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IMPORTANT: Refresh this page (click F5) at that time to see the INSTRUCTIONS right here in this box. Always refresh the page to see the freshest comments from us below, and to see the winners.

Will be posted here at 11 am Mountain time. It will help you immensely if you get acquainted with the information on this website.

Fill in the missing blanks of the following sentences. Be one
of the first 10 callers or texters with all of the correct answers. Who knows, maybe nobody will get all 10; then we'll go with 9, etc.; and we'll throw your name in a hat and choose the winner randomly from the lucky 10. Who knows? Maybe only 5 will call in. Maybe 3. Maybe just you. That's better for you! The phone number to text or call Joe is 1-602-679-0257. When you call, there will be no time to chat. Have your answers written down ready to QUICKLY recite the answers only, in the order they are written below. We'll take your name and number and let you know.

Refresh this page (click F5) exactly one hour later to see the results. Who knows? Maybe it'll take longer than one hour to
see the results. Always REFRESH THIS PAGE
( to see our comments. The astronaut below will help you. Take your time. The race starts... NOW! Don't panic. Take your time.

Finish these 10 sentences from the pages of our STARSCAPES.COM website:

1.) STARSCAPES is the home improvement that's a cool ______ solution.
(The answer was on the previous page.)

2.) The STARSCAPES ______ 2 _______ Daytime / Nighttime Skylite.

3.) Uplifting Faux Fantasy ________ Windows!

4.) Name one luxury magazine that STARSCAPES appeared in: ___________

5.) How much money did Rodney make his first year part time? $_________

6.) STARSCAPES is a Certified _____________ Imagination Product by the
esteemed SPACE Foundation.

7.) NASA has STARSCAPES in a room where the ceiling, walls, and floor are
done. They bring people into the room to give them a feeling of what it's like
to ________ ___ _______.

8.) What is the coupon code for Saturday's special StarBiz discount? ______

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10.) Finance your StarBiz on Super STARSCAPES Saturday and your monthly
payments are only $_______ (regardless of the regularly priced payments.)


THE WINNERS "in the hat" are posted below. When we get 10 we'll draw the Big Winner for today! Keep trying!

I'm glad you're here! Good luck to you in your reach for the stars! Text the answers with your name to 602-679-0257 (or call)

1 Space left. WoW! You can still win!

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