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I just did four ceilings this last weekend. The local hospice ordered a wall mural and I made $1,886 on that! I did one house with two full ceilings and another job was an upsell to a whole ceiling after they won a three foot in diameter Stargazing Skylite. Then, I had someone call me from my vehicle advertising and they bought a whole ceiling, plus I just got off the phone with a guy that wants his 15 x 15' ceiling done. I love this business! Matt Barklage S.A.I.

Beautiful!! Thank you so much for the joy and optimism you have brought back to us. I will forever be grateful!!! Joe, my 10 year old grandson, Anthony, was so impressed that he got choked up with happiness! To my family at STARSCAPES® and to the future success of STARSCAPES F/X® of the Delaware Valley... a gracious toast... salute! Michael Berenato S.A.I.

Hi, Joe! I just received my StarBiz package and I could not be happier or more impressed. I am, for probably the first time in my life, not only reading but also FOLLOWING written instructions. LOL! Anyway, the quality of what I have see so far; I am just beyond impressed. You have really got this down to a science. Thank you again so very much. I just can't wait to get started and start marketing this." Michael Eckhart

I'm currently doing 60 TraveLodge rooms (just above the beds) and buying a new car with my profits! Mark Garkow S.A.I.

We received a STARSCAPES® Heavenly Ceilings as a gift for my newborn daughter from my mom. Joe was so friendly and easy to work with! He showed us this amazing art work and we loved it! We had it done in both my daughter's room and our own. Sleeping under the stars is going to be so romantic for my husband and I! Christine Sherk

10/10! Incredible service, nice down to earth artist and we are loving our full ceiling STARSCAPES® every night! We have the full ceiling done, and it's like we notice something new each night we gaze up at our stars! My husband and I used to stare at our phones until we fell asleep, but now we doze off while star gazing. Starscapes has become a new must have for us, anywhere we move, we will be giving him a call, and you should too!!!! Brianna Scavo

After just hearing about this, I was a little skeptical. I thought to myself oh its going to look tacky and is it worth it. Just seeing the sample in front of my eyes was enough to make me do a complete 180 and I was amazed. If you remember from Interstellar when they were flying into the wormhole, that’s what looking at just the sample was like. After seeing that I had to do my entire ceiling and I could not be more happy. 10/10 would recommend to anyone and everyone. Lucas Tisland

It was beautiful, almost like you were right in the stars themself. Help me go to sleep right away and slept like a baby, very relaxing, woke up feeling very rested and had a great day. Thank you Joe for picking me too win. As they say in Karaoke, Joe, FLY ME TO THE MOON. Jeanette Hunt Espinoza

Wow! I won a Window to the Universe in a drawing, and after seeing the demonstration, I wanted to upgrade to a larger one. Thank you! It's so beautiful! Jenifer Finkbeiner

I booked $5,000 in business just showing the Amazing Poster! Yeah! Now, I'm in the business! -Eric Schweitzer S.A.I..

My first 7 days of work included 8 paid jobs, one free special needs child, and one free drawing winner. I've made $5,073; double what I was making as a bookkeeper at the bank! I have $600 scheduled for today and $1,330 tomorrow, and demos scheduled for every day next week! Joe, I could not do all this without you. You are a treasure! Lisa Solice S.A.I.

I finally got to check out the new VR STARSCAPES® app with Google Cardboard. It is freaking amazing! I showed it to my sister, who thought it was amazing too, and she wants to be my first customer! I can't wait to get started creating amazing works of art for my customers! Tonya McKinney S.A.I.

I got my first job today from a lead that you guys sent me! Thanks very much! Jim Herne S.A.I.

I started creating STARSCAPES® in 2003. I'm 75 years old now and do a couple every month due to customer referrals. That's all that I need right now. I charge between $8 and $9 a square foot. Jim Naples S.A.I.

Oh my! Joe, thanks for the lead! I love the reaction I get at the unveiling! His wife literally shrieked in excitement! What a day! I made $3,500! Anne Brakeman S.A.I.

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for all of your support the last three years. When I started this business I just didn't know what to do with it, and I was a new mom.. it took a while for me to get around to it but finally when I did you were RIGHT there guiding me each step. I can't believe I am supporting my family on doing something that makes others so happy!! "oh Lord have Mercy" was the exact quote of the lady I did a presentation for yesterday! lol I'm doing three rooms for her tomorrow!!" I just keeps getting better! and I LOVE sleeping under my OWN stars every night with my daughter. If anyone wants to talk to someone who successfully runs this business please give them my contact info, I'd be more than happy to talk to them! Keep reaching for the stars! Leslee Martin S.A.I.

"The stars are just the same as when you put them up six years ago, we look at them every night. We love them." Tashawn Byrd

Wow! Here's how I started my day. I ironed on the STARSCAPES® logo onto the pocket of my Dickies shirt and put it on. I had to run a couple errands, like the car repair shop, and market. Everywhere I went, people asked me what that logo means! I ended up giving five demo's today and painted some rooms too! Today and tomorrow so far... I will have made $2150! Things are looking up, up, UP! Thank you, Joe, for offering such a great opportunity! Marquise Kizer S.A.I.

It was my neighbours birthday on the weekend so I did a Ceiling mural in her bathroom. I was very suprised at how well it turned out. She was totally amazed saying she had never seen anything so amazing in her life, and she cant wait to show her friends and grandkids. Now I see how it all begins! Hopefully more paying customers! Graham Bishop S.A.I., Australia

After I gave my business card to my doctor, he later went to my website that you put up for me, and he called and wants a room done. $1,100. I guess I'm off to a good start! Marquice Kizer S.A.I.

WOW! This was definitely worth the six hour drive to see the STARSCAPES® (showroom) in person! Dennis Knorr

I saw your ad in a magazine, and was curious to see it for myself because you just never know. Well, I happened to be traveling across country, so I stopped in to see the STARSCAPES showroom; and I'm so glad I did! WOW! It is beautiful and truly amazing! That's when I got my Professional StarBiz. I've been an S.A.I. since 2009. Vilia Lighthart S.A.I.

You are amazing! I just love all of our customers, each and every one of you. Thank you all for your business and your friendship throughout the years. Joe Petrashek

Thank you Joe for your dedication and commitment to helping those who are less privileged and less fortunate than we are through . Hans and Lolita Wiesner

Congrats to new STARSCAPES® Artist-Illusionist, Dave Holmquist, for starting today on a 70 room hotel, that he booked just yesterday! That will net him about $12,000 in a couple of weeks. Wouldn't you like to be able to put that kind of money in your pocket? He says, "Joe, I'm doing everything that you told me to do. All I did was take into the lobby, the Extreme Business Card. Asked the staff if they wanted to see something cool. Of course they said yes, and I showed them the demo. The next day the owner called me, and said he was very interested!"

I finished painting 75 rooms in a hotel! Niki Zima S.A.I. in Slovenia

I just painted a hotel! 170 rooms at a discounted price of $160 each. I made $27,200! Thank you STARSCAPES®! Mark Garkow S.A.I.

Absolutely fantastic product! Mike Enlow "The Father of Internet Marketing"

I ended up painting 5 ceilings in one day!! Melody Tucker S.A.I.

We've done 110 rooms so far and we're having so much fun! It's great hearing all the OOHs and WOWs! Garth Malan S.A.I.

Thanks for the help with the pricing Joe!  Well, I just made an entire family very happy and made myself $2,800 today.  Four child rooms at $495 each, and their master br for $795.  I think this is the coolest business!  Leslee Martin S.A.I.

My 1st job was just a 3' x 4' STARSCAPES® Stargazing Skylite.  His agreed upon price was $600.  My customer LOVES it!  He says that it's the most amazing thing he's ever seen!  He says that there's way more stars inside than he sees outside.  Marquise Kizer S.A.I.

I did a job the other day for a child, well he's 13 years old.  The mother asked me to do it for him.  I did it while no one was at the house, which was best, because the little boy doesn't like anyone to go in his room. 
     We went back later that night for the unveiling.  The mom had not yet seen it.  I asked her to wait till I got there
When we arrived he was sitting in the living room watching TV.  I went over and shook his hand.  His mom told him that I had put a surprise in his room.  He kept asking what it was.  We said that it was a surprise.  
     I asked him to go to his room to see if he could find his surprise.  He looked everywhere, including the closet.  I told him to sit down in his chair and to leave his eyes closed until I told him to open them.  His mom laid in the bed and closed her eyes too.  After about a minute I told them to open their eyes.  Of course mom gave a big gasp and a BIGGER WOW.  He kept looking at his ceiling.  I asked him what he thought.  He said, "I love it"!  His mom said that he has NEVER done that before with anyone that has given him something.  I turned the lights back on for him to see that everything disappears when the lights are on and comes back when the lights are off.  When we left the room he decided to stay and look at it.  I noticed that he kept turning the lights off and on.  
     The best part about this job is knowing that I did it for a child with autism.  I will possibly see his mom again today, I will ask her if he has enjoyed it.  He has also had a fear of the dark, so maybe this will help.  His mom told me that she may have me come back to do her other son's bedroom.  Not sure yet.  She says that he likes being able to sleep in the dark because he had to share a room with his brother who required a night light to be on.  We will see.
     Before I left I gave him the certificate and asked him again what he thought about his new ceiling.  "I LOVE IT", he said.
Shelby Flynt, S.A.I. in Mississippi

STARSCAPES® is the ultimate business! Joe Petrashek gives personal attention to you as you are building your skills and business. No being on hold, no non-English speaking phone calls, just plain old great American service!  Rich Reynolds S.A.I.

I'm off to do a job which will be two rooms in the home at $7 a sqare foot. One room is 10x10 and the other is 10x11. That's $1,470 and I'm excited to do it as always! Ricky Witt S.A.I. since 2008

New S.A.I. Rich Reynolds speaks after his first practice room! 

  And here's Wes Rose after doing his first 3' STARSCAPES® Stargazing Skylite!   

Joe, I was speaking to another advertiser in my magazine, going through the most recent issue over the phone. He saw your ad and said that it was one of the better home-based businesses he knows of. A friend of his had signed up with you some time ago, and was doing well. Also, he (the advertiser) said he had seen the results in a house that he was considering buying, and thought it looked great!
I knew you’d like to hear a voluntary testimonial! Jack Friend, Sr. Account Director, HomeBusiness Magazine

I asked S.A.I. Leslee Martin how her first mountain horizon came out on a customers wall. Actually, I asked her if it was fun to do.  She replied: Yes!!! It looks so good! I am in LOVE with the full mountain theme. I'm going to do my master bedroom with the silhouette of my favorite mountain in Utah.  I've hiked the summit three times, 18 miles round trip.  It would be SO amazing to have that commemorated on my personal wall!  Leslee Martin S.A.I.

Leslee's latest testimonial about a 4 year old boy with cancer; and a $2,500 job!   

Hey guys! So I went and & gifted a FULL mountain theme for a little boy last night! This little man is almost 4 and has been battling leukemia for three and a half years.  :(   I can't imagine watching one of my children go through that. They were such a nice, sweet family. The mother had contacted me and asked me what a room like that costs; and that she knew she probably couldn't afford it, due to all the bills with cancer treatments. She said her son loves looking at the stars and she thought it would be really calming for him. I had a free evening, so I decided to give this little boy a full stargazing room!! I also did one in her sisters room! She was so sweet, and in the dark I felt someone tapping my shoulder... the little girl was on the bed getting my attention... she gave me a hug and said "Thank you!".  Both parents, the two kids, a little baby and the grandparents all came to the surprise Reveal. This video was the result!  If you've never been part of a STARSCAPES® Reveal, you will understand that THIS is why I love doing this so much!

Watch (listen to) her video of the STARSCAPES® Reveal! 

Posted by Leslee Martin

My first job got me $800! And now I've just done two motels! Joe Spaulding S.A.I.

Thanks Guys - Looking forward to experiencing the magic! I currently cannot afford the system, but I'm gonna try to raise the money somehow. I'm a retired/disabled man in his 50's that needs a part-time business like to survive mentally... as well as save money for two kids college. I would appreciate any help you can give me in starting this business! I very excited about this legitimate biz op.... as opposed to many other ops I've tried that failed. Thanks again, and God bless, Dave Dixon

Want to thank you SO MUCH for this opportunity to change my life & the lives of others in an oh-so-positive way! Can’t wait to receive my “new life skills” & get movin’ with this…have so many ideas; can’t seem to turn my brain off!  I’m lovin’ it! Joni Sayre

What do I like best about STARSCAPES®? Joe's integrity. Steve Nici

My boy fell asleep after 5 minutes of stargazing!  Bedroom Customer

I am truly - an artist...who would have thought!!  I am eager to learn EVERYTHING possible in order to get a small piece of God's awesome landscape into homes with the hope they remember who they are and who He is!! That is my secret motive and has always been since I stumbled across your website:) Of course they money is a necessary part to survival and I welcome it....but I have a greater reason and purpose for this endeavor!!  Tracey Smith S.A.I.

Its gonna be a slow next month, I only have 9 jobs scheduled. Rodney Robertson S.A.I.

Thanks for all  you do for us!  Jeff Salm S.A.I.

Well, I had to quit my full time job in order to handle all of the STARSCAPES® business I'm getting!  I'm doing 5 - 7 jobs a week, and my pricing is $199 + $5 - $8 a square foot.  It's about $1,200 a room.  Rodney Robertson S.A.I.

I just did the three bedrooms in a home in one hour and 45 minutes. I made $1,200!  John Gates S.A.I.

Received my StarBiz. Just wonderful!  Everything we thought and then some!
Reaching for the stars on BlastOff!  Thanks for all the encouragement!"
Ken Alexander, Texas

Hey Joe! Akeem Here! Might be seeing you soon! I'm on the way to Phoenix Arizona after painting a $5,600.00 3 bedroom job in Las Vegas!!!!  Hope all is well with you, cant wait to talk to you! I sent you a paypal button info for my STARSCAPES website too.   TY!.
Congratulations Akeem!  I've got a cocktail with your name on it waiting for you!  -Joe

I always have had a really hard time with getting to sleep at night.  Since I've had my STARSCAPES® to focus on, I no longer have nightmares.  Thank you, Joe! Angie in Arizona

Leslee Martin    Joe, I just did my bathroom ceiling and nailed it!  Doing my first real gig tonight.  I'm excited, not scared because now... after following your instructions, I know I can do it. 

This one is a $500 job, and I just booked a $1,200 job!   

(Later, that night...)  Uh-mazing!! They were blown away!  I am coming back next Wednesday to do her master.  Then, she wants me to do her condo in Vegas!  It far exceeded her expectations, and mine too!  The Milky Way turned out gorgeous and I did a shooting star down the wall.  It was incredible.  I can't believe I'm actually really good at this!  It really was breathtaking the way I brought it down the wall.  I showed it to them for 20 minutes... they kept me there talking about it for another 30 minutes; figuring out ways that they can help me get more business with fundraisers, etc.  Got the other family scheduled for Monday, and I have another client trying to schedule.  I'm super pumped.  It definitely seems to be snowballing and I see how the Think and Grow Rich mentality will propel this even more!  I'll be painting three rooms this week!  My goal is ten jobs a month.  I'm going to get good at getting referrals and doing follow up.

(Later, her text... after the $1,200 job...) There are a bunch of people here waiting for the pizza and star show.  This is awesome!  (With the people in the room now...)  The audible gasp and "Wowwww" from 15 plus people in the room was awesome!!! The kids sounded like Christmas morning!  And I heard a huge "Thank you, Daddy!!!"  And, "I see a planet!"  Then an adult said, "I see the little dipper!"  It was awesome!!   I love this!     Leslee Martin, S.AI.

A testimonial from one of Leslee's clients:

Hello friends!  I would just like to take a moment to share the experience I recently had with Leslee Martin, Starscapes Artist-Illusionist.  I saw in a newsletter that she did something along the lines of painting stars (or at least that's what I got out of it).  I figured since my wife and I recently converted my 3-year old's room into a "big boy" room with a space theme, that Leslee's work might fit right in.

After looking at the website, I still wasn't quite sure what it was that she did, but more specifically what it really looked like.  I contacted Leslee shortly after and she responded very quickly.  I asked her a few questions over the phone and we both decided an in-home demo would be the best way to understand.

Leslee came over that same evening.  I showed her my son's room and she set up to create the demonstration.  After she was done preparing it, there was a little bit of wait time before the actual viewing.  During this time, I got to chat with and get to know a little about Leslee and her family.  I'd encourage you to do the same as she's had an interesting life and was fun to talk to.

 So, the moment of truth...  The big reveal!  Leslee takes me into my son's room where the demo piece had been awaiting our return.  She asks me to lie down on the floor on my back and close my eyes as she turns off the lights.  She makes me promise to keep my eyes closed for two minutes.  It's kind of strange, but I keep my word and keep my eyes closed so my eyes will be adjusted to the dark.  We chit chat some more and then she tells me I can now open my eyes.

 Ladies and gentleman, when I opened my eyes I can honestly say that my heart jumped at the sight of the small sample Leslee had put together!  She was hovering something like a mini whiteboard about 3 feet above my face displaying the art she had created.  It was truly awesome!  After seeing it on such a small scale, I knew I had to have the entire ceiling done!  So, we set an appointment for her to do just that.  It's been done for a couple of weeks now, and both me and my son are still excited for nighttime to come just so we can turn off the lights and stare at the ceiling!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  I don't know that a thousand words would be enough to describe how I feel every night I get to see what Leslee has created for us.

 I would encourage everyone to see for yourself what I mean.

 Thank you Leslee!  You are amazing!   -Jeff Lewis

Leslee is a working mom, and here's her latest testimonial:

I can't believe I'm actually doing this!  I made $3,9000 my first month! This is going over so well and I've really got some
confidence going on with it now, and I want to have $50,000 in my bank account come April 1st.

I put my two weeks notice in at my day job. I LOVE LOVE it there, and I DO feel my life purpose is to help people recovering from alcohol and drugs, but NOT at $10/hr. Maybe when I'm rich from STARSCAPES®, I can use my own capital to start my own treatment center.

But right now I need to be a mom... and I can't be spending 40 hours of my week at a minimal pay day job, when I can be teaching singing for $60/hour or doing STARSCAPES® for $100-$300+ an hour.  I just miss my baby WAY too much, even though my day job was my passion; my baby is my priority! I've got to be a full time working mom... so I might
as well make some money doing it. THANK YOU for this opportunity!   Leslee Martin S.A.I.

I'm doing a home theater Tuesday for $1,800!  (Later...) The owners loved it!! Well, that led them to also wanting one inDonna Annis their bedroom. Chalk up another $1k for me... :)    Melody Tucker, S.AI. 

I love painting STARSCAPES®!  It is so relaxing for me and everyone loves them!
 Donna Annis, S.AI.

Congratulations to S.AI. John Hochstetler!  John has done rooms in 7 motel properties that led him to more, for a total of 18 properties!  Great going, John!

Thank you!!! I  live in a rural area where canoeing and horseback riding is BIG. Just today I went through one of the resorts at the river, "River's Edge." I could not count all the cabins!! The opportunities are vast in my part of the world as well as many biz expositions in the small towns around here. I am well aware that this biz is going to take off like gang busters. Everyone who has seen my sample in my bathroom is excited to have their ceiling done as well! I know STARSCAPES® is the best business in the world. I will keep you posted.
Diane Frillman S.AI.

I believe in STARSCAPES® and have seen the impact it 
can have on people and their lives. The most graphic 
example was a woman I knew with MS that had become 
confined to one or two rooms in her home due to the disease. 
Her devoted husband had retired early to stay at home and 
care for her. I received an amazing set of letters from her and 
her husband after I gave them a STARSCAPES® ceiling. 
They described how the magic of that ceiling had transformed 
their daily lives and had given her a new found hope and joy.
Lee DePue, S.AI.
Thank you for the referral!  I'm going to profit almost $700 
from this job thanks to you, Joe, and your service.  Nice 
regards, Frederick Jimenez S.AI.
I have a painting I am doing this weekend about three hours 
away. I am only charging $2.25 sq ft, but it ends up being 
almost $800 because I charge an extra $125 for the "milky 
way" and an extra $25 for every shooting star over 1. Works 
for me. I may not get rich quick, but just being able to do what 
I love works for me... Happy Stargazing!!  
Melody Tucker S.AI.

Ray Flowers

Ray Flowers, S.AI.


Wow! Just received our Professional StarBiz and went through it!  You guys overdeliver!  Bob Garrett & Ray Flowers, Texas

We did our first paying job for $1,500 and we're excited!  When the lights were turned out, somebody was making noise with their feet; I asked the customer, "Is that you or your daughter"?  He said "It's me!"  The man was kicking his feet like a little girl, he was so happy!  He's bringing all his friends over to see it, when we come back this week!  Doug & Lisa Metz, S.AI.

Hi Joe,
Did you know I attempted this business on my own in the past by doing a bit of research on the internet -- but after buying your course I can really say it was worth it. Your methods are much simpler then what I was doing before I gave up.
Sam Delacote

I knocked $500 off the price of a truck in exchange for 4 Skylites! Dennis the Star Guy

A hotel wants me to do 160 rooms in February! Pite Mogoje, S.AI.

Joe, you and your people are the greatest. I'm proud to be a part of STARSCAPES®. Tell that good gentleman, Alex, Ken says hi! Your friend, Ken Leedy S.AI.

