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As a STARSCAPES® FX Artist-Illusionist, you can offer
several different 
THEMED ENVIRONMENTS for your customers.

Including... the Milky Way Galaxy,
numerous deep sky objects like the Whirlpool galaxy (M51), Globular Star
Cluster (M13), Beehive Star Cluster, Andromeda Galaxy, and various nebulas. 

Once only seen through high powered telescopes, your clients will see
the glory of the heavens as it was meant to be seen.  Your clients will
be amazed when you point out, for example, that the bright star Vega
is just 26 light years away, the nearest star Alpha Centauri A is only
4.3 LY away, the super giant Betelgeuse is 520 LY away, while the
Andromeda Galaxy is an astounding 2,200,000 LY away!
And it's huge diameter is 120,00 LY across!
(One LY = 5.879 trillion miles from Earth.)

You'll also learn special advanced artistic effects created and available

No two rooms will ever  be exactly alike, which adds value.

You'll learn about them all and more with our Professional STARSCAPES® StarBiz System,
and become a master
in less than a week.  Here's a few...

The Original

As though someone installed a glass
ceiling when you were not looking!
The sky actually seems to be in motion.
Better than a planetarium!

    Starscapes room     
Dark space with thousands of
dazzling stars and constellations in their
astronomically correct locations.
The majestic Milky Way is shimmering as a few Shooting Stars pass by!  Simply magical.

Relax under the stars every night.
No room prep is necessary.
Glows for hours - even all night long.




In 1969... Man Walked on the Moon.
In 2016... You'll Walk in Space!

Lost In Space Fantasy 
aka: Cloud 9

Have you ever wanted to "walk in space" 
like the astronauts?
The ultimate virtual reality.

Get up and walk around...
but hold onto that bedpost.
It's quite easy to lose your equilibrium!

Take a trip and never leave the farm!

A simple drawing of a mind-blowing experience...



Stargazing Skylites
Window to the Universe

Smaller inexpensive versions
of your STARSCAPES®  masterpiece.
 3', 4', 5' and 6' in diameter.
(1 meter, 1 1/2 meter, 2 meters)

 Note:  In the home or hotel room,
you normally won't see the
furnishings  in a darkened room...
just the stars!




The Room Expansion Fantasy

mountain horizon appearing around the room

Imagine lying down in a valley
surrounded by beautiful, majestic
mountains off in the distance.

And of course, the stars in the heavens above.  
Ahhh...   Pure relaxation.  
Best enjoyed after a hectic day
in rush hour traffic!



happy aliens


Battle in Space Fantasy™

Imagine a battle in space right above your home!

Starships and battle cruisers engaged in a full fledged war complete with lasers, photon torpedoes, and protective shields!  Beyond stargazing!  Every young man's dream!

(Other images of our proprietary designs are not shown to protect them from theft.)

Starscapes battleship


Fairies & Angels Fantasy

A little princess's dreams come true!

(Other images of our proprietary designs are not shown to protect them from theft.) 



The Roswell Connection Fantasy

You've just been beamed up to an alien flying saucer!

As you await quietly on the examination table, you become instantly terrified as you notice the medical probe coming at you! You force yourself to look away!

Amazingly, you notice a calming and relaxed feeling about you as you look out the portal windows into the vastness of space.

The stars twinkling around you...  The glorious star filled cosmic space that you love.

You enter a trancelike state of mind and fall asleep. You awaken totally refreshed in your own bedroom.  It's morning... You feel lucky that you met your STARSCAPES® Artist-Illusionist.

You smile as you listen to your favorite radio station.  Then... you discover that you don't have a radio, just a funny little bump on the back of your neck.
(do do do do --  do do do do.)

It's like you're inside of a flying saucer looking out through the portal windows all around you.