Experience the Magic
FX For Yourself!

Window to the Universe Portal Poster

Amaze Your Family and Friends!
Watch How Excited They Get.

You'll Receive...

  • The Amazing STARSCAPES® 3-D Stargazing Cosmic Portal Poster!  (Although it may look like a poster... it's NOT... when the lights are out.  It's a magical portal to the stars!  Measures 4 feet tall by 3 feet wide. And...

  • A sample of our amazing STARSCAPES® professional Creation Paint

  • Your "Professional Customer Presentation" audio file (MP3) with professional voice actor speaking about it so you don't have to memorize anything. Also ethereal music and nature sounds. (This allows you to show others to test the market and pre-sell customers, or to raise funding).

  • Full Color STARSCAPES® Brochures to show others.

  • More In-depth information about the STARSCAPES® StarBiz.

  • Business card sample. And...

  • Special Savings Coupon!  Save money on your STARSCAPES®  FX StarBiz!

Show 10 people... you may book 10 jobs!

And each home has 2 or 3 bedrooms!  Add it up!
Whether you charge $200 or $2,000 per job... it's about 100% profit! 

"My husband gave me one.  What a great surprise!  I love it!"
"My children love falling asleep under a blanket of stars!"
"Like being able to see through the ceiling up into the stars!"


It's easy to make money with STARSCAPES®.
Just "show and tell"!

"I booked $5,000 in business just showing the Amazing Poster! Now, I'm happily in the business!"

"I've been showing the Portal Poster to some friends and they all said, "I want one!".
"I placed my Amazing STARSCAPES® Stargazing Portal on my floor and practically fell through the floor!"

"We've got two of them, side by side.  I've never slept so good!  I need to get some for the kids now!"
I've got 5 jobs booked!  My kids are "dying" for it!"

Just $39.95!
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