Hey Joe, this is Greg.  I just finished my first paying job. A 12 x 12 room for 500 bucks! Yippie!  I also booked three more jobs from that one!  Greg Watson S.AI. (winner of the STARSCAPES® StarBiz drawing.)

Thanks for all you do. I believe in STARSCAPES®  and have seen the impact in can have on people and their lives. The most graphic example was a woman I knew with MS that had become confined to one or two rooms in her home due to the disease. Her devoted husband had retired early to stay at home and care for her. I received an amazing set of letters from her and her husband after I gave them a STARSCAPES® ceiling. They described how the magic of that ceiling had transformed their daily lives and had given her a new found hope and joy. 

I have been reading and studying a book by Jack White called "Mystery of Making It". Have you ever heard of it? If not, find a copy and read it. It is brilliant! Anyway, the book has taught me many things about myself and the many myths about making and marketing art. I have seen the light! The ideas in the book will help me to finally take my STARSCAPES® business, and career, to the heights that I had originally dreamed of.  I realize there is no limit to where I can go with my painting!

I'll keep you informed of my progress. And I hope to make it out to Arizona someday to meet you in person.
Take care and God Bless,
Lee DePue, S.AI.

I did skylites in my three grandson's, and granddaughter's room, they love it. Less noise more sleep. I have put two in our room. Helps make everyone go to sleep. I have done ten customers as well, with great feedback. Don Emond

Ok this is the greatest thing since 7up! The course is easy to understand and, I like the fact that I can be in business for myself but not by myself. I have painted several Cosmic Skylites in my home and have also put some on foam to take along with me as they are easy to roll up. Funny how those Skylites attract big attention! To say the least I didn't even have the chance to say much about it and next thing I know -- I now have a job lined up! Very exciting indeed! Nancy Kohl

I was so happy when I finally find your website. I have been searching years and years for a home biz opp. I actually jumped up and down when I was reading through your website. Absolutely amazing!! Christelle, Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

Thanks again for your help, Joe.  I thank God you are there for me every time I need you and also thanks to Starscapes International.  Back in 1998, you helped me in the worst time in my life, you gave me a hand and helped me to stand up again, and now you are doing it for my daughter, my son in law and my grandson, the new STARSCAPES® Artist-Illusionists!  I have included their photos for you.  Thanks Joe.  God bless you my friend.  Humberto Melendez S.Ai. Monterrey, Mexico

I ordered my StarBiz with the Pelican Storm cases and I LOVE THEM!  Everything is organized and I know where everything is in those pockets.  They are very professional looking.   Donna Annis S.Ai. Wyoming

I have now ordered the Pro. StarBiz and don't feel like a stalker now.  Yup, I've been following you STARSCAPES® and  for 20 years now!  Thank you, Joe!  Kathy Knowlton Tereskerz

STARSCAPES® is the most phenomenal thing I've ever seen. I've already booked two rooms! (And I don't have the kit yet!) Charles Spencer-Zito

STARSCAPES® is truly the best biz opp with value that I've seen in a very long time. Tabatha Tucker-Hong

One of my customers said "I'm with NASA.  Dude... you nailed it!" Bruce Wingard S.Ai.

 STARSCAPES® Aficionado Videos.  Click it.

STARSCAPES® is the best business opportunity I have ever come across in my life. Ikenna Anene  Nigeria

Cradle of HumankindToday I was at Maropeng - The Cradle of Humankind, a World Heritage Site near Gauteng, South Africa. That's where we read history on how Humanity started in Africa more than 7 million years ago. The rain gives them problems for stargazing. Their official, who's an Astronomer, will be in attendance and they will be relying on me to install The STARSCAPES® at the visitor centre. My dream is to visit Arizona by end of the year. Pite Mogoje S.AI.

     The B&B I'm doing today, for the 12 rooms, most are 12x12, is $400 per room. Not bad huh?!  $4,800.
     Just did one 10 x 10 room for $420.
     This room was a snap! I did three shooting stars and dust clouds using Super-10 Cosmic Blue Creation Paint for the lady.
     Afterward she said, at the unveiling, that it was so magnificent and relaxing! And I felt good inside knowing I gave something that would leave a lasting impression on her for the rest of her life.
     Got 7 deals out of this one! All her family and friends were there and I got 7 different deposits.
     I thank YOU ALL for your help; and Joe for blessing me with the power of
STARSCAPES®.  Special thanks to Mark Garkow for your time - it was priceless.   The spirit of the Living God is without end. Happy Starscaping.  Les Drew S.AI. Painter of Dreams

At the showroom, I had a great time visiting with you, Joe!  I will keep reaching for the moon, so that I will always land upon the stars!  And I will paint until the brush is torn from my hand!  Melody Tucker S.AI.

Have you ever lost money looking for a good business?  Ralph Duffy S.AI. has.   

I love this business! Bob Dewald S.AI.

My daughter says she was looking at the fairy in the midst of the stars and she fell asleep! That was such good news!  Lisa Metz S.AI.

Donna Annis   Donna Annis S.AI. talks about STARSCAPES® .  

In our further quest to build brand awareness and develop more leads for the S.AI., watch for our newest ad in the Romantic Homes magazine Dec. 13th, and Jan. 10th!  The circulation is 285,000. Divided by 50 states = 5,700 possible readers!

I had a booth at the Wholistic Fair in Casper and booked a $1000 job.  I am so pleased with everything you provided in the kit. You thought of everything and provided several different options! Thank you so much! Donna Annis S.AI.

I've read the manual and watched the video and have completed my first practice room! The StarBiz is very thorough.
Ralph Duffy S.AI.

Just landed a 30 room motel  They are sooo excited and I told them to bring some of their motel associates over before the job is done to help get me more work.  I told them if they did this and I get the work, I'd discount them 2 or 3 rooms.
Kendra S.AI.

STARSCAPES®  is Loved Worldwide!  Here's a few comments from the Ukraine and Latvia:

Many heartfelt thanks for the STARSCAPES® starry sky. The beauty of a starry sky in my house! Now I can enjoy any time of day or night! Beauty and the flickering stars affect your reality. It's a small miracle in my house. We all come from childhood, and children, we still notice the sky above your head! Now every night we'll feel like a child: quiet, cozy, warm, etc. Hooray! Thanks for the extraordinary miracle! Luka NV Ukraine, Kiev

Wow! Just super! In urban areas we have lacked such sight! With thanks and best wishes, Anatoly Sidorushkin. Ukraine, the city of Izmail.

Like visiting the country or in the countryside, the feeling when it was night in the mountains. Flooded memories. There was a great feeling, something familiar and close. Many thanks, many thanks. Korbut, NM Ukraine, Kiev

Loved it! Let's just say - a masterpiece! Amazing and much needed relaxation. Thank you. Roman A. Kondratenko Ukraine, Kiev

Instantly took up the project. Very beautiful and impressive. Thank you! I am pleased with the purchase! Aleksandr Romanovich Ukraine, Kiev

We now have in the house has its own little miracle! His starry sky, its stars! Now each night relaxation guaranteed! Thank you very much! I think that this will be the grandest surprise for my family. Thank you! Olga Ryazanov Ukraine, Kiev

We have just returned from Africa, where they were struck by an amazing depth and brilliance of finite sky. Imagine our surprise when we do the same image seen the sky on the ceiling! We immediately decided to get a STARSCAPES® star ceiling in my bedroom, and now enjoy every day of his spectacular view! And remember the wonderful dniv Africa! Faith and Ruslan (Riga)

I have a whole day in the city and razezzhat lead tiring business talks. Now, as I did in my bedroom ceiling star, I fall asleep more quickly, sleep tight and I was far better rest for the night. Solomon (Jurmala)

Relaxing effect of stellar hits ceiling, and we'll make them in teaching and methodical study at our institute and we will use in the preparation of psychology students. Leonid Mikhailov, Rector of the International Institute for Applied Psychology (Riga).

After sitting under the STARSCAPES® ceiling, I noticed that underneath it feels very positive impact of cosmic energy, and considers it possible to recommend these ceilings to their customers. Laila Krastynya - Director of the Institute of Practical Astrology (Riga)

We are preparing psychologists, and seeing the star ceiling, I realized that they can be used in our training purposes, as we have after each session, the program includes meditation. And it more effectively at night under the bright starry sky. So the person gets closer to nature and cosmos! However, given the specificity of our classes (we spend all of their classes sitting), I thought that we were not comfortable to be sitting on a chair to look into "heaven". It turned out that this is not a problem! The artist has made us an amazing panoramic view of the star on the walls! It was possible to fully preserve the astronomical orientation of all the stars and constellations! And now our practical work with students more effektiv! Dace, Director of the College of New Psychology (Riga)

We are always looking for your school the possibility of applying new technologies in education. We have a series of articles under the title "Man, Earth, Universe". We introduce a class of students to the interaction of all that surrounds them, to animate and inanimate nature, give an idea of ​​the stars and planets. But studying astronomy at the pictures just very hard to imagine the real cosmos. After all, the starry sky can be seen very late, when school is over, so we have and anterior is a clear sky, which is suitable for observing the stars and constellations. And then we were asked to make extensive and accurate picture of the sky on the ceiling of any class! When we saw the sample, then immediately realized that this is a mini-planetarium, and he needs our school! And now he we have, in the office of physics. Drew the curtains on the windows, turned off the light - and the boundless depth okryvaetsya bright night sky - a sky full compliance with the real! We have already had some lessons of astronomy and students now can navigate among the stars and constellations. Olga Isakov, Director of the private school "Maxim" (Riga)

I found out about the wonderful starry ceiling of the article in the newspaper "Vesti-today" and immediately began to search, view and their order. I have a lot of complex buildings, made a long time, but all I felt kind of rough! And seeing the amazing beauty of a starry sky pattern, I knew-that's what I need! I decided to make a stellar image in almost all areas of the complex: in the halls and bedrooms. So in a large banquet hall after the sudden shutdown of the world the impression that the "roof gone" - got up, and you can see the starry sky. This prizvodit enormous impact! In the cozy little room in the attic, where the domed ceiling (now with the stars) - after turning the light off a feeling that you are generally found in the open air. Impression is reinforced by the fact that we live in a building anywhere live crickets, and they begin in the darkness of his "singing". But where there are living, they can be written on tape! Our clients, who rested in the bedroom ceiling with stars, were delighted with their fantastic views. Now all the clients say that it is necessary to visit us again! Nicholas Kolotilo, owner of the leisure complex "Rukisi" (Riga).

I just did three jobs and made $2,000 in three days! I love doing this! Ron Williams S.AI

I really appreciate your continuing support and creativity. My NEW website looks fantastic, sounds fantastic, and links viewers to my email address if they want. Really nice!   Thanks again, Joe!  Rob Manne S.AI.

I received my StarBiz and love it!  I did my first practice room and it came out really nice.  I am doing another this week for my nieces, and am also doing a networking event this week, and I'm super excited about that!  Hope to book a few jobs this week!  Devona Pratt

Hi JOE - thank you so much for this breathtakingly great opportunity.  I got my StarBiz yesterday. I spent most of today studying my materials and I have never seen anything like this before!  I'm gonna continue with my preparations tomorrow and I'm optimistic that in two days time I will be ready to start working.  I never thought that one day I will be doing a kind of job that is rewarding and that helps to bring back smiles of happiness and appreciation in people's faces.  Another interesting fact JOE: My son prefers to drink coffee or juice using a beautiful STARSCAPES® Coffee Mug. I have never been so happy in my life. 
     UPDATE:  Hi Joe - I did my very first job today and I couldn't believe the massive talents you have transferred to me! Even my clients didn't know what to say - they also sung a WOW! Chorus!  August 2011  Pite Mogoje, South Africa

Everything was received in order last night. Spent several hours this morning reviewing the information and I can't wait to get started. I purchased this primarily to give to my youngest son for him to work, but I think I will be working this with him.         Cindy Scott

Joe, I was so excited to call you a couple of weeks ago to FINALLY be able to invest into STARSCAPES®.  I have wanted to do this for a very long time as you well know.  Please have made for my girlfriend (Soon to be fiancé once I get the money for the ring.) a certificate and name badge.  Thanks for all the great stuff you've sent us.  I will soon be telling my bosses that I will be taking a day or two off work per week so I can work my business.  I just want you to know, I will be one of your rags to riches stories down the road.  This business is going to give us the security we've both wanted and have been searching for.  Thanks for everything.               Kerwin SAI, Colorado

UPDATE:  Hi, Joe.  So far I have completed 9 rooms. All with great success! Everybody loves it! I wore the hat you gave me this weekend camping and I got several inquiries about it. (Thanks for everything by the way.)  One gentleman who saw my cap knew about STARSCAPES® . He said he knew someone that had been in the business a long time and had great success with it. We took that as a confirmation that we have made the right decision to buy into the business. We are very excited to become a part of the STARSCAPES® family and we have many ideas to get the business going. I have wanted to get into this business for the last 5 years but due to hard times, I was unable to be able to buy the Professional StarBiz. Finally, we sold every extra thing we had at the house and finally raised the capitol to buy it. Persistence pays. We feel it was a good move and am looking forward to being financially blessed as we build this business.
                                                                                                                                     Bill Kerwin & Janelle Severson  SAI  About creating...

Listen to my audio testimonial on StarPage4.  I just booked two jobs for $1,500 each.  That's $3,000.  (Ken has almost paid off his financed StarBiz in the first week!)                                                                                                                          Ken Leedy SAI

Joe, first of all, thank you for the thoughtful gifts that came with the STARSCAPES® StarBiz . They show a care for your customer/colleagues that I have rarely come across. It was also a great idea to send the PDF book that you sent to read while I waited for the STARSCAPES® StarBiz to arrive. The book really lights a fire under you to succeed! Thank you for that. I am quite happy with the detail and completeness of things included in the business package. To think of and include things down to something small like a doorstop is incredible and comprehensive planning for your customer. Not to mention the Galactification Machine, which is a beautiful and finely made instrument. And the new cases are superb. Everything is neatly laid out inside and easy to keep neat. You've done a great job with the package and the materials and instructions included in it. I have done six practice rooms in my house and each one was definitely an evolution...
                                                                                               Brian Holmes SAI (no relation to Theresa)

We did the Milky Way on my bedroom ceiling and walls (my second room).  Wow! Just Wow! The galaxy center just glows like crazy and I feel like I'm really out in space.  We'll do a Skylite on the Living Room ceiling tonight so as to provide our own sample for friends.  The StarBiz is my 60th birthday present to myself, and although I'm still working full time, my goal is to be doing STARSCAPES® (and other art projects) for a living by the end of this year. This is a lot more fun than doing tech support from a call center!    Theresa Holmes SAI

UPDATE:  It's been just about a month since I first saw the ad for STARSCAPES®. Since then, I've been moving right along on the process of preparing to turn my dream of painting STARSCAPES® into a reality. I've now painted my office ceiling, my bedroom ceiling, and a portal on my living room ceiling. I've developed a signature logo, learned a lot of lessons, begun preparing marketing materials, and will soon begin showing my STARSCAPES® murals to friends and acquaintances. This is my present to myself for my 60th Birthday (coming up in July). My goal by then is to have painted a number of portals in what little spare time I have (I work full-time) and to have proven I can make a living doing STARSCAPES® and related arts and crafts, and have a lot of fun doing it. By the end of the year, I plan to be out doing STARSCAPES® for friends and acquaintances in the hospitality industry around Colorado, as well as the residential and commercial building industries. ...          Theresa Holmes SAI

I just made $2,500 with my STARSCAPES StarBiz today!  Do you know how hard I'd have to work in my landscaping business to make that?                                                                                                                                                       Dave DeVries, Michigan

     Toni and I just did two average rooms (12' x 15' and 10' x 10') yesterday that netted $2, 210.00 cash. They were so impressed that they gave us an extra $90 tip!!! We love this business and the effect it has on our clients. What a wonderful way to make a living!

My wife and I both want to say a big THANKS to Joe Petrashek & all his great STARSCAPES® staff .... James, Matt, Matthew, Alex, & Jill, for all their hard work during the past year! Look what you've given us just in the past year... New STARSCAPES® FX brochures, newly created STARSCAPES® FX living brochures on CD-ROM, new STARSCAPES® FX Owner's Manuals, new STARSCAPES® Certificates of Authenticity, and hotel signage! WOW!
     And on top of that, this year you have introduced several new paints so we can experiment endlessly with new effects and combinations! STARSCAPES® just keeps getting better! How many businesses can boast of that! Thanks also, Joe, for the constant reminders in the "Galactifier" Newsletter and the great new items in the STARSCAPES® Store that help make our work as Artist-Illusionists a little easier. THANK YOU AGAIN, Joe and Staff, for enriching our lives with the wonderful, original art form called STARSCAPES®!
                                                                                                                                                 Frank & Toni Wilson S.A.I. #1717

When I saw it, I couldn't sleep that night!  I called my sister and told her that this business was going to rescue me.
I can now see myself buying a house in my country's richest suburb!  Also, my partner could not believe what see saw either!  My boy said Wow! This is great! He ran outside to call his playmates in!  STARSCAPES really brings out the best in people. They're so happy, they don't even know what to say.  I have my very 1st customer at a B&B!                                   Pite Mogoje, South Africa

I just completed my first paying job for a 10 year old boy. His mother wanted it to be a surprise. She said he was absolutely amazed! "Mom, I love it! The roof looks like it just lifted up and away! (Just the reaction I had hoped for!) The shooting star is so cool!" The mother said that he couldn't stop talking about it, and that he didn't just like it, he LOVED it. I left his Owner's Manual for them and he read it cover to cover. He then started to point out the constellations to his Mom. She was amazed at the wonder and excitement of her son with his new present. She could not thank me enough for introducing them to STARSCAPES! Furthermore, she said I could use her for a reference anytime, and she had a friend, who's son also would be delighted with a STARSCAPES Mural of his own. I'll always remember the excitement that she portrayed over the phone, and I'm so proud to be associated with STARSCAPES!                      Shirley Griest SAI

I got my first two paying jobs, one for $1440 and one for $660 they were amazed at the results and have promised to introduce me to as many people as they can.               Mickey Smith SAI

I just did all 40 rooms in a Lodge on a lake! And I also did a room in a palace in Poland!                                             Ania Binek SAI, Poland

What kind of comments will YOU hear from YOUR clients? Here's some comments from S.AI Darlene Snay's customers:

Thank You so very much for coming here and turning her ceiling into an amazing stary sky. It was a pleasure having you. My husband Loves it. Before he saw it, he kept saying that he wouldn't want it in our room. Now after he has seen it, he said, "heck yeah." I cannot wait to show it off to my family & friends. ; ) I put your email address into my contacts so we can keep in touch. We're definatly going to get the other 2 rooms done too! You do a really great job! I'm glad we decided to do it! Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend! -- Dana

"I feel like I am in the Adirondacks lying in a field looking up at the stars. That is what I fall to sleep to every night. Pure relaxation!" Yvonne - Stillwater, NY.

"On behalf of my family, I'd like to thank you for the wonderfully, creative Starscapes® you painted on the ceilings of my three bedrooms. I can't put into words how relaxing it is to look up while lying in bed, and feel like I am looking through a glass ceiling into the night sky. The Milky Way is the icing on the cake. It's so realistic. My daughters are thrilled with the faries throwing stars onto their ceilings. They have been showing it to all their friends and also to their grandmother. We all love it. Thanks for coming out on such short notice. Your customer service is great!"      Christine Meshcon, Princetown, NY.

"I own a small museum and gift shop. I had Darlene do a star scape on the ceiling of a small room in my store, it turned out to be a great attraction for all ages. I had my bedroom ceiling done also, after a long day there is nothing like sleeping under the stars to unwind, its like camping with all the comforts of home." George DeMers, Old Saratoga Trading Post, Schuylerville, NY.

"I want to thank you for the wonderful 'skylights' you did for my children! It looks like the real stars twinkling above their beds. Now they don't even use nightlights any more!  The angels are beautiful. Thank you again." Missy (Schroon Lake, NY).

"Thank you for the wonderful night sky you did on my daughters ceiling! They love the stars and the Milky Way is fantastic. They show it to everyone! Living in the city, they don't get to see such a beautiful night sky. " Nik- Rensselaer, NY.

"We love the art work you did in our baby's nursery...the night sky looks so real with all the stars glowing, and thanks for putting the Big Dipper over the crib area. We will learn stargazing together!" D.B. Clifton Park, NY.

"WOW! My husband was surprised...and loved the shooting stars! It really is relaxing lying under the starry night sky!  Also, the guest room is great! My inlaws couldn't believe it. Thank you! " Pam Hagen, Stillwater, NY.

"Would you consider doing an 8'x10' room for my 3 year son> He recently underwent a second surgery to remove a brain tumor...his medical bills have mounted, and he has a very hard time at bedtime (this might entice him a bit). ..."
" Thank you for the beautiful work you did. He is loving the ceiling and shows it to everyone who comes in the house..."This my stars" he tells them! I can't thank you enough for all your generosity and support!" Fawn B. Schnectady, NY.

"Darlene was very patient in explaining what she does. I changed my mind a couple of times. She had no problem with it. She is very professional. She did a great job. My family is happy with the way the project turned out." Lorraine Hernandez

Thank you so much! My son loves his new stars! Now my husband and I want one too...we are showing all our friends! Deb...

