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I'll show you how!  Start your own FUN hobby or business today and say goodbye to your boss!  Hi, I'm Joe Petrashek.  I invented this unique business 20 years ago as a hobby, then found EVERYONE wanted their own STARSCAPES®!  I want YOU to be the next great STARSCAPES® Illusionist.  I'll teach you in just 3 days!
Joe Petrashek founder since 1991

"You'll never have more fun doing anything else."


Customers in 160 countries


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Factoid: People all around the world pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to get this most
 amazing illusion
of space in their bedrooms.

Children, teenagers, mostly adults, and hotels, motels, resorts, and bed & breakfasts too!

The market is endless. Get in on the ground floor!

Earn up to $1,800 in an hour or two and have fun doing it.

No experience necessary.

    The magical...

Space Ceiling


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Starscapes bedroom business opportunity



Success comes to those who
"think outside of the box galaxy"!


...lying down in your bed tonight with a sense of awe and euphoria, as your worries of the day melt away, relaxing under the beautiful and romantic starry sky, searching for constellations and shooting stars!

Space is cool. Everyone loves to stargaze.

Nobody sees much of them anymore because the city lights have taken them away from us.

We've forgotten about them. The stars have died out for us.

(Bring them back and YOU can be a hero in your community.)

Starscapes business opportunity

Stargazing is primal. Instinctive. We were meant to stargaze before slumber.


Experts have recently discovered that positive alpha brain waves are generated while stargazing.

People tell us that they immediately de-stress and even fall asleep quicker under "their stars".

You can experience this, every night
while cozy on your sofa,
in your home theater/media room,
or in your bedroom.

Everyone loves to stargaze.
It's beauty is awe-inspiring, inspirational,
relaxing, romantic, and educational.


What You'll Be Doing    

You simply show the amazing Cosmic sample Portal Poster,
and everyone will want it in their bedroom!
Then, you simply apply it to their ceiling. It's not work... it's fun!
This is how you approach motels and hotels, increasing their
occupancy rate.

Amazingly it's invisible in the daytime, but at nighttime
their ordinary ceiling
dissolves away,
as the universe of stars magically begin to shine.

     Thousands of glowing stars, constellations,
and the Milky Way galaxy, shooting stars, even
spaceships, fairies and crosses if so desired!

   Everyone will view the heavens as they were meant to be
seen, before the city lights ruined the view.


Starscapes Space Ceilings


     Every bedroom, in every home and hotel and motel and B&B worldwide needs this.

Educational for children and
stress-relieving and romantic for adults.

How many bedrooms in and around your city?

Get into SPACE!
egin NOW as a
STARSCAPES® Illusionist!

  Be your own boss, set your own rules, and make
up to $5,000 or more a week! (You'll prove that when you get your
FREE Discovery Package!)

No experience necessary.
An 83 year old man and two 70 year old women are now doing this to supplement their retirement.
Even a 9 year old boy has done it. YOU can too!

Starscapes business opportunity

Do you want $2,000, $3,000, or $4,000 a month or a week?

Some of us have made
over $3,700 in just 1 Day!

Why search any further...
Here's the PERFECT business.

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Starscapes business opportunity
  Sometimes ...

A life changing opportunity FINDS YOU!


The Starscapes International Showroom

Outside appearance of Starscapes Showroom front window.

Outside appearance of Starscapes Showroom signage.

Why wish for the moon... When you can have the stars.


Founder Joe Petrashek with his StarBiz.

"The StarBiz Package is FANTASTIC!. ..Thank you!"

"I made $1,450.00 my first week!

"I've been showing the Cosmic Portal poster to some friends and they all said,
'I want it in my room!'.  I've got 5 jobs booked.  My kids are 'dying' for it!" 

"It's like a dream come true !"

"I was out stargazing last night and realized I was in bed,
and wondered where my ceiling went!"

"I just did a room for $1,200!"   It's the simplest, fastest
money I've ever seen with NO skill on my part!"

"I ordered your free Discovery Package.
Once I received the Amazing Cosmic Portal poster and hung it up on the ceiling, my parents,
neighbors, friends and I were all amazed and in AWE!

"I'll be doing 100 rooms at a local resort... For $200 each!"

"I showed them, and all the skeptics just said WOW!"


STARSCAPES® -- Just Beyond Your Imagination
You really have to see it to believe it. 



 Hyperspace into the site and get your
FREE Discovery Package...


 You must SEE it to believe it!  And you CAN...  with your Amazing Discovery Pack NEXT!
 Just Show It and Make Money!


  starscapes moon walker

Well... you didn't became an astronaut; but you can still be in the SPACE business! 


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