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Want To Sell More? Nurture Your Creativity.
By Joseph Linn Petrashek

We hear a lot of things about ways to improve your firms sales. Decrease
costs, use smarter sales methods, network with suppliers, build better web
pages. The list goes on and on.

Often you try one tip, then another, then a few more, only to see your
business holding steady or slipping backward. Unfortunately, only the
most savvy entrepreneurs see the real problem that his holding them back.

You can't be successful until your true, inner creativity is free. While this
may sound a bit new wave, it is really common sense. In this age of hyper-
competitive business, everyone is working longer hours under vastly
greater demands. Tired, frustrated, uninspired people make mistakes, miss
opportunities, and turn out flawed or dull work. People who can feel fresh
and excited about their work succeed magnificently against any odds.

Here are three ways you can make sure your creativity is constantly
running at peak efficiency.

1. Change tasks several times during the day. If you do a lot of
accounting, switch over to designing a web page several times during the
day. Psychologists tells us different parts of our brains handle logic and
creativity. By switching from one kind of task to another you give your
creativity just the boost it needs.

2. Take time off. We get in the mind set of feeling if we aren't working
every possible minute of every day we won't reach our potential. That is
probably true for a computer, but you aren't a machine. Your body, made
of water, carbon, and chemicals, was never designed to run like a
computer. Some cultures only work every other day. Others take frequent
holidays. Yet, somehow, their productivity is high enough to give them a
successful and satisfying life.

3. Improve your surroundings. We spend a lot of time making sure our
computer has the right motherboard and RAM running at top speed. We
should be just as concerned with putting a plant near our desk, getting an
inspiring painting for the wall, having a view to the outside, and a
comfortable chair.

Make sure your work environment connects you with nature and the
outdoors in some way. For millions of years humans have looked to
nature for inspiration. In our indoor age, we can give our creativity and
productivity a big boost by keeping in constant touch with our natural

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