Thank you Dar for doing my room! It certainly is relaxing & stress-relieving. I use it as my "escape" All three of my kids rooms are so unique...We are a very happy family!... Doreen G.


We just purchased our StarBiz and have already done four homes!                     Alfred Del Vecchio., California

STARSCAPES IS fun!                                                  Nan Rhys La Fond, S.AI

Joe, thank you so much for all your help. I am very grateful for all you've done to get my business off to a good start.  What with all the tools and links and sites and what have you, that you provide for us STARSCAPES Artists, just to make it easy for us to get started, and get our business off to a good start, just shows how much hard work, and not to mention the time and effort you put in, just for us. You are truly amazing. Just want you to know that. Thanks again for all your help Joe.  Sincerely,          Joe Zamudio  Your tocayo and compa (LOL).

STARSCAPES is a miraculous financial life saver.      Teressa Porter, South Carolina

All I can say is wow!!!!!!!!!!    Derek Doyle, Ireland

A very lucrative and fun business!  Steven Schindler

Finally, a home-based business that provides real opportunity while offering an honest, quality product.  Jeff Dolnack, Pennsylvania

STARSCAPES is the Worlds greatest IDEA!  Douglas Ritchie, West Virginia

STARSCAPES is the most amazing and promising opportunity there is out here.  Edward Martin, Illinois

I think this is the coolest, most up to date business I have seen yet.  Stephen Miller, Saskatchewan

Eye candy, soul rejuvenator, spiritual lifter.  I would call it a natural anti depressant.   Hafsah Nasser, Illinois

Unbelievable! This is a manifestation of the private sanctuary I've been dreaming of!  Holly Bostrom, California

STARSCAPES is tranquil, soothing, happiness, serene, appropriate for everyone! Animals included.  Terrie Quijarro, Oregon

Boring ceiling by day, amazing by night!  Michael Tellert, Connecticut

STARSCAPES is absolutely breath taking!!!  Lisa Martin, Pennsylvania

A starry night I have only dreamed about!  R. McFall, Tennessee

STARSCAPES is an easy startup home based businessKeith Bankston

I am in the universe, the universe is in me, the universe and I combine as one... how awesome!  Susan Mayhew, Canada


To me, STARSCAPES is a visual interlude to the heavens.  William McElwee, Arkansas

STARSCAPES is an innovative way for children of all ages to enjoy the stars once again. Lauren Carver, California

A fantastic opportunity to offer stress reduction and tranquility.  Kathy Floris, Florida


STARSCAPES is the peaceful feeling that is welcomed and needed by every stressed out human being.  Kathy

With STARSCAPES the sky is literally the limit!  David Dorish, Connecticut

STARSCAPES is what I've been looking for and didn't know it.  Ron Cordova, California

It is absolutely real and unique.  Catherine Huff, South Carolina

A beautiful, serene way to relax and get away from it all.  Meg Housman, Nebraska

You cant hide God's Creation.  Carlos Jacquez, Texas

I love it.  It brings the wonder of nature indoors. No bugs, no mosquitoes. Just stars.  Darya Daoud, Ontario

It's just like looking at the sky at night without the heat or cold weather to stop you.  Roberta Hutson, Texas

Amazing! The Stars are inside my house!  Greg Funk, Ohio

Heaven on earth.  Frank Simeon, Florida

An incredibly fun and desirable product.  Tom Imbrogno, North Carolina

Great way to make money.  Robert Nolan, Kentucky


OUTSTANDING! A whole new land of fantasy, imagination, and magic.  Tim Anglada, Colorado

A wonderful opportunity to show a great product to a lot of people with good results.  Robert Randall, California

This is a great way to see the night without being out side. A great opportunity for my family.  Donald Hubbard, Washington

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!!!  Ana Escobar, Florida

An amazing product that could bring happiness to everyone that is introduced to it.  Douglas Taylor, Connecticut

Wow! Amazing!  Halina Ahmad Ahmad, Brunei Darussalam

Amazing, I think I found the answer.  Ron Wundheiler, New Zealand

An unbelievably realistic 3D look into the night sky while lying on one's own bed.  Doug Alexander, Tennessee

An absolutely magical night for the rest of your life.  Susan Chenoweth, Florida

I had an unexpected mural job this week from a retired couple who I spoke with last winter. They have been repainting the inside of there home and just finished their bedroom last week. I went out yesterday and put the STARSCAPES® up and they were of course BLOWN AWAY!  It is such a kick to be in that room when they first see their new STARSCAPES® FX! We were in there laying on the floor talking for at least an hour, as I pointed out points of interest with my laser pointer, and needless to say they were in total amazement. It still amazes me as well and humbles me also because I have not received this level of client enthusiasm pertaining to any other art form I have worked with to date. (That’s around forty years give or take.) July will be my best month this year. Len Sodenkamp SAI

Hi Joe, we had a party for the 4th of July, I sold 6 ceiling jobs by showing my living room ceiling, 3 were backyard versions at $400 each, the other 3 are deluxe versions at $5,00 per foot. Yes, I had a very good weekend! Mike Adams SAI 

Just did my first STARSCAPES® for a client.  It was fun!  Earned $1,000 to do two rooms.  Thank you Joe.
Thomas Kim S.AI

S.AI Mike Adams has been so busy lately that his wife told him to go out and reward himself with a new motorcycle!  And that's what he did. Now he's riding a new $32,000 Sreaming Eagle Ultra Classic Harley Davidson! Ridin' in style! Congrats, Mike!  Mike says he's doing tons of "backyard versions". His pricing is $6 a square foot, average $450 a room. If he has to travel more than 12 miles away, or he does a deluxe version, he charges $12. He just finished two backyard versions for $800.  Joe Petrashek for Mike Adams S.AI

I had made about 7 or 8 calls last week to B&B's and asked for an appointment to show them what I offer.  I did two rooms (in one property), she loved the demo.  I showed the table tent sample and told her about the lodge listing, and there you have it!  I did two rooms, she loved them!!  She said, "!  It is just beautiful!  I am telling my friends that own a large B&B in Manchester Vermont... and I am having a reporter contact you from the Saratogian!"  Sure enough, about 2 days later a reporter came and spoke with me, he sent a photographer... I will be in the paper soon, I don't know when for sure.  Darlene Snay SAI

I've been ripped off by so many internet businesses, and am so glad to have found a real home business. And I can do this! Before I received my StarBiz Program, I had 20 customers lined up. Craig Luoto, Oregon

Joe, I received the sample hotel tent, and it is great! I want to thank you for all your advertising, ideas, and help. I do not believe there is any company that can match you! I vouch for you and STARSCAPES® every chance I get. Thank you and God Bless you. Darlene Snay SAI (since 2005)

Joe - the one thing I can say is that you've always been there for us. Your creativity with all the marketing pieces is great!
Mitch Farrington, SAI (since 2005)

The best thing about STARSCAPES® is that we get to share it with others. Dave Holmquist SAI (since 2010)

No problem with the economy. I'm averaging 3 to 5 a week, every week. At the fair, we got 156 interested leads which will result in closing 25% of them. Joe, it's easy to make $1,000 a week. Bruce Wingard SAI (since 2007)

I did a doctor's bedroom ceiling, and he said "It's the most relaxing thing! When I come home, I lay down for 15 or 20 minutes to unwind; and then, I go in and say hello to my wife. Believe me... doctors have bad days too." Charles Myers SAI (since 2008)

I've done eight murals over the last two weeks! Len Sodenkamp SAI (since 2006)

I did my first job this week for $260. I was there for only 2 hours. I'm excited! Thanks a lot Joe, and may God bless you richly. Terrence Boutte SAI (since 2009)

I have done 14 rooms total so far. Lots of children's rooms. Belinda Blackburn SAI (since 2009)

* Feb. 2010 issue of Home Business Connection magazine lists Starscapes International as a Top Opportunity in Home Services. They list these reasons: There's demand. It's affordable. It's customizable. It's flexible. It's recession-proof. It's yours (hire employees or not).

My last job was a suite in a hotel, and they also paid for my flight, which made me feel very glamorous. They have 64 more rooms, and I'm hoping for the best! Sara Tedenljung SAI (since 2008)

Just a word of thanks and appreciation for the ad you are running for us in the (very high end) duPont Registry magazine. Very considerate of you and we all do appreciate the help! Drew Farnese SAI (since 2004) ad in DuPont Registry luxury magazine

WOW!  ... I cannot think of any other  company that goes to the lengths that Joe Petrashek does to see to it that 
his customers make some serious money with his product.  I'm very proud to recommend STARSCAPES®
to anyone who would like the opportunity to make some extra cash or even start a new career in a fun home business.
From this advertisement on our behalf in the Dupont Registry Magazine. I can see the potential for many SAI's to
benefit big-time from Joe's generosity.  The potential for STARSCAPES®  to become an internationally known 
specialty decorative service is enormous with ads like this.  Thanks Joe, on behalf of all of us who purchased 
your product!  You make STARSCAPES® better and better!   Frank Wilson SAI# 1717 (since 2005)

SAI Ron Williams quit his job at the airport and is doing STARSCAPES® now full time! And his wife says that because he's not as stressed... she likes him better and he's fun to be with! His classified advertisement is pulling in new clients like crazy! He was just driving home from a couple of jobs when I phone him. $500 & $700. Not too shabby is it? He's got 3 more jobs booked, so far, next week, and 4 or 5 for the first week of December. I don't think he's even considered Gift Certificates for Christmas yet! Ron has left a lot of his short telephone script with the SAI Inner Circle community. Joe

This is Lisa Munyun, and I recently received the STARSCAPES® StarBiz Package. John and I have been real busy experimenting with it; and getting ready to do it for dough! It's so cool! But the main reason I'm emailing you is to say thanks. We look forward to STARSCAPES®! John and Lisa Munyun (since 2009)

I have already done my first job for a total amount of US$3,250.00 painting the villa of five bedrooms and two bathrooms. Thanks a lots for this unique opportunity! I am looking forward to becoming a gold member in the Inner Circle. Best regards, Hussain in Bahrain.

My starry sky gives me a great and deep feeling of freedom. Very soon, I feel very relaxed.
Dana F., Sweden

This is like a dream! The children ask. "Are those real stars?" I love the starry sky!  Now I can see it whenever I want! I lie down in bed, listen to soft music, and look up at the stars, and feel the calm flowing through me. This is just sooo relaxing! Pia F, Oslo

Really cool to be able to sleep outside under the stars, in my own bedroom. Sven P., Klippan, Sweden

Wonderfully beautiful! I'm so happy with my stars! When I can't fall asleep, I just
lie there and fantisize about space! This is an incredible invention! I can't understand
how you did it! I try and I try to see the stars when there is light in the room, but
it's impossible! Maj. Britt R., Angelholm, Sweden

Now I have an expensive bed, a wonderful woman, and an incredible STARSCAPES! Can your time in the bedroom get any better? Good luck in the future, I hope I can bring you more customers. M.S., Angelholm, Sweden

This weather is ridiculous! It's all overcast. So I started to take pictures of my ceiling in my bedroom. And what is there to photograph you may wonder? Well, it's the STARSCAPES on my ceiling that is the only stars that I have been able to study in the last few months. This starry sky is never covered by clouds, fog, light pollution, or smog. It's very convenient to study. You just lie there warm and comfortable in your bed, and have some soft music in the background, and energize your stars. And then, all the stars of heaven shine through the night until the morning. Incredibly beautiful!  I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone. You get such an innner peace when you lie there and philosophize before falling asleep. M. Skafar, Hyllinge, Sweden

All I can say is that I'm so satisfied with your work. I pulled all the shade yestersday, and just lied down flat on my back... WOW... AWESOME! I can't help but to tell everyone I know about this; and everyone will get impressed. Soon everyone I know will want this. I hope that will bring you some new customers. Hakan B., Hassleholm, Sweden

I received my StarBiz on Aug. 25, 2009. I was so excited I opened the package, went through everything, read the instruction manual, and watched the video. I did my first room on that Friday. I now have done three rooms and have another one to go!. It is worth the time and money well spent. Thanks Joe and Alex for letting me Reach for the Stars. God Bless. Donna Fanshier, SAI in Texas

This is Vilia Lighthart, your second drawing winner from this past Saturday. Thank you SO MUCH for making this opportunity available! I still can hardly believe that my name popped up on the contest screen and yet, somehow I knew it was my turn. Here's why...

After months of unemployment and a discouraging series of family illnesses following the passing of my mother a few days before Christmas 2007, I was wondering when my life would ever take a turn so I could stop worrying about bills. Not to mention ever finding the time to pursue my dreams. Then my sister reminded me that, "When you do what is really your heart's desire, what you are really meant to do ..the money will come." I had to ask myself, "What is it again that I really, really want to do?" I suddenly remembered the upcoming Starbiz Giveaway day and how excited I had periodically been since first discovering STARSCAPES.COM several years ago. So I took out my 2 sample posters safely tucked away during a move and hung them up as a message to myself, those around me, and to God that I was really listening this time! Over the next couple days, several people commented to me that if life seemed impossibly difficult, I should pray and remember that God never forsakes those who love and trust in Him.

I prayed. I asked my heart what is my heart's desire and held onto the response. I fell asleep looking at "my stars" ... I got up and logged onto the computer an hour early just to be sure I wasn't mistaken about the time the drawing started! I faithfully stayed at the computer all morning. Coincidentally, I had had a possible job appointment for 10am on Saturday morning but the night before, I got a call that this woman was under the weather and would have to reschedule. I had wondered until then how in the world I would be able to watch my computer and go to that appointment too. I guess "the Universe" was setting everything in its proper order ... thank you again, Joe, for your part in a future filled with making others smile! Vilia Lighthart, soon to be SAI!

For years I have been telling people that have expressed interest in the STARSCAPES home business, that you, Joe, as trustee and founder, work hard for the success of everyone who buys into STARSCAPES. This is just one more proof. Giving us the new brochures at your cost. Actually way below any of our individual costs as my printer would charge me a minimum of 25 cents per unit for an order of 10,000! So thanks again, Joe, for helping each of us to market our work as SAI's in a most cost effective manner! You are the best and a very bright star! Frank Wilson SAI #1717

Recent Q: How long does the Creation Paint™ last through the years?
A: It's been on my current bedroom ceiling since 1988 with no diminished quality. -Joe Petrashek

I hung the 3D Demo Poster up in the bathroom (which was the darkest room in the house during the day), and showed my 6 year old son. He like it so much, that he wanted to go get his pillow! As soon as I get my tax refund back, I'm in! I'm tired of working 12 to 14 hour days. Tanya Lewis, Rhode Island

I just want to thank you! You guys have been nothing but patient with me and all my questions! Even though you've been through many of the same inquiries, you have yet to act like mine are any less important than the first time you ever answered anything. You guys are great! I know I will enjoy working with you over the years!! Michelle Lambert, S.A.I. , Texas

At this time, January 2009, in my area, 20 stores have closed down, and 7 art galleries have just vanished. STARSCAPES is now my only source of income, as the fine art market has apparently died. We just completed a 9.5 foot by 11 foot room for this lady for $950, and gave her the walls as a bonus. She tipped me $50, and gave me the check for $1,000. This is the fourth time I've been tipped for my STARSCAPES! (In my other fine artwork, people don't consider tipping.) People, of course, don't need it, but they buy it because they become passionate about it. It's amazing appeal is universal. Frank Wilson, S.A.I. (See Frank in the TV News! Click here to watch "Art in the Dark" video!) (Please keep in mind that because you'll be using way less than an ounce of paint on the entire ceiling to create the masterpiece, your cost of paint for each STARSCAPES® that you create, will only be about $5. Yep - that's five dollars each.)

I've never seen something more beautiful than this! Uchenna Okoludo, Nigeria

This has to be the most desirable product on the market! Gary Stark

I just want to report about the outcome of this job I was talking about back in June. It was a success! The starry sky came out just beautifully in this huge room with its church-like ceiling! The GM was absolutely indispensable since my client wanted about 15 constellations and was quite fussy about the astronomical correctness and so on. But they were overwhelmed with the result and very happy; and so was I. I'm very proud of my greatest STARSCAPES job ever, and more than content with the financial outcome. The job took me three days to complete and in these three days I made as much money as in three months at my ordinary, fulltime job! Photos are posted online at the (members only) SAI Inner Circle under Misc. folder. Thanks Joe, for this opportunity! I love STARSCAPES! Per Forsström, SAI

Very cool; THE thing that's going to make me my first million. Susan Rand, Virgin Islands

The only star I ever see is the North Star. I live in New York. For the people here to see a STARSCAPES would be amazing! Abdool Zaman

My friend and I are both new members and are excited about getting started with STARSCAPES. I must say this system has more potential than any other home based business that I have looked into (and believe me, I have checked out a lot of them). Butch Hollingsworth SAI

Everyone loves the night sky so I'm sure everyone will want STARSCAPES in at least one room! Daniel Pomeroy, California

Absolutely fantastic! Dennis Kuzmeskus, Massachusetts

Simply amazing and profitable. Everyone likes the Stars! Ralph Moore, Maryland

STARSCAPES is a wonderful consumer product and an even better product to sell. Dave Basawa, Ontario

The most fascinating thing I have ever seen. Gary Snider, California

I am grateful to have found STARSCAPES, Joe is a blessing... Darlene SAI


Wouldn't You Agree, That There's No, More Lovely Sight,
Than This Masterpiece That Resides, Above Us Every Night?
To View The Sparkling Heavens, That Shimmer Up Above.
Causing Deeper Contemplation, Inspiring Greater Love.

Prompting Works Of Art Like Van Gogh's Starry, Starry Night.
These Far And Away, Most Beautiful, Tiny Points Of Light.
In All Their Wondrous Glory, They Illuminated Our Sky.
Though Sadly We Can't See Them, Like We Could In Years Gone By.

Ancient Egyptians Believed, Each Star Is Someone's Soul.
A Sentiment To Ponder, On Life's Journey That We Stroll.
They'd Paint Them On Their Ceilings, To Remind Them Of Who They Are.
They Said That When They Leave This Earth, They'd Ride A Shooting Star. Mark Stashis, SAI

I love what I'm doing! I get as much satisfaction out of this as my clients do! Joe Bradfield, S.A.I.

I have painted 4 rooms at a sleep disorder center and am in the process of bidding on a second sleep center and pursuing a third. Mark Garkow, S.A.I.

I just LOVE this opportunity to add joy and wonder to peoples lives. Coral, Pennsylvania

Really appreciate all that you and your team do for us. Len Sodenkamp S.A.I.

(Here's part of a recent conversation in the members' only Inner Circle for S.A.I.'s...)

Joe has written a LOT of ideas for us to use to get into their house and then how to make the sale once we are there. Read all his ideas and try them out.

It won't matter how great an artist you become if you cannot make a sale.

Most artists cannot sell, they only can create.

Joe has given us all the lessons we need to learn the art of sales as well, so try them. This I know because sales is something I was never good at. I read and practice everything Joe writes and although I will never be a great sales person, I am much better than I was. His ideas are great.

Practice makes perfect - or at least a great sale of a great ceiling.

I will add also (to make you feel better) that
STARSCAPES® is an art that sells itself once others see it. In other words, once you sell a few ceilings, people will see them and call you to do their ceilings.

Most of my sales were made by people seeing ceilings I had already done. I have used very little sales skills for most of my work. Sometimes I offer a client a commission if their friends or family buy from me as well. They love to show it off anyway and this encourages them to sell for you.

The economic climate can work for you in this case as everyone likes the idea of making a little money on the side.

In my previous home state of Michigan I had a friend who made a few thousand dollars selling ceilings for me by showing her ceilings. She is a massage therapist and I had painted her therapy room. At the end of each massage she would tell her client to relax and enjoy the stars for a few minutes, then turn off the lights and leave.

They always asked about the stars when they came out of her therapy room. She was ready for the sale, with more info and flyers.

Terry Cork, S.A.I.

I've been thinking about the possibilities of creating a Press Release re: the ability of STARSCAPES to help children who are afraid of the dark. Lots of alternatives and opportunities in the wording! First of all, we can mention in the PR that it's a HUGE problem children have to try and cope with, and WE think that WE have the answer, and WE want to help!!!

Think of this: We would help any parent that has a child that needs it, and give them a FREE STARSCAPES (3 foot skylite, valued at $197), if they would just "pay it forward". In other words, they buy a $197 Gift Certificate for one of their friends, for a special discounted price of just $50 (or whatever they could afford) for a 3' Skylite or $197 towards a larger STARSCAPES; and give it to their friend. (Could be for a limited time or not.)

Of course, everyone in the house would want one for their bedroom also, and quite possibly this could end up with some big jobs, as well as small jobs, but heck... at least we'd be kept busy! The "word of mouth", I think, would be outasight! These customers would then be presented with a good opportunity to upgrade to a full "blanket of stars" STARSCAPES complete with guardian angels, even fairies or cool spaceships for the boys! What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? Problems with it? Alternatives? Lets' get some ideas rolling about this. Everyone could send/fax the press releases to their local media, and get ready to hear the phone "ringing off the hook"! Post your comments to the S.A.I. Inner Circle.
Your Starbuddy, Joe Petrashek S.A.I.

Well I think that line of advertising is a good idea and extremely truthful I have painted for several children in my old home state, who couldn't sleep, or wouldn't sleep without the TV and lights on. Now they sleep well with only STARSCAPES to lull them to sleep.

