Biz  with you around the world!  That's right!  You're not tied down to a single territory. You can travel and work worldwide!  Think of the possibilities. Contract to do the rooms in a hotel; you can get your room and your meals for FREE while you work!  

     You'll see how easy it is!  First, paint your bathroom with a Stargazing Skylite, then a child's room, then your own bedroom.  Now, you've got all the product knowledge needed to have complete confidence in your product and your new found ability.  Then, take one of the brochures to a hotel, motel, or resort.  Just like I do!  In fact, you can even show them some of the testimonial letters from other hotels.  (In the educational guide!)  And then... Hit 'em with my SECRET PLAN that makes them beg me for it!  They'll be in a daze for weeks with all their new guests!


      If we, as a community are forced to move toward a cashless society where you'll NEED to have something to barter with; your StarBiz can be your answer!  Imagine, trading $4or $5 worth of paint for something you and your family need worth $50 to $1,500!  Won't that be something!  (It's no mystery, friend, we're headin' that way.)  Be prepared!  You need to read your Holy Bible.

 Really now... 

Why wish for the moon -- when you can have the stars?!

     You can start this week!  Just contact us!  You'll never have more fun and make more money doing anything else!  I invented this new kind of business, so it's not available anywhere else.  And... you'll NEVER, EVER, EVER, have MORE FUN doing anything else. 

     Just wait 'till you see the Amazing Demonstration Portal Poster!  Order one now... or get one free inside your complete STARSCAPES® StarBiz business educational program.  You'll show this to others to get your first bookings.  You'll flip!  I guarantee it! 

Join in the fun!  Order your affordable StarBiz program today...

Just go out and have fun, or start making money in a fun, home based business of your own making, if you desire!  It's better, quicker and easier than just about anything else.

May God bless you and yours...
Your country, and the United States of America!
                           ~ Joe Petrashek