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Joe Petrashek S.A.I.

Christian, son, husband, father, friend.

"I hope to be as good of a man that my 3 dogs and parrot think I am!"

Active STARSCAPES® Artist-Illusionist  
Retired Performing Magician
Founder/Originator of STARSCAPES®

Listed in the 1999 edition of 
International Who's Who of Entrepreneurs

Member of Sonrise Faith Community Church

Founding Member of
The Chandler North Rotary Club

Let's Talk Competion in This Market

STARSCAPES® is a cosmic art form, inspired by
the glory of the night sky in the Arizona mountains.  

Beginning with the experimentation of simple luminescent paint in the early '60's, then combined with the knowledge of magical illusions, Mr. Petrashek created the first STARSCAPES® ceiling mural in 1979.  Perfected with numerous professional commissions, Voyager Industries LLC was established as the publisher/distributor of the STARSCAPES® brand StarBiz Specialty Artist Educational Program.

In every entrepreneurial magazine on the planet, we were the very first company to list their URL in an advertisement.  That just means we were on the "cutting edge" in business.  And we're always on the edge, "pushing the envelope", always first.  We've been on the web since 1994. 

Not happy with common paint standards for our purpose, and knowing that some suppliers are remaining silent about being entangled in lawsuits for patent infringement on pigments, we began creating our own exclusive... Creation Paint, specifically for our purpose.  And, we're proud to say that it's not available anywhere else.  Beware of imitations.

Competition in the marketplace is really a good thing as it increases awareness of the viability of a product.  Good competitors will have an advertising budget and advertise their product to the public, like we of course do.  And that's awesome.  However some competitors are just parasitic and do no advertising and business creation on their own, and just hope to con others into thinking they've got the same thing to sell.  Same rhetoric, same look to the site, etc.; but the substance that a buyer receives simply won't be there.

Beware of imitators out there claiming better paint or a better program than ours.  One competitor has a demo portal poster that is jut nine 8.5x11" sheets of card-stock paper, just so they can say that our poster paper is "paper thin" and theirs isn't.  The truth is that it doesn't matter how thick the paper is, as long as it does the job.  What he doesn't tell you is that he gives you 9 pieces of paper that you lay on the bed and show your customer. Heh. Well how can you effectively demonstrate a ceiling mural that way to a prospective purchaser and expect to get a job?  If you combined them somehow into a square, theirs is only half the size of ours anyway.  There's isn't astronomically correct and doesn't show any constellations. There's not even any 3D realism or depth perception to it.  We wouldn't show it to an astronomer, that's for sure.

They don't care enough for you to include an audio CD that tells your customer all about the cosmic mural and leads them artfully into becoming a buyer.  That's part of what you get when you do business with us.  After 25 years of perfecting the installation and salesmanship of STARSCAPES, no one else can be expected to even come close.  Only we can teach you our time tested methods correctly.

One guy tells people that our paint doesn't glow as well, but they  fail to tell you that they are intentionally misleading the public by (1.) not energizing our paint properly and comparing it to their fully energized paint; and (2.) comparing the glow time of our short glow SUPER-3 Creation Paint children's room paint to their extended glow paint.  Obviously, that's not fair at all, in fact it's a bold lie.  We've heard of another character that mixes the truth with lies.  Hello!

As you know we offer two types of paint, one for children where the stars dim in half an hour so they don't stay up too long, and the adult/commercial SUPER-10 Creation Paint that glows through the night. 

And of course, none have our Galactification Machine or the patent pending tools that we personally manufacture.  One of the reasons that STARSCAPES Artist-Illusionists are able to get the high prices that we get for our work is that there is tremendous value in giving your client a mural that is astronomically correct.  Don't be fooled by phony imitators  practicing "false witness" and with their cheap imitations.  There's a "special" place for them.

We're happy to give you the links to their websites so that you can do an investigation on your own.  Take heed... as they generally like to undercut our price by a few hundred dollars because they literally lack the substance and quality in their own program to be able to get their own customers, and hope that you'll be "hoodwinked, hogtied and swindled" by their false promises and attracted to their "better deal price".  They know that in today's market, it's just natural that people will do their own due diligence and check out the marketplace.  That's the way parasites live -- off their host.

We're the one that advertises world wide and have continued to create the market for bedroom stargazing.  We take credit for the hundreds of thousands of people worldwide that are now doing just that.

You'll find that one has categorically copied even the look of our website, right down to close images and buttons and text.  Be sure to understand what they're offering... exactly.  You'll find that they don't even come close.  Here's another thing; I'd be scared to have him put up a free (albeit childish) webpage for me when it looks like he has blatantly copied the famous artist Thomas Kincaid's trademark. 

Heh. One even touts a testimonial from a customer that says he's tried others product (meaning STARSCAPES) and he never made any money with it.  Well that's funny because that same customer was a licensed STARSCAPES Artist-Illusionist with us years ago and we have three testimonials from him stating that he was so busy with his STARSCAPES business that he had to quit his other job.  His name is Norman.

While some may think they can learn this on their own in a few months of trial and error, or buy an unworthy and ordinary instruction pamphlet and DVD; they may learn to create a star mural, but they'll never learn the art and business that is my STARSCAPES® business.  You get what you pay for.  Why put yourself through the trouble? 

With the STARSCAPES Professional or Lite StarBiz educational program, equipment, supplies, and samples, you're also getting ME.  Over 30 years of my hard work and expertise and the input of hundreds of SAI's, have gone into creating this unique art form and authoring the StarBiz program.  

Through the program, I've taught over 6000 students worldwide this unique art form and how to make money with it.  Our customers can be found in over 160 states, provinces and countries around the globe.  There isn't anyone anywhere that doesn't like to stargaze.  And that means that there are thousands and thousands of bedrooms waiting for YOU!

We are proud to carry on the original tradition of teaching this world class celestial masterpiece and supporting you so you can create glowing wonderlands of stars for happy stargazers, young and old. And our testimonial page has over 610 testimonials for us.  (Oh yes, and you'll see Norman there.  :-)

Here's one competitor's website:  CD only $397, and $1,897  (same copycat guy)

This "guy" even uses our © photographs and images!   $1,297
We'll see how long he lasts after he hears from our attorney.    He first ran a home inventory business that no doubt was failing and saw our full page ads and decided to copy us.    $695 or more.  Not a bad beginner package, but nothing like ours.


Joe's Own Profit Testimonials:

I've made $2,864.00 on one room... in one short afternoon!

I spent two days on a job that paid me $10,000... Because I asked for it!

Two small jobs paid me $225.00 and $650.00 each!

My last two jobs were in two homes, $2995 & $850.
I was done by 3pm!

I was meant to do this.  This is my calling.

After 30+ years, I still do this!  I love it!  You will too! 

STARSCAPES® is my passion, and I want it to become yours.

Start your future today with your STARSCAPES®

StarBiz program.  Jump "on board"!  You'll be glad you did.


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2003 photograph of master STARSCAPES® Artist-Illusionist Joe Petrashek



1978 photo of magician Joe Petrashek ("Joe Magic")








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