Their parents couldn't believe it and were amazed. I had a talk with the kids beforehand and explained the stars would help them sleep but they would only work if they kept other lights out, including TVs. They agreed before I painted so they felt like they were a part of it and really liked the idea of not being afraid anymore. They felt safe after because the glow of the stars helped them feel secure.

Children are a great focus. People will spend on their kids when they won't on other things.

Almost every job I did for a child also added the adults rooms after they saw their kid's room. They realized it wasn't just for kids or they realized it brought out the child in them. Either way, I sold 2 or 3 rooms in every home I painted for a child.  I am for it, Joe.  Terry Cork, S.A.I.

Thank you for sending me the StarBiz Introductory Package. It is beautiful! Shams, Saudi Arabia

We booked over $4, 800.00 in jobs from three such "star parties" that we had right in our own home. Paid for the business within six weeks and made a profit! And that was when we were charging only $4 per square foot, we now charge $8.50 per square foot. A small beginning right from our own home. Frank Wilson, S.A.I.

Thank you for the opportunity! I love STARSCAPES! I like to do something for people that makes them happier. STARSCAPES is the thing that gives everybody joy and happiness! Oleg Rodin S.A.I., Russia

Here's my latest sale: My customer knows that his job was valued at $3,995 for all three bedrooms. His room was $2495, and the next two rooms were $750 each. With an "unveiling party" he agreed to, I agreed to do the work for a total of $1900. He wrote a check right on the spot. I did the job all in one night! Now, I've got $7,000 worth of jobs booked, and I just started! Jay Svacina, S.A.I.

I've got 14 jobs booked. I'm 83 years old. Charles Myers S.A.I.

People that see it, want it! Mike Gadd, Indiana

Did a skylite in my home first, showed the kids, they just jumped up and down and immediately ran downstairs to grab my equipment so I could do their bedrooms! Tonight I'm doing an 11 x 14 foot room for $1500. If they like it, they'll get it for the kid's rooms. And if they get 3 couples over, I told them that I can save them a couple hundred dollars. This is everything I expected, Joe, and I've got 18 demos to do! Jay Svacina, Texas

I received my StarBiz from the U.S.A. in four days, and painted my bedroom. Two of my friends came over to see it and they both want it! They have agreed to pay me $1,000 and $1,200! I am so excited to be a licensed STARSCAPES Artist-Illusionist! Thank you, Joe! Vinoo Varghese

I continue to be pleased with the excellent customer service exhibited by the STARSCAPES staff. A true testament to Joe and the group he has put together. Kelly B.

What a great way to make a living! Coral S.G.

I have been doing stars for three years and it is the best thing I've ever done. Thanks to Joe, my star buddy. J.Hinson

Woohoo! I just love this home business! Coral, Pennsylvania

I bought all of those real estate courses, and that's why I'm in with a legitimate business now--STARSCAPES! Will Williamson, S.A.I.

I've got lots of jobs lined up worth over $100,000 from clients calling me! And I project 1/2 mil $ in business by year end! Steven Larsen, S.A.I.

I made $450 on my first job which was a skylite! Ray Livermore, S.A.I., Michigan

There are a lot of scam business opportunities out there, and there are also a bunch of legitimate operations that really don't offer much support. And, of course, there are always good opportunities to fail in. But I would have to say that anyone who CAN do this, who fails under your tutelage, would not have made it in any other business. You are giving a great opportunity to a great number of people at a time when it is sorely needed. Joseph Hall, S.A.I., West Virginia

I have received the STARSCAPES home business package and was highly impressed with the quality of the Galactification Machine, and all the other materials that came with it. The heavy package arrived at our door with amazing speed. I sent you a bank draft on a Monday afternoon, and the package arrived Wednesday at 1 pm. I'm extremely cautious of any internet offers, and took a full 5 months of careful research, including the Better Business Bureau (BBB), before I finally made a decision to purchase.

My initial reaction to the STARSCAPES web page was that it was too good to be true, however I sent for the "demo poster" just to see if it would impress me and my friends, as the site promised. I was very pleasantly surprised with the results.

I showed a few friends the poster to see if there would be a market for STARSCAPES in my area. Most of my showings were very positive, with the end result being, 5 to 8 ceilings to do before I even decided to buy the home business package.

Before I made the final decision to purchase, I had a number of questions that needed to be answered. Alex Page, from STARSCAPES returned my call within minutes. Over the next two weeks, I made further calls, and each time my call was returned within minutes. I have found that the EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE has continued even after I bought the package.

To me, Alex Page was the "face" of STARSCAPES.COM, a very sincere, no pressure, representative. Thanks for your help, Alex. Ray Cornell from Canada

$2,040 for 4 hours work! Frank Wilson, S.A.I., California

When I watched the (training) DVD, I was in awe! I only wanted to make an extra $20,000 with this. Now, less than two weeks later, I've just booked my first job for $500, and I've raised my goal to $100,000! Gary Gardner, S.A.I., Washington

I went on a demo appointment last month in a 15,000 square foot house in an exclusive Country Club. They had a huge game room and a thirty seat home theater. I wrote up a proposal and expected a response fairly soon. I was on pins and needles for a month hoping to get it. Well I just got the approval to start painting. This is my biggest job yet. Did not budge on the price. The total for the approved job is $20,000 yes twenty thousand. As you can see I am very excited! Happy painting to everyone! Alex Negron, S.A.I.

Hi Joe, my husband loved it, although he said it the stars were moving and it made him dizzy... (??). He would like me to do our ceiling! Johanna Clemons

I just received my STARSCAPES StarBiz and I'm SO impressed with everything! Most companies would have supplied us with cheap materials and tools. Even the items that weren't mentioned on the website (surprise items!) were of impressive quality. Crystal Conklin

I've done over 2000 shooting stars in the past few years, and over 800 rooms. If a man can't make money doing this; he can't make money doing anything. Jerry Hinson, S.A.I.

(From the private STARSCAPES®
Inner Circle Community real-time chat:)
Ed W. I'm sure your kids like it.
Edwin T. Oh the kids love it.
Edwin T. At bedtime, it's nice to tell them, "Ok, time to go look at the stars."
Ed W. Absolutely.
Edwin T. Funny - she will look outside and say, "no stars", then she lays on her back and say's "My stars. Daddy painted them."
Edwin T. I love it.
Ed W. That's neat.
Edwin T. Yeah, it's great.

I donated a mural the other week for this 8yr old boy who is basically 95% bedridden and has round the clock care. He responds to music and lights but has some kind of brain degenerative disease. Can you imagine just laying there looking up at nothing at night time or can't go outside to see stars? I had painted a mural for a customer's sick baby. Sadly, the baby passed away last year due to a fatal illness but the effects of the stars I painted lingers on for the family as upon seeing the stars, it makes them feel closer to their departed child up in heaven. At times the painting conditions aren't ideal and you'd have to deal with the medicine smells, equipment in the room but it really does humble a person and makes you feel like you're living your purpose in life to give to another human being. Plus it's only a few hours out of your own life to make a difference in someone else's, it's well worth it :) You don't know how good you have it until you are face to face with tragic situations in another person. Jean Eng, S.A.I.

The Inner Circle of Artists is such a valuable asset. Everyone is so willing to share their experiences! We printed out much of the advice we found there, categorized it, and keep it in a 3-ring binder with tabs for the different subjects. We can't tell you how many times we've referred back to it. It makes it well worth the money we spend on the monthly license fee. Blessings, and Good Luck to you! Stan & Wendy, Indiana

My first STARSCAPES client! I contracted a 10x12' ceiling mural at a families lake house. The family was so happy with the results that they are scheduling the second bedroom to be done! And their sister-in-law wants to schedule a mural for her bedroom too!! I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity - thank you Joe !! God Bless - Shari Norton, S.A.I., Pennsylvania

Joe, I love the colors. Thanks so much, it has helped us secure many more jobs. And thanks for all your help and support from you and STARSCAPES. Steven Larsen, S.A.I.

Maybe you get tired of hearing it, Joe, but THANK YOU, SO MUCH, for the STARSCAPES opportunity that you have made available to us! My short term dream is that Stan & I can make a trip to Arizona to meet you in person and see your showroom! Wendy P.

This Sunday I made my demo and the lady liked it very much (of course-what did you expect?)! I´ll start with a bedroom and a rather small bathroom and for that I´ll charge 6500 swedish crowns (about $920). Per Forsstrom, S.A.I., Sweden

I created a 7' Skylite and got $700! Jewel Cousins, S.A.I.

The lady's room I most recently did a ceiling for was the most rewarding of all. She had me paint her ceiling while her husband, who is a sheriff, was on duty until midnight. She wanted to surprise him because he loved to stargaze. In fact he had a nice telescope in their bedroom. When I brought her into the room after I was finished, she could not believe her eyes. She just kept saying "This is so awesome! It looks so real!". The next day she called up the lady who told her about me and talked about the ceiling for half an hour. This lady, who I did the ceiling for, is going to be a great source of leads. When someone is that excited about something they like to talk about it. I already received a call from the lady's neighbor. She wants me to come over tonight and quote on doing her ceiling. This is so much fun...doing something I love to do and seeing peoples reaction and knowing that they are going to be enjoying their stargazing ceiling for years. This job is light years of satisfaction beyond my previous job. Two jobs earned me $1450! Now I'm full time! Out of 15 or so drivers that saw the lettering on my car window, I've landed about 1/3 of them for clients! Mark Garkow, S.A.I., California

Joe, thanks for your hands on and personal involvement in everything. God bless. John Massey, S.A.I., Indiana

I just finished my first STARSCAPES. The job paid $750.00 for three hours of work! I have found the comments, ideas and advise in the STARSCAPES
Inner Circle Online Community to be very useful and informative. The information sharing has been a great asset in helping me to become a better artist. The people who have seen my work really love the STARSCAPES murals… and I also love STARSCAPES. Thank you Joe for this great opportunity! Gyongyi Olajos, S.A.I., Connecticut

STARSCAPES is the best thing that ever happened to me! Darlene, New York

I have painted 2 schools in my area this past month. The first was in the library of an elementary school and the second was in the multi-use room stage area. The 2 schools netted me $5000 dollars. I am very well pleased with that for 2 days work. Alex Negron, S.A.I., California

About my trip to Arizona this September... we had a great time, and Joe, along with his staff were very accommodating. You think they are great on the phone, meet them in person if you can! Awesome experience! Chad Curl, S.A.I. Illinois

I just finished a job and what a job it was! My client had seen a brochure and called me last week for a demo. I did it, and as always, the demo clenched the sale. I have yet to leave a demo without a sale. *grin* This turned out to be HUGE for me. They (husband and wife) had me paint their baby's room on Tuesday, then on Thursday I painted my client's mother's room in her home a couple streets away, and today I painted their HUGE (240 sq. ft.) bedroom! These three rooms totaled $1,900 in cash from this one client. They gifted the mural in his mother's home to her. In about 10 more hours I have another client I'll be painting for; that will pay $540.00; this will be $2440 for four days of painting! :-) It hasn't truly hit me how much money that really is. I'm writing this not to boast or brag, but to encourage other S.A.I. You CAN earn a tidy sum by Starscaping. Get the word out (advertise) that your exists, and it WILL pay off! Happy 'scaping! Kerry Hyder, S.A.I., New Mexico

I have been painting about 15 ceilings for customers since the beginning of the month, 22 days into it and still have to deliver 28 ceilings ordered. I am happy about the whole result and feel more able to sell expensive now that I get more experience and results. Nathalie Cordebard, S.A.I., California

I am thrilled with the results and make lots of people happy now. Thank you for STARSCAPES . Helen Le Roux, S.A.I., Alberta, Canada

I'm doing 3 different Bed & Breakfasts. One has 4 rooms, another 11, and 20. I'm getting an average of $500 each! Also, I've got a few million dollar homes done, which I've discounted for $5 a square foot because they have brought their friends over to see it. (Original retail was set at $8). Your marketing ideas are great! Kim F., California

Joe, after I placed the amazing portal poster on the ceiling, my wife and my daughter came in to see it. Well, I was literaly brought to tears when my little girl said, WOW! This is cool! I turned to my wife and said, Honey, we've finally found what we've been looking for. Craig Stewart

My last client says her 11 year old boy (with Touretts Syndrome) finds that the 3-D aspect of the twinkling stars at night rests his mind and body. Before STARSCAPES she tended to sleep with him on a trundle bed in his room so he was not alone and afraid of the dark. Things do happen for a reason, and if I can bring a bit of peace and joy into a person's life with this STARSCAPES connection I found myself drawn to - what a wonderful thing. By the way, the boy kicked his parents out of his room as they would not stop oohing and ahhing. How about that!! Lydia del Rossi

Unbelievable. An amazing piece of equipment. Don Norton, Massachusetts

I'm a 31 year old at-home dad of 2 great kids. Needless to say, they love daddy's new job :) I've never been more determined or more excited this much about any other business before. I've already spent much time reading in the Inner Circle Group, and I am blown away by all the great advice and tips I've already learned. This is bound to be the most valuable part of the StarBiz program Joe gives us. The encouragement alone is awesome! Chad Curl, Illinois

I did my first job besides my own house. I did a suspended bathroom ceiling in the book store where I work Thursday morning. When I got to work Friday morning it was still glowing. A customer came in later in the day and saw it. She wanted to know how to get in touch with the artist. (My idea of drawing prior to this was with a compass or ruler in class). She invited me to Mexico to paint the dome ceiling in her villa there. I told her I wanted to get a few more under my belt before I tackle a dome and she couldn't believe I was just starting out in business :) But it sounds like I will be going to Mexico after Christmas! My husband volunteered to come along and hold the ladder :) Not so bad for my 1st venture out into the public! Chris Mulreed, Connecticut

I have paid for my STARSCAPES® home business many times over in less than a year. I tell everyone I meet what I do and offer an "in home demonstration". People are truly amazed when they see the realism of STARSCAPES FX! It's not uncommon for me to do jobs that pay over $2,000.00 for a day's work! On one hotel job I made $3,200.00 for just 10 hours work! Frank Wilson, California

I had someone call me off my magazine article recently. She thought it was so cool. She called me over to give an estimate. She said she wanted my expertise on what rooms to paint. She never saw a demo. She was giving me so many buying signs. After walking through her house she wanted almost her whole house done! I talked her out of the closets for now! We agreed I would do it for $5400. I have since painted her house. She loved it and referred me to her neighbor. Her neighbor loved it so much that she wanted me to paint her guest room. That was $1400. She loved that room and now she wants me to paint her master bedroom. I booked that job the week I get back from vacation Her bedroom is at least 700 square feet. That is at least $3500 for me. I think this business works!!! Alex Negron

Just reading through the messages from the STARSCAPES Inner Circle chat group - what wonderful information from such a caring bunch of people! I so admire Joe for how he runs the company. STARSCAPES is such a wonderful opportunity - exactly what I've been looking for - for so many years! Wendy Pulver

I just made my 1st sale! 4 Rooms in 3 different houses for one person for $5300. I still can't believe it. Got 50% down. Seemed too easy. Some are rental properties and one is his weekend cabin. Feels like I am dreaming . He hasn't even seen a demo poster. Can you believe that. Just a referral from a friend. Jewel Cousins

I have also done STARSCAPES for an astronomy professor who was amazed at the accuracy. All the WOWS!!! This is what makes STARSCAPES such a fun business! Frank Wilson

I made more in two days than I normally do working 3 weeks at the airport. Ron Williams

I just wanted to tell you that today was my first day at talking to someone about STARSCAPES . After showing the brochure to a motel owner and stating that it would be a wonderful amenity for his motel, I asked for a darkened room so that he could see what it looked like. We walked into the lobby men's room, where I positioned the demo poster/board up above the urinal. He turned off the light, and said, "Wow! When can you start?". I told him $395 each, and he asked what kind of deal for 28 rooms. I said $200 each. He said, "Let's do it!" Guess what else he's said? "I have more motels." THIS IS AWESOME! Patrick Ennis

I love it. I rate it a 10! Last night I had my 9 year old granddaughter with me gazing at the stars on my bedroom ceiling. We were able to talk about God and His Majesty. After I got up, she remained there and when she sat up, she excitedly said to me, Grandpa, when I sat up and was still looking at the stars, I felt like I was sitting in the front row of the IMAX Theatre! What a testimony! Rudy R. Escobar

Everything is going great and people can't believe me when i tell them it will knock their socks off, and then when I am done they're floored, I can hardly get them to leave their room to finish signing their paper work ........thanx Joe, you're a godsend!!!!!!
J.W.McDaniel & Family

Joe, yesterday I made €500, and today €600. €1100 in two days! And everyone that sees it is just ecstatic! Brian Trainor

I placed a small ad in a local paper and am getting about a call a day! Jeff D.

A lady I did some work for is in the process of adopting her second child. A common problem for adopted or foster children is their inability to sleep at night due to their new and strange environment. As luck would have it, the ceiling I did for her first child worked wonders and completely solved this problem for her! Needless to say the Director of Child Placement was more than
enthusiastic to know more about this, and wants to meet me for further discussions. I plan on doing a free ceiling at the center for new adoptive parents to see first hand the amazing relaxing effect! Keith S.

From all the welcomes I've been getting and encouragement (from the worldwide STARSCAPES® Artist-Illusionist Inner Circle Chat Group), I think I'm going to make some lifelong friends. Rose

I booked my 2nd job in as many days... This one was worth $1100 + a lot of friends for the unveiling. Richard Y.

I prayed for direction from God in aiding my decision last night and when I woke up this morning, Sunday, the door bell rang and there was a US Postal carrier with my STARSCAPES® Intro. Package. I didn't even think to ask what he was doing delivering on Sunday morning. The US Postal Service never delivers on Sunday! Ever!!! J. Borean, South Carolina

About a week ago I decided to go to my local city hall and speak to the business planner and developer. I explained my business and that I wanted some input on how to market it as well as to do some volunteer work at some local children's hospital rooms or senior centers. The lady was sooooo impressed by the brochures and the concept, and the fact that I was willing to donate my time to the community, that she wisked me upstairs to speak with the mayor. I was invited to go onto the mayor's local access television program and talk about STARSCAPES® for a whole segment. I even got to take calls from local residents!!! I also booked two jobs with the mayor's office people without even a demo. My point is this, go to city hall and use your town's resources. Every town has a person in charge of business planning and development, and while they help out the "big dogs" like Walmart and Sears, they are also there to help out the small businesses as well. Hey, you pay their salary through your taxes so you might as well use their help. This lady even called all the local school's science depts. and was calling all the hospitals, centers, etc for me. Eddie Ahearn.

At first i'd like to tell u about the reaction..of my first customers in this bussines..i mean you're were very surprised in a gooood meaning.. :)and they said.."Thank you's superrrrrr!!!!".. So everything that u said in the mails that i received from you're's really..true..i don't want to irritate you ..don't think that i didn't believed..i did..ofcourse..but dreams..are coming true.. I's giving me al the finnancial indepency..that i dreamed of..and not just this.. So i'd like to thank u cause you're exist! Carmenita in Hungary

When I first started and read your advertisements about making up to $1500 a day, I thought that while some might make that, most probably don't. But guess what? I just had a $2,000 day! An 83 year old man and his wife... 2 rooms in their house. He told me, "I've seen everything. I've been up one side of the street and down the other. I fought in World War II. But I've never ever seen anything so incredible"! Frank Wilson, California

We had 2 wonderful days at a Metaphysical Fair, our first show. Now, it's in our blood, STARSCAPES® Rocks!!! Fred and Becky G. in Ohio

Dear Frank and Toni (STARSCAPES® Artist-Illusionists),
I just wanted to thank you both for your professionalism and the outstanding job you did on our ceilings! I have seen many amazing things during my lifetime but this tops it all. I am absolutely astounded that my ceiling looks normal in the light but disappears in the dark to reveal all the stars in the sky above. Thank you again for an amazing job well done! Bill D.

"We get so much enjoyment from the STARSCAPES® ceilings you did for us but our fun doubles when we have company over. Our guests simply cannot believe their eyes when we show them our STARSCAPES® ceiling! Thanks for doing such a good job!" A & V

"My husband and I just used to kiss each other good night and go to sleep. Now when we go to bed, we talk for hours under our very own stars! Thank you for bringing the romance back into our marriage with your STARSCAPES®!"

"Wow! This is awesome! Absolutely unbelievable! My son is going to love this! Thank you both! - Josh"

I just quit my real estate selling business to do STARSCAPES® full time! Ron T., California

You know I just started. Guess what I booked for my first job? 100 rooms in a hotel! for $500 each! That's $50,000!. The hotel has 1400 rooms, and I'm hoping! The 100 rooms need to be completed in the next 90 days. This week, I'm painting 6 rooms in a Bed & Breakfast Inn for $1,000 a room! I just turned 70 years old and I was going to take life easy. Now, I'm having too much fun! Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, I'll be doing a STARSCAPES® in a NASA museum also! Richard C., California, 70

Someone else landed a 400 square foot room at $8 a square foot! $3,200! (Se'll have to remind me who it was... in Montana, I think.) When she told her customer the price, she said "Is that all!" Again... not bad for a first job!

I just wanted to thank you and STARSCAPES® for the best Fathers Day experience a guy could wish for. This past week I had my 22 year old son over to paint STARSCAPES® in his old room at our house. We had a GREAT time! We were laughing, joking and actually enjoying something in common together. He is more excited about STARSCAPES® than I've seen him about anything over the last several years. We had such a good time that we've decided to do some of our jobs together and share the enjoyment of creating STARSCAPES®. Again, thank-you! Sincerely, Alex P., 47

What we love about this unique and profitable business is we are in charge of our own destiny. When our prospective clients first view the demo we have, the are in AWE! Keep looking up to the Universe, it's our canvas. At a local Ramada Inn, I painted 5 rooms with a six foot STARSCAPES® Skylite. Now, he wants me to do another 120! When I gave him the initial demonstration, he said "I have never seen anything so spectacular in my life!" . Fred and Becky G. SAI #01653, Ohio, 69

I just landed a job for $3,000! 3 rooms in the house. Now I really want to get into this full time! Jean E., Maryland, 35

I received my kit and after looking at the box for an hour, I decided , what the heck, open it and see if everything Joe said was true. I did every room in my house, one in my friends, and lastly a big 12' ceiling in my brothers house. Then I did my first paid ceiling. I did two skylights for kids rooms. (I charged $49.95 for Skylights). The kids went crazy! They loved their ceilings, (so did their parents). I heard "Wow! Awesome! How cool!" And two big "Thank you's"! I have another skylight lined up from this job, and a full ceiling too! This is everything Joe said it was. It is fun and rewarding! Darlene S., New York, 56

Well, I've been in the business now for two months and have a motel coming up I'll be doing with 26 rooms. After that is another one with 27 rooms. Previous to these, I've done 20 residential rooms and 200 motel rooms. I've been charging between $100 and $200 for each room. I know I should probably be charging more, but I'm making between $700 and $900 a day. Each job takes me between 35 and 40 minutes to create. My 22 year old daughter helps me and she just loves it! Jerry H., Virginia, 57

Everything you told me is the truth Joe :o] This is the No Brainer of them all. Fred G., Ohio, 69

I was talking to our city's largest home builder and he wants me to put STARSCAPES® in not only his home, but all of his model homes too! I took a "leap of faith" and signed up for the "home show", and I'm already getting calls from local designers!
Cathy B., Ontario, 36

Received all STARSCAPES® material as you promised. I'm AMAZED! Quite frankly I didn't expect so much material.
Kevin C., Florida, 51

My husband Bernie & I are working STARSCAPES® together, he does the jobs I do the admin. We have only just begun and things are looking good with 3 jobs booked already. We got a great job to do a Battles in Space theme this weekend. Bernie made some samples up and stuck them on the walls for the family to see and they were blown away by it, so when we quoted they said "Is that all? We would have paid twice as much!". So........ They have promised us lots of recommends & the little boy is planning all his friends coming over! This is proving to be a real fun business. Caroline D. , England

Life is looking good!!! Did my bedroom ceiling and I think it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! Didn't realize what a clever, talented person I am - ha ha. We have some orders already and I haven't done any marketing yet. - thank you!
Yvonne B., England

Just a quick Email to let you know that I have completed 10 paid jobs. Everyone of my customers have been blown away with their STARSCAPES® masterpiece. I am going to target some motels and B&B's etc. now that I have full confidence in my work. I will keep you posted with how I get on. Mark Bettridge, s.a.i., England

Did a bedroom last night, $455, 12x12, my customers love it!!! I'm getting good at this. Off to Cambridge on Sunday to complete 10 paintings. UPDATE: Next job paid... over $700! Gui R., England

Dear Joe, I'll be placing my order with you very soon, as I need a little longer to get the funds. I made a mistake by ordering from (a competitor), and they took my money, and didn't deliver.
Here's the details FYI: PayPal Case. Reason for Dispute: Non-Receipt.
Buyer's Comments (me) to Paypal:
"Hi. This is a precautionary dispute! 22 days ago, I purchased from the vendors website their product offered. As of yet, I have not received it. If it turns out this is a dodgy transaction, and I don't receive it by next week, I will have no recourse but to contact various web agencies to express my equal concerns about their validity and sincerity, and notify them of possible fraudulent activity from the seller's website. I'd just like to get the product I ordered." Bill Thornton Complaint Status: Case Closed. Status Details (from Paypal): We have completed our investigation of this case. We attempted to process a refund from the seller's account to your account. Unfortunately, the seller's account does not contain the funds necessary to cover this refund. We were able to recover $0. We have taken action against the seller and are working to recover the remainder of your refund. We will contact you when we have more information. No further action is required of you at this time. B. Thornton

We drove from northern California (832 miles) undecided. After viewing STARSCAPES® in person, we were sold. It is just amazing! We are very excited to get started, and look forward to doing business with Joe and his staff. Gene & Pat Miles

STARSCAPES® is fun and profitable - I get a real sense of creative accomplishment with it as well. Once you've practiced on your own kids rooms, invite friends and neighbors over to view. Most of my business has come from referrals. People really do have to see one to get the full impact. It really blows most people away. And it is very rewarding to have provided that for them . Joe provides great marketing resources for new artists. I made my investment back within about 4 months. I work it REALLY part time... and am very glad that I have the ability/skill to make an extra few hundred dollars whenever I need to. Allison Hays

This is not only super profitable but FUN, FUN, FUN. F. Allen

We drove from northern California undecided. After viewing STARSCAPES® in person, we were sold. It is just amazing! We are very excited to get started, and look forward to doing business with Joe and his staff. Gene & Pat M, California

CONGRATULATIONS to IVAN CORDOVA in Illinois FOR HIS FIRST JOB -- $1200 !!! NEXT JOB BOOKED BY HIM IS $500 !!! Next two got him $1800!!! HE'S EXCITED! Says he's been looking for a home based business for years and that they're all Bull**. Nice to have you with us! He faxed over his customer's testimonial... "My wife and I are very pleased with the work. The price I think was fabulous ($1200), and we can't wait to have guests over, and to refer Mr. Cordova to other prospective clients." (Remember, it costs less than $5 to create a STARSCAPES®.)

I've done a few STARSCAPES® jobs already but lately have had a profound revelation. After completing a room for a customer, I simply mentioned to him, "While I'm here, why don't I go ahead and paint your other room for 1/2 price". He said okay! That was a $470 job... simply for the asking! Martin C., Germany

Just got the package today! And thanks for the great message along with my outstanding webpage. We are painting 2 jobs tomorrow. We are on the move!!! G. Gross, Louisiana

Kathy in Montana sold about 50 jobs at this past weekend's Home Show. She told me that calls are still coming in, and she needs more paint!

Hmmm... let's guess $397 for a show special x 50 jobs = $19,850. Now... when she does a room, how many EXTRA ROOMS in the house do you think she can do, while she's still there, at half price? One extra? Two extra? The bathrooms? Hallways? Stargazing Skylites in the living room or family room? If she gets them all to have their friends, families and neighbors over for the "unveiling" of their signed and dated STARSCAPES® MASTERPIECE... and gives them a deal they can't refuse, like, "Tonight I'm going to do something very special for you! You're going to get THE SAME SHOW SPECIAL!" How many EXTRA JOBS will she get? How many when she does the same with them? Remember... if you don't ask... you don't get. So ASK! (And shake your head up and down, in "yes" fashion, while you're waiting for their answer. It's really, really hard for someone to say "no" when you're doing that!) --old salesmen's trick.

She had a drawing for a free skylight and had over 800 entries (sales leads). (I'll tell you HOW to turn them into happy customers in the next GALACTIFIER NEWSLETTER.) Your StarBuddy, Joe Petrashek, SAI

I just wanted to say that your product is truly amazing! My father,David Jipson of Standish, Maine, was an electrician by trade and ordered the kit back in 1995 and showed me a "demonstration" on a part of my bedroom ceiling. I couldn't believe my eyes! The ceiling disappeared and there they were. Actual STARS in my room! It was exactly the release I needed from the tension of losing my mother to a terminal illness 6 months prior. Sadly my father passed away shortly after and I was left by myself.

For many nights the only comfort I got was to lie in bed, in that room and gaze at the stars with the memory of my father and I creating them on my ceiling. I was never able to venture out with it like he wanted to do as I could never find the kit my father had originally ordered. It's something that I wish to this day I had ,(the original container) just to carry that part of my dad's happiness with me when I would create for others. I would like to someday order for my own when I can afford to, but unfortunately now can't be that time. I just now remembered the name of your company out of a dead sleep and had to see if I could find you on the internet. I just wanted to thank you Mr. Petrashek, and your company for giving me such a great memory night after night. Sincerely, Dan J., Maine

I have only done two practice ceilings so far and have learned by a few mistakes. My master bedroom will be next and I am very confident it will be really good. I have orders for nine ceilings so far without even trying. I am going to give myself another week of practice before getting out there and pulling in the greenbacks. Calum M., Scotland

Hi,Joe! Many, many thanks!! I really appreciate your quick reply. Top customer service! It was great speaking with you yesterday, the maestro! Your words of support really are doing me good and in the future wants to make it a success. I am working very hard at it right now. And even if it don't work ( financially) I have got now skills and artistic talents which I am proud of. All thanks to you.
Once more thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will be ordering new business cards very soon but my mobile ( cell ) phone number will change in 1 week so will order when I have got the new number. I am wishing you and your family, Joe, and all the fantastic staff at Starscapes International a wonderful Christmas! Speak to you soon. Very kind regards, Gui R., England

Thank you for coming up with STARSCAPES®, and thank you for all the help and support that you and STARSCAPES INTERNATIONAL provide. You and STARSCAPES® are truly a blessing, and I am having a great time with it too! Jeff S.A.I., STARSCAPES® of West Michigan

I have had the demo posters for 2 weeks (they are awesome) and have about 10 ceilings to do (co-workers & family). I ordered the full program after hours on Friday, Sept. 26 on-line. I will be interested to see how fast it gets here (Alberta, Canada). I know that it will not be received until Mon. morning at head office. I am anxious to start spreading the stars. Tracy in Alberta.

I'm as mesmerized by the STARSCAPES® you painted as the children are. This is one home improvement that will never go out of style and will never need to be redone. I think it will also be one of their fondest childhood memories after they are grown and gone. I thank you for doing such a great job. Christi B., M.D., F.A.C.S. , Arizona

I ordered the STARSCAPES® package and receIved e-mail from the STARSCAPES® staff that it was shipped out. Wow, that is service, thank you STARSCAPES® staff. Paul in Poland

I just finished my first job and it was an AWESOME feeling to see the excitement on my clients face when she viewed her ceiling. Melissa, New Zealand

Hello Everyone,I am glad that most people are doing well with this business, I know that it has been wonderful for me. I make money just about every week using Joe's method. R. Saenz, Texas

(This letter is from our private and busy chat group for STARSCAPES® Artist-Illusionists.)
Hi all. Dawn and I bought into this business with our eyes open, we spoke to Joe, practiced, and then began to chase business. I wont lie it is and was hard to convince people to lay out their hard earned dough. But once seen they are so happy with it. Most of our leads are generated from our first few customers recommending us to their friends and we have done several now, and this week I will be doing a job that will pay me more than I earn in 2 weeks as a qualified chef. For about 3 hours work.

The point of this post is (though not as inspirational as some I have read) to reinforce that this business works, this is honest work and you can be proud of working it. Just stick to your guns, get out there and make it happen. I see both Dawn and I working this full time by the end of the year. And as for wanting the convention when the poll opens, my vote will be a resounding yes, not so much for education (which will come from just all of us meeting) but to actually get to meet Joe and all of you in this group. Shane and Dawn Powell, California

Hi there just to tell you that I am going to paint a sample of 20 11"x13" rooms in a Motel in Tampico, Mexico. If the client is satisfied (ha ha ha ha) with the
STARSCAPES® , I may paint 80 more rooms in his other hotels and motels. I gave a special discount $180 USD each. Humberto M., Mexico

I went out to do a job for one of the radio buyers and came home with $460 CASH! I'm selling the $50 Skylite on the air for $9.95 (to get in the door) or they can apply it to a full ceiling for $50 off. This client bought 2 rooms. A full
STARSCAPES®with $50 off for $334 and the second room was 1/2 off of the Backyard version for $135. (When I saw he was paying cash I rounded it down to $460 as a thank you.) I can't tell you how unbelievably great it was to come home after only 4 hours of work with that much money in my pocket! Julie, STARSCAPES® of Jacksonville, Florida

I've just received the demo kit... WOW... It's simply amazing!! I'm very excited about his opportunity, and hope to be able to get the deluxe package soon. Pat P., Sasketchewan

I went to a retirement party this past Saturday. I have three + orders and a gazebo to do. Mikal H., Florida

I quit my job after five weeks and am doing
STARSCAPES® full time now! Sam S., Texas

I did my first paid job on Tuesday and had a blast. It was a master bedroom that I did a summer sky in. they loooved it. The guy's grown kids with families of their own saw it and I think they are going to go for it too! William K., Georgia

I finished my 3th
STARSCAPES® this week, and have made $ 600 for the 2 first rooms, $ 370 for the 3rd (today) (collected $ 30 in advance for one more next week) and I am waiting for Sunday to paint the 4th for $ 465.00 USD. I already collected $ 600+370+30= $ 1000USD plus (with God will) $ 465.00 next Sunday. $ 1,465 Total in one week Not bad at all, right? keep reaching for the stars. Humberto, Mexico

Thank you so much for the STARSCAPES® opportunity! I can finally do something that feels so right! Jean E., Maryland

My son's STARSCAPES® ceiling...
The job was done and in we all went.
Mom, Dad & Steven, all in a row on the bed.
Off went the lights, our eyes closed tight,
covered with our hands to keep out the light.
Countdown from 10, hear the music play...
Open your eyes! Oh! My God! The words were stuck.
So amazed, we were totally struck!
So awesome, way, way more than we even expected!
Can't wait to have the family room done -- yet this week!
Rose J., Arizona

I thought I'd post a note to let everyone know how things are going so far. I've been "opened for business" for 2 1/2 weeks now and just completed my 12th ceiling today! Everyone just loves their stars! It's funny because I get a job to do a kid's room and after the parents see it they all want me to come back to do their room. The most skeptical are always the men. Before they see it they assume that it's going to be those cartoony plastic glow-in-the-dark stars. Then, after they see it...I get the best reaction from them because they were such doubting Thomases!!! (Does my heart good :-)
Anyway, I'm so psyched about this business. I love loading the bags in my trunk in the morning to go do another ceiling. This is the happiest I've ever been with a job (although calling it a job hardly seems right since it is so much fun)! I've got two more rooms to do this week and two more jobs lined up for next week and more people written down in my book waiting to be scheduled. It's all good folks! Happy Painting! Julie Burns, STARSCAPES® of Jacksonville, Florida

I just had the money for this a few days ago, but had to pay some bills with it. I've been showing the poster to some friends and they all said, "I want one!". I've got 5 jobs booked. My kids are "dying" for it! The IT business is really stressful for me with my 3 kids, and I can't wait to get out. I know STARSCAPES®is the answer for me! I hope you can give me some more time so that I can still get the bonuses. Mary Ellen in New Hampshire

I am a new member who just obtained my Deluxe Package. My, how time flies! Unlike some of you, I have not been able to devote as much time as I would like to make this program a success. I have perused EVERY posting on the STARSCAPES®Artist (member's only) board (yes, all 800+ of them), and I have gleaned many tips and suggestions to add to my own business. I reluctantly have to confess a key point - I ordered the demo kit almost 3 months ago, but I procrastinated in making the poster. Part of me felt this was a "scam" like so many other opportunities you find on the internet. I have always been of the mindset that you reap what you sow, so this program gave me exactly what I needed - a unique idea that relied upon my own initiative for success. I can tell you with great confidence that I am convinced of this program's viability. In addition, I had the chance to meet Joe in person, so I had the first-hand experience to meet the innovator of Starscapes®. You can tell a lot about someone when you meet face-to-face, and Joe's genuine desire to add to your success is blatantly evident.
Luis F., Nebraska

It has been an exciting year with your company and I am still very happy I joined. Thank you for your wonderful service and fantastic opportunity. I'm proud to be called a STARSCAPES®Artist. Terry C., Georgia

I've been doing jobs for friends and neighbors for the last couple of months, and I haven't really had the nerve or the confidence to do a job for money yet. But I got a call from someone who picked up my brochure from a local restaurant. They wanted me to do their boys' and girls' rooms. They didn't want it for themselves because they thought it was just for the kids, and the woman was really skeptical anyway. I had to come back the next night to finish the boys' room, but when I finished with the girls' room, they all came in to see it. Joe... I couldn't get them out of the room! Now, the parents wanted it too, along with having their hallway done, their living room done and their bathroom done! They told me that I wasn't charging enough for the work and they gave me a real nice bonus. I asked them if they'd be kind enough to write a referral letter for me, and they said it won't be needed.

He's got me six jobs to do from the people he works for, and she's a nurse that is badly stressed out every day. She is telling everyone she works for to get it to relieve their heavy stress built up during the day. After I finished painting the boys' room, I went into the girls' room, and the mother was on the bed holding her daughter under the stars. Relaxing together. I feel that I'm doing the right thing for people. Joe... I've been working for years, (I do electrical work.) and nobody sees the work that I do. This feeling of appreciation I'm getting from these people overwhelms me. I feel good. I haven't felt this good for years. I just wanted you do know about this, and doing business with you and your company has always been good. I just wanted you to hear this story and to know how I feel. Thank you. Glen Hutchins, Michigan

I just did my first professional job for a little girl's room. When I finished it, I packed up all my tools and equipment and walked down the hallway singing "When you wish upon a star...". They all came running! All four family members came in and when I turned off the lights, they all yelled WOWWWWW!!! I had goosebumps all over my back I was so excited! J.D. Bullock, Virginia

Joe, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the generous way you solved a problem I was having. Each time I call into customer service it is a pleasant experience. Your staff is always friendly and professional. They do an excellent job. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for making this creative business available in the first place. I am glad I ordered it and I'm looking forward o a successful future with it. Matt Wilkiel, California

I made an order from you on this past Friday and Purolator was here this morning. Anyways thanks! That was fast! I know you are a busy man but the people in your office are great! Please let them know that for me. Thank again. Alex Sinclair in Alberta, Canada

Joe, thanks for making this so fun and easy. I love it! Lorraine in Colorado

Thank You very much Joe. I knew that you would take care of everything, that's why you are the Man, and things are going pretty good I have a few jobs lines up for this weekend, mainly trade outs, like one guy is remodeling my garage apartment for doing his ceiling, and another is giving me a brand new treadmill for doing his, so things are pretty good. Take Care and Thanks again. Rick in Texas

It's Leanne here from New Zealand, I thought that I would drop you a quick line to let you know that my replacement of the demo pack arrived INTACT this time, now my enthusiasm has come back, naturally before I was disappointed, now I am absolutely over the moon. I first put the posters in my 2 girls rooms, my younger one is 3 years old, and she was totally blown away... her first reaction was "Oh that's just so pretty"! To hear that come from her was awesome!!!!! My eldest daughter was also impressed. I have also shown my family, friends, neighbors and a couple of and just to let you know how impressed they were, I will most definitely be purchasing the entire pack from you just as soon as I can come up with the money. I'm sure it will be much sooner than expected. Well done on your creation, I only hope that with the bonuses that come with the main pack, I can wipe New Zealand out with it!!!!! Thank you again. Leanne in New Zealand

I want to thank you for this business opportunity, with the rate I'm going, I'll be debt free in no time thank you ALMIGHTY JOE. Please continue to send me those motivational and inspirational e-mails of yours, I love reading them. L. Shogbamimu S.A.I., Republic of Ireland

By the way this past weekend we organized a booth demo at one of the shopping malls... As you said, everyone was amazed! K. Oile, Kenya

I got my STARSCAPES® package barely 3 weeks now and I've done 10 jobs so far. Men this home business is great. I see a bright future in it provided one is ready to work. I had to forgo my job to start this business fulltime. I'm counting the stars and wouldn't stop till I count a million stars! L. Shogbamimu S.A.I., Republic of Ireland

My name is James Logue and I know your product is Awesome! I ordered your Demo Package for $29.95. Once I received the posters and hung them up on the ceiling, My Parents, Neighbors, Friends and I were all amazed and in AWWWE!

Hi everyone......just want to say hi......I am here in Australia.......nice to know there are stars being painted by all of us all over the planet......I am just about to concentrate more on promoting myself.....I love this's just getting people to actually see a ceiling...then they are sold.......nice to know we do something that gives so much joy....Joe has been incredibly supportive thanks to him and my best wishes to you all. Kim, Australia

I have several jobs booked without any selling effort. J. Truscott, Scotland

I used to go to bed and read but now I'm never too far from noddy land !!! I'm asleep before you know it!! And that's with just the poster!!! I turned out the lights for my daughter and she just gasped so loud! About 5 minutes later, she said "This is byooootiful". I have already ordered my StarBiz but can hardly wait to get it! Davina in New Zealand

I was there! I saw it with my own eyes... I believe! I flew on an airplane from Minnesota to the Starscapes International Office in Arizona so I could witness STARSCAPES® myself. I wanted to see if it really is everything the website says it is. Well folks... it's BETTER ... it's better than words can describe. It is truly amazing!!! It's unbelievable!!! It's fantastic!!! It's incredible!!! Words can't describe it!!!!

My brother, who is one of the most cautious (and maybe even skeptical) person I know, went with me to the STARSCAPES® International Office. His everyday work title is Operations Manager for Multi-States, Special Investigation Unit, for a very large insurance company overseeing the western half of the United States. He investigates fraud!!! He too, could not believe how incredible, unbelievable and realistic the STARSCAPES® experience was! In fact... he wants STARSCAPES® ceilings done for both of his daughters and the master bedroom!!! M. Franzen S.A.I., Minnesota

Thank you for this opportunity. So far I've only commenced barely four days ago and I've done three jobs Two on promotions charging 100 euros each and the third one 170 euros plus 30 euros tip. L. Shogbamimu S.A.I., Republic of Ireland

I've received you're emails and decided to take the plunge and get the deluxe kit after purchasing the intro kit. I just ran across this surfing on the web for a home-based business that was no pyramid or scam. My husband and I were of course in awe after we saw the demo and being in the area we are in, no one has ever heard of it, well, we got excited. We have a couple rooms already and I am getting a business phone put in tomorrow. Plus a whole other handful of ideas. I basically wanted to thank you and your staff for the lightning fast shipping of the package. I ordered it yesterday at 1pm our time and it was here at 10am the next day. Thanks again. Can't wait to start!! Tracy l. Bier, Illinois

Just a quick note to tell you of my 7-year-old Grandson, who had just stepped outside (around 9:30 p.m.), the other night. He said, "Look (in complete amazement) Grandma Lorry!" His head was tilted upwards and I followed his gaze. There was a great, unobscured view of the night sky, illuminated with MANY beautiful stars...I asked what he wanted me to look at....He replied, "Look, it looks just like the ceilings you paint." What a compliment! What can you say, but, "Out of the mouths of babes!" Thanks again and the tips from you and the other readers makes this so much fun!! L. Velarde, Colorado

I would like to inform that I have done 2 jobs so far and been paid a total of US$667!. I see a very bright future with STARSCAPES®. I thank almighty God for you and your team for creating so many smiles around the world. Keep it up Joe. K. Oile, Kenya

Just wanted to let you lnow I recieved and am very happy with the Delux package. I paint houses for a living and thought I would add STARSCAPES®as another service. Every customer I have shown a sample to has chosen to have one or more ceilings done! I didn't think it would be so easy to sell but it is. Thanks again for turning me on to the stars! W. Kash, North Carolina

I looked you guys up on the Better Business Bureau website you have an EXCELLANT report...tell people to check you guys out with them. I've been checking on companies for 5 years now and this is the only company I've ran across with a perfect report and those guys are tuff!! This won't be the last you hear from've already got me.........just waitin' on the money. Thanks! Lynn Jones

For your info I have done my first few ceilings, including my first commercial job and they are fantastic. I will be either daft or stupid (or both!) not to make cash out of this business, well done for sharing it in such an innovative way. Chris Roberts, U.K.

My husband and I received our Deluxe Biz package and are very excited. The product is fantastic... I want to first thank Joe and his staff for the wonderful way they treat EVERYONE and for the opportunity given to ANYONE. Secondly, I want to thank all of you who have posted (to the Worldwide STARSCAPES® Email Chat Group). I just spent 8 hours reading and in some cases printing the archives. You have all left me excited and ready to move forward. Your willingness to share your insight and practical tips to help us (newbies) succeed is definitely a blessing. Thank you all for your gift! C. Girault, Oregon

I placed my Amazing STARSCAPES® Demonstration Poster on my floor and practically fell through the floor! B. Carlson, British Columbia

I created a STARSCAPES® Stargazing SkyLite for a customer in their dining room. They later told me that their children wanted to sleep in there! A. Graham, Kentucky

The demo boards we created were nice, but until we saw our first room (bathroom) completed, we weren't too sure about this new opportunity. Needless to say, now we are so excited about this new business! M. Riley, Tennessee

I just painted a room for $1,200.00! That's about $5.75 p/sq. ft. I've been leaving "fliers" on front door knobs and giving "free demos" when they call. I offered a 2 for 1 or 1/2 price special through the month end. This customer didn't make the sale. She paid regular price. D. Schallert, Colorado

My husband says if I wake him up one more time to look at the demo board in the middle of the night, he's going to "kill" me! Anyway... Thanks so much for pointing me in this direction, Joe. We think you're a pretty cool dude. K. Harrison, Virginia

I 'll be painting 100 rooms at a local resort. The owner got real excited when I told him that we'd give him a free STARSCAPES® Stargazing Skylite above each spa in the rooms. The agreement is $200 per room. That should take my wife, daughter and I two weeks to complete. S. Day, Utah

Thanks a Mil, No, I mean thanks a Million Stars...... Got the poster demo a few days ago and I wish you could see the expression on my face right now in an enactment of the tranquil experience---it's a picture worth those Million stars right now---It actually brought tears to my eyes andI was gasping for air. Hubby and I were on our way:::::: out of this world taking those poster stars into our imagination and we both fell fastasleep!! AHHHHHHHHH.... In the next few weeks I will be ordering my KIT and want all the training you can provide!!!! I want to prepare like an athlete prepares for a game. Web and all! I'm just going to live this new adventure and bring joy to those that need it and want it.Keep up the motivational e-mails- ~KIND REGARDS TO YOU AND YOURS. V. Bartosh, California

Twinkle, twinkle little star,
on my ceiling not to far ,
up above my bed tonight,
will make our future oh so bright. John Holland S.A.I

Needless to say, we are very excited about our new business (myself, spouse and daughter). We spent a great deal of time perfecting our technique (although there is always room for improvement), consulting with Joe and gathering a lot of helpful information from this Club. I can see everyone is totally committed to succeeding in this business and I get more excited everytime I turn around and no one has ever heard of it. Talk about a wide-open market!

Everyone I have shown is very interested and I am extremely excited about the business......Thanks! M. Obal, Virginia

I have my first job to do, two rooms 300 sq. feet each in one penthouse for a total of $1200.00. 2 days ago I had deposit 250$. Tomorrow I'm going to do it!!! I. Mazur, Canada

I have been doing this now since September 1999 (three years). Have painted 650-700 jobs at average $400 US. Here are some of the commercial properties I have done. Motel "Don Juan" Monterrey, NL Mexico, Motel Plaza in Escobedo, Motel Plaza in Santa Catarina, Motel Scala in Escobedo, Hotel Antaris suites in Garza Garcia (where some of the presidents of many countries stayed when the United Nation's conference took place here in Monterrey 2 weeks ago.) Also... Spacio Spa in Monterrey, Linda's Theraphy SPA, Extra Time Bar & Grill, Observatory Bar & Pub, and Cervecería Cuahutemoc S.A (brewing company, Monterrey México (brewers of Bohemia beer) H. Melendez, Mexico

I have an agreement with an interior designer/ remodeling outfit to sell my work for $7.50 per sq. ft., and to pay me $5 per sq. ft. And I'm training seven of their salesmen. By the way... I quit my other job! R. Reed, California

I not only go to sleep with stars, I wake up with a big percentage still twinkling. We advertised on a billboard for two days, cost abut $80 per day. It read: "Breathtaking by Night -- Invisible by Day. Thousands of Stars In Any Room!" It generated about $8,000 worth of business so far, with lots of referrals pouring in. We charge from $3 to $5 per square foot. Will be building a display booth or buying a used RV for demonstrations at psychic fairs, and other shows. Gotta fly, have to create another illusion---good luck to all.
J. Sparks, Texas

I did a Home Show this past weekend. They held it during a blizzard. Still had over 150 people visit my booth and sold 10 ceilings. Many others were seriously interested. Just imagine what would have happened if the weather had cooperated? I'm really too busy with this STARSCAPES®! I've got too many customers! I may have to quit doing this as I have another business I have to run! Norman S., Iowa

I love the new Super-10 Creation Paint! Our first customer stated that her STARSCAPES® exceeded her wildest dreams! We'll be charging $4 - $5 per square foot, going after the "high-end" market. We love this business opportunity and are really excited about it! R. Read, California

Our 3rd practice ceiling looks incredibly well, just like you said it would! We're painting our first professional job tomorrow evening in a child's room. The size is 170 square feet, and the price is $2 per, making it $340. Part of the deal with the customer is that they would have their friends and neighbors over for the unveiling. J. Sparks, Texas

Anyway, been in since April 2, 2002. Have booked our first job for this Thursday, 4/25; charged $662 for one bedroom and doing the other for FREE (2 for 1 deal). The customer has also asked us to give them an estimate for doing their Master BR. We are doing two skylite's for a house next week (charged $300 as they are getting one FREE) and have a bathroom and skylite booked also for next week ($500).
I have two hotels that we have given proposals to and am meeting with the VP of a brand new 290-unit apartment complex this week. Granted, I realize that all of these big ones may not come through but it gives us a great deal of hope from the standpoint that people (prospects) are willing to talk with us. That is all we can hope for; just to get our foot in the door.

My point for this posting is that the market is virtually "untapped" and that you charge whatever the market will bear. We are a family of non- artists and do not particularly like to market anything. But, this is our business and every night when I go to bed and stare at my ceiling, I just get that more excited. We know that we have finally found a home business that is going to change our lives.

Anyway, we wish all of our fellow STARSCAPES® only the best. I supplied our first customer with the Letter-Pak and they are quite happy to refer us to at least (5) other people. Incidentally, I told them if they were willing to do that we would put (3) shooting stars in each of the two BR's. So, it looks like we are off and running!

On a more personal note: All three of us want to thank you, Joe. You have been such a help and inspiration to each of us. You provided us with a vehicle to get where we want to go. From what we have seen, so far, the road has not been heavily traveled and appears to be wide open for us to drive ourselves to a much better financial position. For that, we will always be grateful! Steve Day, Utah

Just a short note to let you know that we needed two more computers in the office, networked together, and another computer to be fixed, here at Starscapes International. Hearing about what we do... The computer service repair man wanted STARSCAPES® in his 12' x 12' bedroom, so guess what happened? Need I tell you? I think it was a fair trade! Oh, and by the way... last summer I traded two bedroom ceilings to have the exterior of my 3,000 square foot house painted! And the painter KNOWS that he got the better end of the deal! Joe Petrashek, Starscapes International

I have been doing STARSCAPES® for a couple of years now. I work it full time with another business I am doing. It's like Joe says. It sells itself! People see it and they want it. It really is easy to do! My other business I do is personalized computer printouts. I believe you should diversify (have a variety) of things to offer your customers. I also double my chances of selling my products or services. It is not uncommon for me to sell both of my offerings to the same customer. I do the computer printouts because I enjoy doing them. There is no doubt in my mind that if I did just the STARSCAPES® I would do very well!

At this time I have a waiting list of customers who want the STARSCAPES ® . I do not have to advertise it. I get 80% of my sales by word of mouth. I live in a town of about 12,000 people so size of your town is not a factor. I would say if you want a home business that is fun, easy to do, in great demand, and offers you a chance to be independent, than STARSCAPES ® is for you. Joe is a good guy. He will answer any questions you have and is always a phone call away. I have a Home Show here at the mall in March. It is my first one. I have a lot of people already who told me they are coming to my booth and bringing a friend.

To be honest with you I may have to give up my other business to meet the demand. I am always happy to share my ideas and marketing strategies with my fellow Starscapers. In case you are wondering, I am writing this on my own. I was not hired by anyone to say anything. I just decided to pay a visit to the site that got me started. I was a dreamer just like many of you. I decided to act on my dream and I have never looked back. Good luck to you all. Norman S., IOWA, USA (My gosh, Norman! I got all choked up reading that. You can't begin to imagine how wonderful all these kind words everyone sends us makes my staff and I feel. I ask The Man every night to bless this business and I've not been let down. Thank you. -Joe)

Joe, I just wanted to say, "This is awesome!" Got my package three days ago and have watched the video three times and read the owners manual four times. I am pretty saturated with the STARSCAPES® manual. My brother-in-law and I did my bathroom ceiling and purposely went alot overboard. It looks good. We also did his bedroom ceiling, and that turned out better. We will be doing my bedroom ceiling today for the 3rd is a charm creation. Will let you know how it goes. Keep it up Joe. B. Kindrick, Oklahoma

Thank you for your demonstration and attention this afternoon at the showroom. To say it mildly, we were both very impressed. We talked about it all the way back home and when I arrived at home it was an easy sell to my wife. I look forward to receiving the StarBiz package and learning how to do this process for making money at my own speed. E. Zambrano, Utah

While everyone must do their own due diligence. Here is what I can tell you. I have been working with Joe Petrashek (he *is* STARSCAPES ® ) since I started NOBOSS in 1995 and have sent him hundreds and hundreds of inquiries. I've never had one adverse feedback in all the years. In my own dealings with Joe, I've developed a respect for him as an entrepreneur and a businessman-of-integrity. If I were not totally committed and involved with NOBOSS... and the basic business of being an online publisher... there are two home-based biz-opps I'd be personally exploring (there are easily many many more that I believe are viable... but there are two that would intrigue me personally and that I'd not hesitate to try myself. One is vending machines. The other is STARSCAPES®. Dan Schwartz, publisher NOBOSS.COM National Organization of Business Opportunity Seekers

My name is Gary and I'm one of the newest artist-illusionists to come on board. Got my deluxe kit about 2 weeks ago. I've done 5 jobs (one for pay). As a newbie I can't add much except to say that the first room I did was my own. The effect is great, but I thought the main stars a little too big. I did my older sons room next. Got the proportions much better and more realistic looking, to my eye. However, my first sale came from a friend of my son who saw my room and ordered immediately. When I finished my sons room, I had my soon to be paying customer look at it to tell me which sizing he liked best. He chose my room. Several of his other friends agree. I have one more paying order scheduled and he wants the larger size. I've decided to offer the 'view from space' and the 'view from earth'. If my customers want the more dramatic larger size I will give them what they want. One more thing... I was away from my home for the Thanksgiving holiday. I found I missed my view of the stars each night when I went to bed. This is one fantastic and innovative opportunity. G. Lewis - Texas

I just did my first "real" paying job. It really looked like you were in space! This was a surprise for a ladies boyfriend, tomorrow is his birthday. Just the night before he told her he wanted to get about a thousand of those glow in the dark stick-up stars! When I was done I brought her in and had her lay on the bed and when she opened her eyes, she just gasped! I originally told her a price of $149, and when she was paying me she handed me two bills, which I thought was a $100 and a $50, and she said to keep the change and I looked down and it was 2 $100 bills!!! Then she made the comment that I should charge "MORE"!!! Needless to say, I'm excited!!! I figure if I can get just 3 jobs a week, I can replace my income from my job! Well, I don't think it will be all that hard now! I do my next job on Sunday! Wish me luck! Thanks Joe! L. Schroeder, Kansas

Thank YOU!!! He absolutely LOVED it. I went ahead and covered up both windows with black garbage bags for the "full" effect and had left the lights on until he got home at 3:30am. When he got home, I blindfolded him and led him to the bedroom where I had him lay down while I turned off all the lights. I lied down next to him and unblindfolded him. His reaction was, "OOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOL". He got so lost in those stars! He found it incredibly amazing. Now I don't know if it was the cigarette smoke or what, LOL, but those stars shimmer. Joey thought I actually took dental floss and hung all those stars from the ceiling until I turned the light on and he goes, "Hey, where'd they go?" (From a lady that surprised her boyfriend with STARSCAPES ®!)

Hi, Joe! I'm so excited! My package came this weekend and I just painted all the bedrooms in the house, and my 5 year old daughter is going crazy about STARSCAPES® ! My wife even loves it! All the people that we've shown it to, want it. I did the Lost in Space Fantasy theme in my room, because I figured that I'll need the practice. I read your materials, the business manual, and watched the video tape, and you said it would be fun. Well, I took that with a "grain of salt". I did... I really had fun! I've got so many promotional ideas, I can barely contain myself. David L., Ontario, Canada

I just got my demo poster yesterday and it is totally awesome. Me and the kids love it. Donna H.

Joe, I just wanted to thank you for this chance to make easy money! Everything you said came true! I practiced in two rooms in my home, and then did a co-workers son's room. No sooner did I turn the lights out, all I heard was 'I want this in my room'! I sold three more rooms in less than five minutes! I am a true believer in your product and your business offer, it really does work. My next job is for a school and I can't wait to hear the oohs and aahs when I unveil my creation! Once again Joe, thanks, for helping me reach for the stars,and, catching them! Mark N., South Carolina

Your product is brilliant - literally. Patrick N., South Africa

Look I have been doing this for 2 years, but in fact I have been doing this full time for the last 12 months, in this time I have painted about 350 STARSCAPES® and I still feel the same feeling I had when I painted My own room for a first time, (even when it was a mess). I have meet many people who I painted a STARSCAPES® for, some of them are rich some of them not that much,some others poor, but all of them have something in common: They say WOW!!!!! until their jaws falls to the floor. I have heard them when I am at the supermarket or a gas station, -hey look honey, that is the starsman, and they come to say hi, and thanks for the STARSCAPES® and start to talk about many things. This is the best reward an artist can have, plus, of course, the monetary reward. Thats why I am still very excited about this. Remember: A marathon starts with the first step. You've already done that. Keep reaching for the stars!! Your friend, Humberto M., Mexico

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to be able to do business with you! I see an ending in my life -- an ending of abject poverty, struggle, and financial limitation. But since this has been all I've known, I can hardly imagine the ease and freedom of my new life. I see this as a valuable skill that will support me and give me freedom. Cariner M., Victoria, B.C.

This sounds like a wonderful opportunity. My adult son just had a ceiling done in his home and loves it !! Bob & Carol B.

I just did my first two practice rooms in my apartment and wow it looks really great especially the second bedroom I did. I have started to place some lawn signs for advertising I own apartments in Salt Lake City Utah, and hope to some business out them. You really have a great opportunity here and its something anyone can do. I was kinda of skeptical when I first started out yesterday but today I believe I have found something I enjoy doing, and I can do it =0) Anyway you will be hearing from me often, I need to call and order some more paint. Thanks a million Joe Matthew F., Utah

Just got your package. What an amazing system! I currently paint murals and this is the most incredible thing I've seen. Everybody just flipped over the Amazing Demo Poster! And I'm honored to actually be talking to you! S. Smith, Florida

We installed STARSCAPES ® in all the guests bedrooms and waited for the comments! Well! They loved it!! We would recommend STARSCAPES ® to all Hotel, motel or Guest house! Just watch the faces of the customers when they see the effect!!!
V. Tenanty, Crown Hotel, Kingskettle, Scotland

Joe, got our package yesterday, made the sample poster and was blown away with the look. Gonna do our daugthers ceiling this week end.. maybe just a portal but really think this is great stuff. You may notice from my signature that I am a realtor now and will continue with that.. but have some lean times now and then so need some supplemental income. Looking forward to getting started.
J. Rinehart, South Dakota

I just booked my first job! I'm so excited! I took my new demonstration poster to work with me, showed a friend, and he wants it in his bedroom, his living room, and his den. He also asked me if he could borrow the poster to show his friends. Of course I said YEAH! C.Khelfa, Virginia

I made over $7,000 US last month! E. Morales, Guatemala

I just completed one job in a 12' x 14' room and it took me 33 minutes. J. Petrashek, Arizona

I've just completed my 1st job! They paid me ELEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS! It was a dining room, bathroom and a 5' diameter STARSCAPES® Stargazing Skylite! Now I'm going to raise my price of $2 per square foot! P. Gooding, Ontario

Wow, this is the most amazing program I have ever seen. D. Carney

Just received my package... It's awesome! I'm surprised I got it so fast! Can't wait to get started! K. Modder, Florida

Joe, I've just finished sculpting my fourth ceiling. It turned out fantastic. It was my daughter Katie's room and she just loves it. My third job was our patio which is 15 by 30 and that one came out great also. I used Creation 3 on the patio and 10 on Katie's room which, is the first time I've used it. It looks great. I'm going to do our bedroom next and I'll do my son's room when he gets back home later this summer as he wants to have input on it. I'm working on getting a couple of jobs and hope to being doing them within the next couple of weeks. You were right about doing a couple of practice jobs first which I did in two
bathrooms. I keep amazing myself with how well the next one turns out. All of your instructions and suggestions on how to apply the different techniques works very well. Thanks again for the opportunity of a life time. I'll keep you posted as to how things are going. Sincerely, T. Shea, Florida

I practiced on our bathroom today, my wife and I spent the last half an hour lying on the bathroom floor, absolutely amazing!!! It really does look like you're lying under the stars, you don't really believe it until you see it. K. Lewis, United Kingdom

Joe, thanks for allowing me to visit your showroom. It's incredible. I was in Las Vegas for my wife's business conference and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to come see your showroom in Phoenix. I've only done one practice room myself, and although I didn't do to many things correctly, it still turned out pretty impressive. I showed my two kids, Derek and Katie, the room when they got home from school, and they thought it was the coolest thing on Earth. Of course they went and gathered up all there friends. Now they all want one on their ceiling too! Your STARSCAPES® showroom is GREAT! Thanks for all the neat ideas and tips. I also got to meet Linda and put a face to her voice. What a sweetheart she is. You two were great hosts! Thanks a million! P.S: If you're ever in Florida, stop by and look us up.
T. Shea, Florida

Dear Joe, Thank you for all the info. Bravo!!! I think your product and info and website are top notch. I have been researching and trying home-based businesses for a few years now and most are failures filled w/deceptions. Then I saw STARSCAPES® . I could really sink my teeth into this one. Unfortunately for me, I am so strapped for cash, I just can't come up w/the money for this wonderful business. I'm in a catch-22 position. I really need a home-based business to get out of debt, yet I can't get the money from any other resource. I really don't know what to do. I'm not trying to burden you w/this, I'm just venting my utter frustration. I'm praying GOD will lead me in the right direction in getting this money for your business. As soon as I get the money I will definitely purchase. GOD bless you.
(Later...) Saw my demo poster. You were right, unbelievable. I mean just unbelievable. Soon as I get my money I will purchase. Thanks Joe. Yours truly, R. Christiano, Florida

I am doing about one a week now. Slowly getting into it. I really enjoy doing it! The people I have done, really love it. Mostly word of mouth so for until I get really good at it. L. Papp, Ontario

Hello Joe, Tonight was a great night ! I have seen your Video. It was nice to see you and hear your voice. Of course it was helpful to see how it really works. We are exciting about the result. I can smell the $$ coming as well as the fun to do it. P. Jonveaux, France

...I went right to work on my own ceiling... and the most incredible STARSCAPES® mural quickly began to show up on my ceiling. I felt as though I had been doing this for years. It's BEAUTIFUL! Even my skeptical husband loves it! L. Ross, Pennsylvania (Lisa, your full story is in the "chat" archives. It's wonderful! -Joe )

On my last job they just laid there and said about 20 times, "This is awesome! I can't believe it!" Without exception... Everyone always says "Wow"! Joe, I'm having the time of my life with this! Thanks! L. Watts, California

Joe, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions today. I also wanted to tell you how excited we are about STARSCAPES®... this is truly as awesome as you said it would be!!! And customer service.... WOW! The first room we painted was the bathroom (as you suggested) and when our 4-year-old grandson first saw it, we couldn't get him out! He stood on a stool so he could reach the light switch and kept turning the lights on and off so he could see the stars, shooting stars, and milky way. He couldn't wait to get them in his own bedroom --- but then, neither could I. We are definitely sold on STARSCAPES® . I think our feelings are best summed up with the same words that we hear every time we show off our own STARSCAPES® . "Oh WOW, this is awesome!" Thanks again, we are looking forward to a long and profitable association with you and STARSCAPES® . D. & K. Woolery, Missouri

When I contracted with Joe to decorate my son's room, I based this decision on one of his advertisements in a local newspaper. His professionalism and eagerness to demonstrate his artistic abilities had me excited to see the end results. With a lot of expectations, I waited for Joe to finish his work. Finally, he opened the door, and with an artistic humbleness, Joe prepared me to see the work with a few minutes of well-rehearsed meditations. When the lights went out, my breath escaped me as I beheld the universe before me in my son's bedroom. I can't wait until we can do more... Matt Rigberg, Arizona

I did my first painting for my sisters kids and they freaked out! R. Provance, Missouri

Thank you, Joe, for the marvelous STARSCAPES® that you did at our spa. It is much enjoyed and appreciated. I hope you will drop in sometime to take a "dip". C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Would you like to know someone who is famous and has STARSCAPES®? I painted today four Room Expansion Fantasies and one Original STARSCAPES ® ceiling mural (in a home theatre) for a Mexican national soccer team player in his home, his name is Claudio Suarez. Humberto Melendez, Mexico

Boy, I really didn't think I could do it, but I did! What a satisfying feeling knowing I can really do it. The Milky Way came out beautiful! I did it just as Joe taught on the tape. The owner loved it, so did his neighbor. He wants me to come back and do a ROOM EXPANSION fantasy in the same room! I am now very excited and enthusiastic about STARSCAPES® because I now know I CAN do this! Making people happy and making good money... what more can you ask for?
P. Varga, Ohio

Joe: Believe it or not, we finally got our first order for a room, it's from a massage therapist. She will refer us to her neighbors and customers, and there was no haggling about the price of $895.00. 1/2 down and the balance upon completion. We just saw her tonight and it looks like we'll start Sunday morning. Dan is really excited and wants his own STARSCAPES ® jacket. We appreciate the help. Mighty good wages if you ask me!
D. Duffy and J. Foley, Georgia

I'm Nancee Malone and I just recently purchased the Starbiz package. I painted my son's room and it looks great! He showed his friends and they are still talking about it. They want me to do their rooms now. :-) N. Malone, Iowa

Joe: Believe it or not, we finally got our first order for a room, it's from a massage therapist. She will refer us to her neighbors and customers, and there was no haggling about the price of $895.00. 1/2 down and the balance upon completion. We just saw her tonight and it looks like we'll start Sunday morning. Dan is really excited and wants his own STARSCAPES® jacket. We appreciate the help. Mighty good wages if you ask me! D. Duffy and J. Foley, Georgia

I am so excited about painting ceilings that I am willing to paint several free for promotion and referrals. C. Windish, Florida

I have very GOOD NEWS!!! Next week ( Monday Dec. 18th) I am going to paint a STARSCAPES® at the "HOTEL TAPATIO" presidential suite, here in Guadalajara, and I will paint another one at the the hotel's owner daughter home! ...but things are coming out even better!!!... I already have booked another job for next Tuesday (Dec. 19th), can you believe that?... This is great, just like you said! J. Flores, Guadalajara, Mexico

When I received my STARSCAPES® Starbiz package, to be honest, I was a little disappointed at the beginning because everything looked so simple, but when I finished my first room, I was completely astonished and last night when I finished my second test room, I couldn't believe my eyes. It was hard to believe that I had done it with such simple techniques and tools... just incredible. L. Aponte, Venezuela

I received my STARSCAPES® package yesterday and painted my first room last night. Went rather well, other than a few "too-large" stars : ) I'll keep you posted on my progress. A. Hague, Utah (We're looking forward to your posts, Allison!)

Last month I painted my 100th STARSCAPES®, it may not sound spectacular for some of you , but I painted 3 or 4 special STARSCAPES®:
Oct 1th I charged $1,047.12 USD for a room,
Oct 5th I charged $ 800.00 USD for another,
Oct 8th I charged $ 1,026 for 3 medium size rooms at the same home.
Oct 30th I charged $1507.83 USD for the last one that month. October average price was $ 497.00 USD for a piece. Humberto Melendez, Mexico

I just returned from a weeklong pleasure trip of about 1600 miles. I made the trip in my work van and how do you suppose I paid for the trip? That's right!!! I left stardust wherever I went. I started by showing someone the demo poster and it snowballed from there. I had to make sure that I didn't overbook as I only had a week. The only advertising was by word-of-mouth. It was great fun, and I have people that want me to come back and do their ceilings. I have never seen a business as great as this one. Remember: The sky is the limit. C. Williams, New Mexico

Hello Joe and STARSCAPES® staff. I believe in STARSCAPES®! I made my demo poster last night and I was amazed! Showed my family and we all started stargazing! I am going to do this soon! N. Alexander, California

Our STARSCAPES® Deluxe package arrived and are we ever excited! Our bathroom was the first room to receive the "treatment". Results, could have been better but that was our first try. The second room, our daycare play room, was better. But, our guest room came out great! And just in time for company that will be arriving from Kenya on Friday, October 20, 2000. Are they in for a treat. They will be sleeping under the stars and even the Milky Way is visible! This is a wonderful business venture! We are almost ready to hit the streets! Thanks for such an awesome opportunity, Joe. We will stop in some time to meet you in person. D. & L. LaCelle, Idaho (Come and see us anytime, D & L!)

I have been with STARSCAPES® for 4 months now. I just love it. I am seriously considering quitting my job and doing STARSCAPES® full time! It is the most fun I have ever had. It is a service that sells itself, people love it, and is quite easy to do. With STARSCAPES® you are only limited by your own imagination. No ceilings are exactly alike, and you can't make a mistake. I have done several ceilings. I charge $179.00 per ceiling and I have a people on a waiting list because I do not have enough time in the day to do them all. Joe is great! Whenever I have a question I call him directly and get fast answers. I will be doing STARSCAPES® full-time very soon and I am never going to look back. My future is before me. Thank you STARSCAPES®! Norman S., Iowa (It looks like you're doing everything right, Norm!)

We completed our first job today and it went very well, we have 4 more scheduled for early next week @ $200 a pop. We are very pleased to say the least Your description of the response when people see the work is exactly what you told us it would be . The first viewing of the work we did in our own home resulted in five bookings... and they all said the same thing... we want one, when can you come over? My hats off to you Joe! D. and L., Alberta, Canada. (My hats off to YOU, D & L!)

Hi Joseph! Guess what! I am getting (building) a house, that's the bad news! :) The good news is I have a deal with the HOME BUILDERS to do STARSCAPES® for all the other people who would like that in there new homes!!!!!! They loved the presentation I did, and they want it for there homes!!! I knew this would work!!! I have the presentation area all set up! Its in their open house!!! God Bless You!! H. Barnett, Oklahoma (Thanks so much, Hans!)

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude and respect for all at Starscapes International. I have had the experience to witness first hand your honesty and integrity, which we all know is rare these days. Being based in Australia I was at first skeptical at the service I might receive being so far away, however I must say I have had all my queries answered promptly and politely within 24 hours, my STARSCAPES ® package arrived in perfect condition, as did my Galactification machine. I happily recommend the STARSCAPES® package and Starscapes/Voyager Industries for anybody who is serious about starting their own business and are looking for an honest company to assist them in their journey. M. Booth, Australia

I did a STARSCAPES® "Lost in Space Fantasy" for a friend and neighbor of mine, who also is a realtor. She knows a great many people, and of course has many new contacts. This is absolutely the best painting I have done yet, and it is really something to see. When I was ready to show her the finished product, I asked her to lay on the bed, and I had the bright overhead light on. I told her to keep her eyes shut, but not to tightly, until I said it was ok to open them. I turned off the light and waited 10 or 20 seconds, and said ok. All you could hear was a slight gasp coming from the bed! Then there was the "Oh my God, this is fantastic!" I got a $65.00 tip out of this one! All for now, I thought that I would share with you! B. McIntyre, Washington

I was newly divorced when I started with STARSCAPES®. My wife got everything. Boat, travel trailer, house. I got my three daughters and the clothes on our backs. Currently, I live with my parents. I had $188 dollars in my pocket of which I placed an add in my local newspaper for $187. One week later, I had over $3,000 in my pocket. I have done 15 jobs in the last 7 days. (2 per day with 3 on Tuesday.) I charge for a 12 x 12 room, 1,999 pesos which is US$210. Most of my customers want the entire ceiling and walls done. My average job is $250. I have 5 more jobs booked this week, 2 of which were from referrals. I would like to be the National Distributor for Mexico. STARSCAPES® is the best job I have ever had. It is relaxing. I listen to my favorite '70's music while I work. Mr. Petrashek does not exaggerate one bit about STARSCAPES® . I love it! People that see it, just say WOW! Kids that see it cry because they want it too. H. Melendez, Monterey, Mexico (Update: Humberto received $800 for a one room job! Great going, Humberto! You're a shooting star!). (Latest update: Average job increased to $350. Doing 1,2, or 3 jobs a day. Foreseeable 1st year cash earnings of $132,000-$245,000. That's over a million dollars in about 4-7 years.)

WOW ! you guys are the greatest! Jeanne saw her name up on our web page and was ecstatic. Thanks again for all of your help. You are truly a good company to be associated with. Have a GREAT DAY!!!
M. & J. Amann, Illinois

We have had the privilege of having this done in a very special room and it is unbelievable how real it seems! It is both calming and exhilarating at the same time. This is a great invention! B. Carter, Nevada

The video is GREAT!!!! Well done! Thanks! I get the feeling I will be part of a great team! K. Carey, Australia

Dear Joe and Jill,
You can bet I was standing in line this morning waiting for the post office to open------and sure enough, there was the package you promised. Everything arrived in fine condition; and in an hour or so our bathroom will be receiving the "royal treatment". It just happens that we are having the outside of the house painted this week----don't you know I'm gonna drag those painters upstairs and open their eyes to a whole new source of income---theirs and ours!

Gayle and I can't thank you enough for the tour of the showroom. We didn't know what to expect when we arrived. Your friendliness, openness, and enthusiasm sure made an impression on a couple of "shell shocked Internet survivors". In the last three years I have tried every scheme and scam the Internet has to offer.

The real reason that we came to visit the showroom in person was that Gayle simply was not about to let me take another "flyer"-----without some adult supervision----HERS. Did you notice that she had her back up when we walked in? Did you also notice that her back relaxed about the same time her jaw dropped when she saw the ceiling in the showroom?? I was a believer before we arrived-----but I'm easy. You and Jill did such a great job of answering all of our questions! By the time we left, Gayle was "seeing stars"---EVERYWHERE! Our home office will soon be changed into our own STARSCAPES® SHOWROOM. Nobody yet has asked for my advice, but here it is anyhow: If you are even considering "stars" in your future: Walk, fly, drive, crawl if you have to, but somehow get to Phoenix. Spend an hour as we did with Joe, and Jill. If you can then decide that the STARSCAPES® BUSINESS isn't for you at this time-----you will at least want to hire one of the rest of us to add STARSCAPES® to your own house. All the best, F. and G. Hoffman (We can't wait to see you again!)

I just want to tell you that I have received the package, gone through the manual, tried out the demo, and watched the video. It was really fun and exciting experience! J. Kitnithee, Thailand

This is a dream come true for me. J. Lee, New Jersey

Joe, thanks for your wonderful opportunity to help myself as well as others!! L. Finnell, Texas

I'm unhappy working my butt off for someone else to make all the money. So I'm seeking Liberation, Freedom, and Independence from Corporate Slavery. Finding the right product to sell has always been the Big Thing with me, if I don't like it no one else will either! I love the idea and concepts behind STARSCAPES®, that's what will make it a breeze to sell! I have shown the Demo Poster to friends and have 2 jobs pending. Thanks again Joe, I look forward to a long and profitable business relationship with you. L. Slay, Texas

I was finally able to do 3 ceilings, in my home. And my bathroom ceiling is now incredibly beautiful! I still had trouble with the milky way, but now I have it down pat! My only problem now is deciding which of the other two rooms to sleep in at night! Each one is different, but beautiful in its own way, and the problem is that if I am sleeping in one, I am missing the other! Last night I watched in one room until it faded away, and then went and watched in the other room, until I fell asleep! What a wonderful, peaceful, healing way to go to sleep at night! Finally, after three ceilings, I feel confident to go out and do STARSCAPES® for other people! That is the scary and hard part.... actually doing the STARSCAPES® is fun! I also want to say that even if I never did STARSCAPES® for money, just being able to do it for my own enjoyment would make it worth so much more than I paid for it! A. Suthers, California

Your training video is one of the best I have ever seen! The slow, careful way in which you explain and demonstrate everything makes doing STARSCAPES® easy and fun! I especially liked the close-ups of what you were doing..... and all the tips you gave from your personal experience brought me right up to where I needed to be to feel confident doing my very firstSTARSCAPES® ! A. Suthers, California

FANTASTIC package... Thank you!! Galactified!!!!!! S. Daugherty, California

Everyone loves it! I already have 3 jobs booked at $159 each, and have 4 pending. I'm really enjoying this! I have done 3 ceilings and they all look great! I am very excited about the possibilities that STARSCAPES® has given me. I have tried many business opportunities and have been ripped off by ALL of them or they have not lived up to what they had promised. I am VERY excited about STARSCAPES® and truly believe that it offers me a chance to make money. All I have to do is work at it a little bit. It offers a great product that people want. It's original, and it's fun to do! It sells itself and the potential for word of mouth advertising and referral customers is almost a gaurantee. I have NO doubt that once I get this thing going I am going to have more customers than I will know what to do with. Thank you Joe! Norman S., Iowa

We have our first 4 jobs to do today. Thank you for all the e-mails you send. They have some great ideas in them! You do have great customer service! D. McGregor in Nova Scotia.

Thanks for your prompt attention and the package is great.
B. Berkeley, Painter of Dreams™, North Carolina .

Just a tidbit of info I thought might interest you. We operate a computer retail store and thought STARSCAPES® would be an interesting and unique sideline for us. Two days ago we ran a full frontpage ad in our local "shopper paper". Half of the page was for our computer systems and the other half we dedicated to STARSCAPES®. In the past two days, we've scheduled six STARSCAPES® jobs and an equal number of in-home demos, but sold only two computers. I wonder how long it will be before computers are our sideline? Bravo STARSCAPES®! K. Binning, Iowa

I looked at the poster put up on the bathroom wall.... the stars were so bright, they shimmered as if alive! I added a milkyway to it. The effect is gorgeous! It's stunning! I put the poster on the bedroom wall last night just so I could go to sleep watching it! Thanks for all your help! A. Suthers, California

Just thought I'd drop you a quick note and let you know that my package arrived. I've been busy learning the techniques. I have now completed my guest bathroom, guest bedroom, and my bedroom and I've learned quite a bit about the process. I've done several shooting stars and I put the milky way up in my bedroom as well. I encountered a few problems and made a few mistakes but still the ceilings turned out great. My bedroom ceiling, being the last one I did, turned out best of all. Even with mistakes, the ceilings are beautiful. It's difficult to do a bad STARSCAPES® . I love the illusions I've created! I can't wait to start marketing this and bringing it to the public. I'm looking forward to a long and prosperous future with STARSCAPES®. J. Nelson, Washington

Worth every penny! J. & J. Teron, Canada

I Love this business! It's me! R. Armstrong, Indiana

I made myself impressed the other day, by the result of the application in my son's room! I did put lots of stars, 10 foot milky way which is stunning, and 3 shooting stars, all according to your instruction. K. Choi, Maryland

Joe, it's just like you said. People see it... they want it! Every time I show it, I hear, "Oh, my God! When can you do mine?!". And I love doing STARSCAPES® . To me... it's not work. I enjoy it! D. Iacomacci, Utah

The sun is out; the air is crisp and clear and thanks to this opportunity, life feels really good this
morning. T. Sims, . England

I don't know how to thank you for this wonderful opportunity! I will be forever indebted to you! Thank you again! You have made me the happiest that I have been in a very very long time. I know that GOD will always be watching over you for this. Again thank you ever so much. J. Barton, Indiana

I showed them, and all the skeptics just said "WOW!". D. Boivin, Massachusetts

The material is VERY professionally organized and it looks marvelous. Harry D. Schultz, editor of The Harry Schultz Letter. (The world's most expensive financial consultant -- Guiness Book of World Records).

Mr. Petrashek teaches you the secrets to becoming your community's next Michelangelo! If you're looking for something unusual and fun to build a business in - this is as fun as it gets!
Stony Roberts, columnist for Cutting Edge Opportunities Magazine

A complete money-making business package. An opportunity, and it appears to be a solid one, concerns itself with STARSCAPES® ILLUSION MURALS that can turn the ceiling of any bedroom into a celestial wonder. One can gaze up at an accurate three-dimensional life-like painting of the evening sky, with thousands of stars, constellations, and even the Milky Way. The comprehensive manual shows you exactly how it's done, and how you can make up to $100 an hour with this unique business opportunity. This brief review can not do justice in describing this unique money-making plan. This opportunity has great merit. Russ von Hoelscher, columnist and publisher of Insiders Money-Making Report

It's a complete business package - and a good one. The instruction manual shows exactly how it's done. The instructions are easy to follow. The manual is impressive, and I have no doubt that anyone who gives it a chance an make good money with it. (Even if you just earned $50 per hour)...this would be a worthwhile part-time venture. Stew Caverly, nationwide publisher and newspaper/magazine columnist

To say the least I was very impressed (with materials)! I couldn't wait to try out the Amazing Demo Poster. Then, when I took my finished painting in a dark room, I was shocked and awed. I'd gladly pay $100 for someone to do it for me. Victoria Ring, president Graphico publishing, The Grapevine Journal, The 'Good People' Book

I just received my package on Friday. I completed my closet, my daughter's room, and our room. I have three jobs set for the end of this week. I will not charge for these jobs so that I can get some customers other than myself and get the word out. I know it will go great. It is so easy and so realistic. I had been looking for an opportunity that I could realistically do and make some extra money. My wife and I just had our second child and we were looking for a way for her to stay home and take care of our children. We think we just found it. Thanks for the opportunity to try and make it a reality. Johnny R., Texas

I simply feel that my dreams will really come true with STARSCAPES®. Joseph Cheung, China

I just wanted to tell you how impressed my husband and I are with your program. It is everything you said it is and more. Boy, talk about having the world at your feet! We are so excited. God Bless You!
A. Stovall, Colorado

I am certainly impressed with your polite marketing skills, and though persistant, not obtrusive. Russ

Thanks for the opportunity!. Marilyn Graff

So far I have done 10 homes. Everything is going fine. Once again, thank u sir for teaching me this business. A. Hussain, India

Last night I lay in bed looking up at the stars in the sky and I thought to myself, where the heck is the ceiling? D. Lockett

I got my demo poster and it is truly "awesome!"....the whole family loves it. There is no doubt that this is the business opportunity I've waited for.
One Week Later...
I just HAD to write to let you know how pleased we are with our STARSCAPES® StarBiz package. I have done 3 ceilings this week and plan to do a few more (for practice) before I start charging... The response has been excellent, and everyone that sees it (and I do mean everyone!), wants a STARSCAPES® of their own! Thank you so much for helping me get started. The video really helped me alot. I've watched it at least 6 times so far. I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with your fine company. Very Warmly, J. Owens, Virginia

Your business was a Godsend, and I'm so pleased that I found it online. I had been looking online for a business to do and after weeks of looking was tired and beat and about to give up when I stumbled onto your site. You have to feel good knowing that you have helped so many people achieve personal satisfaction and freedom from the hum-drum of day to day life. Thank you for giving me my life back and letting me control my destiny. May God bless you. S. Moore

Dear Joseph,
I don't know if you remember me or not, but I thought I would email you and update you with what has gone on since we last talked. The last time we talked on the phone I was having trouble with the paint. I honestly thought that you would tell me " sorry, but no refunds. " Instead you did something totally out of the ordinary in today's world. You apologized for the problem and sent me two more bottles of paint. That just blew me away. Well, when I received the paint I just sat it on the shelf in the garage with really no intent on pushing painting any ceilings.

About six months went by and my employer was beginning to lay people off. I didn't know if I would be one of them or not so I figured that I had better prepare myself just in case I was. So I broke out the STARSCAPES® paint and painted my kids bedroom, UNBELIEVABLE! Everyone was excited. I showed it to a couple of friends and they hired me to do theirs and the referrals are now rolling in. I started at just $50 a ceiling, but have now upped the price to $100 a ceiling. I apologize for doubting the idea and the process. I look forward to a long and prosperous business relationship with STARSCAPES®. Sincerely, J. Phillips

About STARSCAPES® ... all I can say about it is WOW!!!!!! I received the demo poster yesterday, tried looking at it during the day and was disappointed. However, I thought, "I'll wait until tonight". I just couldn't believe how fantastic it looked! I must have re-energised it 20 times just to keep looking at it. It really is absolutely amazing! My mother and my fiancee both think it looks great too. I'm looking forward to painting the whole ceiling as even though the demo poster looks fantastic... you can't quite get the whole feel of it with just the poster. I know however that once the ceiling is painted it's going to be amazing. I've already lined up my fiancee's daughter to do her room first ... she's going to have a whole bunch of friends over to see it once it's completed. S. Rykmans, Australia

I got my demo poster and it is truly "awesome!"....the whole family loves it ...there is no doubt that this is the opportunity I've waited for. J. Owens

Have received demo poster today and were blown away. Very impressive will order soon!
T. & . Healey

I had an exciting conversation with the organizer of our city's Home and Garden annual show. He said that there were no spots left available. When I explained to him what the "product" was, he responded, "I think that would go over great at our show. I'll try to make some room"!!! K. Weber

I got the STARSCAPES® poster you sent me the other day and I think it looks great. I taped it to the ceiling above my bed. It really does look like I have a hole in my ceiling. I think it's awesome! I'm definitely considering buying the package for myself first, then to sell to others. E. Rosario, Montana

I have received my package and reviewed the material contained therein and am even more excited than I was previously. H. Abdallah, Qatar

After doing a couple really nice Starscapes® in nice neighborhoods, I can see where I can earn what is a weeks wages for some people on a single Saturday evening, and have a great time doing it!
B. McIntyre, Washington

I appreciate your help and I am almost ready for my first job. It is so exciting for me and my family. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be my own boss. C. Hynes, Michigan

I completed my first STARSCAPES® (on someone else's ceiling!) this past Sunday. You were
completely right. I had a ball... And my friend LOVED it. D. Moreno, Georgia

Received the Super-10 Blue Creation Paint yesterday. It's FANTASTIC!!! You are a genius!!! You never cease to amaze me with your ideas and products. I'll order the Violet paint next week.
G. Laconey, South Carolina

Joe, I recieved my Battle in Space stencil set. There pretty awesome! J. Mokate, California

Im doing great... Just about ready to have this meeting with my first JOB. I'm so excited! Yes!!!
Thanks alot Joe. Hope I will do just fine for my first job. I will let you know for sure. God Bless You Joe. God Bless STARSCAPES®. Sincerely, R. Saleh, California

Thank you for sending me StarBiz Startup Package. It is beautiful. A. Hassan, India

I have not received the start -up kit yet and I already have 10 appointment, 2 booked jobs and a 5 million people to visit. H. Melendez, Mexico

I am extremely excited about this opportunity. I am an amateur astronomer and I have taught chemistry,physics, astronomy, and biology as well as calculus on the collegiate level. Thanks for everything. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you. God Bless you all. K. Fisher, Virginia

I received my order in good order and am impressed with everything I received. I am more than happy with this Business Opportunity. I am really excited about this business and am sure it is going to be a big success here in my home town. I have done one ceiling in my house, and I must say... it looks good. So real, and the end result is just magnificent - really relaxing. My grandchild, she and her mother stay with us, is so impressed she just wanted to phone all her mates to come and have a look. She is going to make money out of her granddad. I have already got 5 orders that I will do in the next two weeks. I just want to do two more in my house and then I will be ready for the big ones. The Satin Jacket is "r-e-a-l c-o-o-l". I am really satisfied. I want to thank you for this opportunity that you are giving away. God Bless You and your Business. I. Kemp, South Africa

We completed a job Sat for the mother of a 17 year old girl...she had her room "starscaped" as a
surprise when she returns home from vacation with her father. As it was, a friend of hers had just stopped by as we were preparing to "show" our customer the completed job. They both went in the room, lied down on the bed and the "Wows" and "Ahs" made our work (fun) complete! They were both soooo amazed at the finished room, it brought so much satisfaction and joy for us at a job well done. She can hardly wait to tell all the folks she works with. I'm still amazed myself, it's so beautiful!
C. Jones, Oregon

After seeing the STARSCAPES® Demo Board, the State Fair Officials told us that we were going to get the best spot in the fair! I replied, "But how can you do that, when you're all booked up"? "We'll boot somebody out! Your STARSCAPES® will be the hottest thing here"!
D. & J. Adams-Smith, Alaska

I just wanted to take a few minutes mention here that Joe's Paint is the BEST IN THE WORLD!! I left Starscapes last summer because I was moving and didn't think I'd have room in my new place to do my canvas murals. As I got settled, I found I could make the room with a few adjustments to the new place...a bit cramped but do-able. I wasn't sure I would be able to come back once I left Starscapes, so I started looking for glow in the dark paint. I bought so many kinds I don't even want to think about it and spent more money than my license membership dues would have cost for a year or more!! I was not only disappointed, I was down right disgusted with the 'quality' of glow paint out there. I went EVERYWHERE online that listed glow in the dark paint. I think I must have tried every available glow paint sold commercially that there is in the WORLD and it was NOT EVEN CLOSE to our paint in quality, consistency and/or glow time & brightness.

NONE of those paints were as invisible by day as Joe's Creation Paint!!! Besides that, I can no longer even see one of the sample stars AT NIGHT that I put on my bathroom wall with the glow in the dark paint I got from one of the popular glow in the dark paint sites online claiming to have the BEST!!! All the stars I have painted in years past using Joe's Creation Paint still glow as bright as they did the first day I painted them.

There is absolutely NO COMPARISON between the Glacier Blue and any other aqua color in the world that I had access to buying! Some places that sold the paint even tried to get me to join their artist group, but I wasn't interested (especially after I tried their paint!!). Some of the groups were allowed to even sell the paint they used if they were members. I am really GLAD that we can't or don't do that!! (I hope that continues). It makes OUR exclusiveness much more attractive :))

I quickly found that being a Starscapes Artist/Illusionist was truly an Honor and a Privilege only Starscapes & Joe can provide! So, I put my tail between my legs and called Joe again asking him if I could join Starscapes and renew my license. [BTW, Joe always answers his phone to answer my questions. I'm sure that's an exclusive only Starscapes provides too!]. So, my point here is this: Joe's Paint is the BEST IN THE WORLD and I am truly grateful to be back with Starscapes again. I hope if anyone ever thinks they can match this paint, they will read this and realize I have done all the homework for them and I believe i was VERY THOROUGH about it!! It's NOT worth even your time AND your money and stick right here :)) Betsy McCullen, New York

Most Satisfied Customer Award, Special Decoration category. Chinese Commerce & Trading Development Association and Chinese Consumers Association. (Also, one of the judges, who had practiced violin for 20 years, upon hearing the STARSCAPES® Romantic Evenings audio CD while viewing STARSCAPES® , quotes "This is the most romantic music I have ever heard!". J., Taiwan

Got my pictures developed and will send you one to show the magnetic signs on my Jeep. Now, I'm going to get off the ground! I have now 5 bedrooms to do, with the possibility to do one of the Washington Redskins football players' house!!!!! That is exciting!!! I can not wait!!
T. Barnes, Tennessee

Catherine Jones, Oregon

I Invited a neighbor over for a beer and "just happened to mention" STARSCAPES®. He wanted to know what I was talking about. I pulled out the Demo, and said "It's this." He looked at it and responded, "I don't see anything." (My grin started creaping around my head.) I said, "Go over there and turn that light off." He did and, as he turned, I was holding it above my head (not very professional, I know, but, hey, moment's notice). He just stood there... looking up... in AWE! He asked how much it costs to have a room done. I told him that normally, it was $3.25/sqft, but, for him, I'd do it for $2/sqft IF he'd have a party this weekend. HE AGREED!!! Party is scheduled for this Saturday night. I'll be doing his condo bedroom, starting around 5pm!
J. White, California

I must say my whole family (especially my wife) just loves the STARSCAPES® mural. We usually end our waking moments listening to nature sound music and stare at our night sky until we fade away.
A. Swanner, Louisiana

I got my package and did my first job and was great. I advertised some and got very good response so I will be ordering some more stuff soon. I´m looking forward to get information on the new products you mention in the gold coin specially about the space battle thing, sounds great for kids.
J. Jimenez, Torreon, Mexico

Joe Petrashek is an honest and reliable business man. His STARSCAPES® concept is a great opportunity for anyone willing to make money and a great gift to humanity. I´m very proud to be one of his associates. I earned $500 in my first week in business.
J. Jimenez, Torreon, Mexico.

Thanks for the speedy reply. I knew right from the start that your company was unique & in a class of its own. I appreciate the "bonus" Super 10 paint & will take you up on your request to make a couple thousand on you! I am truly looking forward to a long & prosporous relationship with you & your company. Thank you again Joe. T. Golbuff, Florida

Well, Joe, I must say that I am truly blown away! You are one class act! This is the one I've been waiting for! Tthe fact that you added my name to the roster (webpage) proves to me that you have the opportunity I have been waiting for! I'll be real interested in approaching some of the huge hotels here. Anyway, sorry to be so long winded, but I have been totally disappointed by my several forays into "Multi level marketing" (vitamins, detergents, soap, enemas, etc.) You can have them! STARSCAPES® is a business I can see doing for the rest of my life simply because I am a SUCKER for glow in the dark stuff! I wish all of the Lord's blessings for you and Beverly! K. and D. Marmon, Texas

I did my first demo to my wife and family. It's great, no words to describe the phenomenon. P. Bertin, Gabon, Africa

Joe, I just wanted to compliment you on your great presentation. You have one of the best sales letters I have ever seen . You captured my attention and created curiosity , "I just had to order your STARSCAPES® program"! I received The STARSCAPES® program yesterday. Let me tell you , I am even more impressed with the program. The Demo poster is absolutely amazing , I couldn't believe my eyes. This is absolutely the best home business I have ever come across. I would say "wish me luck", but I don't think I'll need it with STARSCAPES®! Great customer service and support! Thank you & Aloha, R. Ho Jr. , Hawaii

I have four ceilings to paint - just from the little poster! We are really excited.
D. & J. Adams-Smith, Alaska

I'm so excited!!! I received another order today! WOW! What a feeling!! Joe, Again I say thanks for this awesome opportunity. I finally stop procrastinating and realized I can reach for the stars. Happy to be on board! A. Lepage, New Hampshire

I really do love doing this! C. Mroz, Michigan

I can't sleep at night. I'm so excited! I did my own room in 20 minutes. After I got done, I couldn't believe I did it! I just kept saying "This is impossible! This is just impossible". I'm just amazed and totally stunned with it! It looks so real! The minor stars even twinkle! I'm considering I'm already a wealthy man!
A. H. Texas

Just finished my first 3 STARSCAPES®. People are so amazed that I have to hold back from laughing at their response! I'm in as much awe as they are! An amazing home based business! A. W. Canada

I've done 95 STARSCAPES® up to now, at an average price of $250 each. K. C. Indiana

I did a "freebie" for my friend,for the practice and advertising value. My friend is a pretty laid-back kinda guy and just said "Yeah, looks cool." I thought maybe he didn't like it much and was just being polite. I saw him at work today, and he said the closest thing he had ever seen to it was the planetarium in Seattle! Better than that, his little girl, (whose room it was), had been sick and sleeping with him and his wife. They had been trying to get her back in her room, now they can't keep her out of it! She had some of those big glow-in-the-dark stars, which now just lay on her dresser. B. McIntyre, Washington

The poster blew us away! It actually looked like a hole in the ceiling! D. S. in Texas

I'm truly impressed! It's like a dream come true! C. Mroz, Michigan

Just finished my first job. On top of the $380 I charged for the 11'x13' room, they gave me a $50 tip! (Dana did 2 more jobs that week. Total = $860.00!) If it weren't for STARSCAPES®, I wouldn't have been able to pay my rent. D. C. Pennsylvania

I can't tell you how very excited I am about my STARSCAPES®. After my husband died, I haven't been able to return back to our room. I knew I'd need something very compelling, very special & exceptionally unique for a "changed return". When I saw your STARSCAPES®, I knew that I had found the answer. I've waited several months and finally am able to have you come and create one for me. You and STARSCAPES® have made an especiallly difficult transition for me into one that will be peaceful, inspiring and each night will be one to look forward to, instead of the opposite. I thank you deeply and hope you know you're appreciated. Thanks many times. S. Green in Arizona

I had a great success at our local fair, please send me 15 more ounces of Creation Paint!
J. H. Alberta, Canada

I could not wait to get my package and see if all about starscapes is true. Well all I can say is I am impressed!!! I have completed my (Amazing STARSCAPES®) poster, and I have looked at it over and over again in sheer awe!! My sheer congrats on the real super product... I cannot remember when last I was this excited about anything. An entire ceiling must be incredible!
R. Bhana, Africa

Wow, do you have something ULTRA here! Please send complete kit. I have jobs already! Please send overnight! K. H. Florida

I already got a job offer at a resort condo! B. McIntyre, Oregon

I've done 200 jobs in the last few months, and I never wavered off my price of $325. Sometimes I charged more! T. D. New Jersey

Impressive kit! Now it's time to make money! R. B. Idaho

Wow! I am excited. I spent over n hour staring at the poster (in the back of the manual)! It's truly amazing! R. O. New York

I wish I had known about this some years ago! B.C. Massachusetts

Fascinating business! Extremely lucrative and a great deal of fun. L.C. Utah

Can't wait to get started! T.Z. Kansas

I've received your manual and read it several times. It is fantastic! I feel confident about the illusion and my Milky Way looks REAL good, very authentic. And the depth perception really is there! I hope to be doing this full time real soon. So far, I've painted four ceilings. They all can't believe it's invisible (in the daylight). They all love it, and they're excited about it! Joe is honest, fair, and knowledgeable. The business is definitely worth more than the start-up price. My fourth job took me an hour and a half and paid me $ 75! The money is good and I'm having fun! R.C. Utah

I've ordered through the mail for years, yours in the most UNIQUE! H.W. California

I recently had the opportunity to see a STARSCAPES® painting; and to say the least, I was very impressed. The artist was kind enough to give me your name and address. Would you please send me some information on becoming a STARSCAPES® Artist. Thank you. D. L. Texas

I shut myself in my closet to see the poster. When I got my face clear of the clothes -- I said, "OH, WOW"! B. R. New York

I want you to know that I've done 16 STARSCAPES® at $129 each; and am very excited to begin doing a greater volume of business. I. S. Vermont

You are truly a man of your word. A.M. Wisconsin

Excellent book and accessories Thank you. M.C. California

Thank you for the quick and efficient response in sending the material. T.M. Colorado

Truly unique, very ingenious. Thank you for the opportunity. J.W. Massachusetts

Extremely happy with your manual! It really looks like THIS is what I've always been looking for!
B. D. Nevada

New STARSCAPES® Illusionist Doug Copeland just booked two $85 jobs the very first time he showed his "demo" (explained in the latest newsletter which you'll receive)!

The manual is everything you said it was - and more. I can't wait to get started! I've sent for HUNDREDS of opportunities over the years, some have been good, but yours is without doubt the GREATEST!
C. L. Wisconsin

I thank you very much for your book. You've got a winner here! Your book is excellent and anybody who decides to use your plan will make good money. I.Z. Ontario, Canada

Your training materials are of the highest quality, very explanatory, and even fun to read. I have no doubt that almost anyone could bring in a very good income if they seriously applied themselves to this business. W.J. Oklahoma

I'm really impressed! Looks like a winner! R.B. Utah

It was such a surprise to actually talk to someone. Over the last couple of years I've tried several times to ask questions about certain ads and all I received was an answering machine which never called back. It was also very exciting to hear about an original idea, not another mail order or network marketing scheme. Thanks for sharing your opportunity with me. I really need it to pay medical bills. Ron G. Oklahoma

Many thanks for the refund. I did not expect it at all. I do hope you returned it for good business attitude and not due to my (physical) difficulties and problems. This to me shows that you, and of course, your wife are honest business folks. May God grant you success in your business now and for as long as you run it. Amen. S. K. Texas

Your ad was exactly as you described. This is the most money per hour I have ever made. It is rare to find a program like this that actually does what it says...yours does! Thank you very much Joe. Y. Iguchi, Louisiana

I just did my first STARSCAPES® and made $100 in just one hour. It's an incredible opportunity.
Chris S. Florida

I have purchased the STARSCAPES® program and products from Joe Petrashek & Voyager Industries. This is an easy to follow plan that I have personally made $150 per hour with many times. Joe's products are above and beyond what he even represents. I am more than satisfied. Tom R. Florida

It was a pleasure speaking with you on the phone! This is the most exciting opportunity I've ever seen. I've got customers already waiting! Ken B. Texas

I've sent for a lot through the mail... THIS is the BEST! J.D. Utah

I did my first two STARSCAPES® jobs and people are amazed! Luis M. Florida

I used to repair windshields. This is the first thing my wife's ever got excited about! Glen B. Iowa

All through the years I have known and studied star patterns, and like you, love the night sky. While I was experimenting in my room, I found my designs were a likeness to the original and gleamed with perfection! I am quite excited and looking forward to working this for many years and am considering traveling with it, and I want to associate with your company throughout this time! Scott S. Utah

My friend recently purchased the StarBiz from you. Unbeknown to me, he had painted the poster and put it up on the ceiling. Boy, was I surprised and impressed when I saw it! He wouldn't tell me where he got it from for the longest time. I practically forced it out of him! I would therefore like to order the package as advertised. I'm so excited I can't wait! D.J. Florida

I am very glad I crossed your path. I love STARSCAPES®! 1st room: poor work but kids still love it. 2nd room: practice...excellent. 3rd room: Actual job...looks excellent! Thanks again Joe! Frank W. Maryland

A pleasure to see a true opportunity that anyone can do and really make money doing it. Thanks for the opportunity. T.M. Kentucky

Send me the Star Kit! Customers are waiting! Roy C. New York

Can't wait to get started! I've already sold two ceilings and haven't even received my kit yet! Kim B. Arkansas

I read your manual once and it's thorough. One can tell it has been written by someone who's been there. I can't wait to paint my room! I think you are wonderful for sharing your ideas and giving people an honest, fun, lucrative way to make money. Marie C. Virginia

I booked 30 jobs before even seeing your materials. Now, I've landed a deal with a famous hotel/casino here! Gary C. Nevada

I had built a 10' x 10' portable room at the Home Show out of 2 x 4's and black vinyl. I amazed over 600 people that waited in line to see my STARSCAPES®! Tom M. Kansas

I can't say enough about how exciting this home business is. It's great! Joe's information and start-up kit is brilliant! I've gotten 11 jobs in my first 2 weeks! My goal is to have a store in a busy mall! Mitch L. Ontario, Canada

I have been able to read and study the manual, paint the sample chart, and think about the possibilities. You did not exaggerate the results. They are amazing! I am going to do a couple of my own ceilings and maybe for a friend. By that time I should be an experienced professional! Richard D. Pennsylvania

The most fun I've ever had! Shelly M. Kansas

I really love having stars up on my ceiling. I like it so much. I feel like a little kid with a new toy! Charlie M. California

This is indeed a great system without a doubt! George R. Maryland

I'm pleased with my decision to become associated with STARSCAPES INTERNATIONAL. I had seen the "illusion" at the state fair about 3 years ago. All this time I had been thinking about it, wondering... How do they do that? I have been in business for myself and worked for others for over 20 years, and I can tell you that your company offers the best money making opportunity on the planet!!

When I mailed off my request to you , I figured it would take about 3 or 4 weeks to receive my package. Boy was I surprised when I received it in less than a week. All materials and everything covered in the plan are really first class. I can see that no expense was spared in preparing these materials. Your company is the first I have come across in many years that operates with the "customer" in mind. I don't feel (that) I'm on my own, and I know you're only a phone call away. It's nice to do business with someone who cares!! And thanks for the newsletters. It's great reading what others have accomplished and how they are doing it. Bill Pearson, Washington




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