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Frequently Asked Questions

The Original Stargazing Ceiling
The Original Cosmic Environment Simulator

The Work

 Any type of ceiling... popcorn, acoustic, vaulted, beamed?


What kind of clean up is involved?

 None.  And we use our own exclusive, water-based Creation Paint.  No lacquers, no turpentines or thinners.

Can I do the work in the daytime as well as night?


Is STARSCAPES® painted on somehow?

Yes.  Custom painted, signed and dated... by YOU.

Can you tell me how?

Yes, of course, when your StarBiz package arrives.

Can it be painted over?

Yes.  With two coats of paint.

Is it messy?

No.  We don't get gallons of paint and a roller and paint the ceiling black.  When it's dark... Your ceiling appears black.  All you'll do is install (paint) the tiny stars with our equipment, methods and techniques.  Most of us don't even use drop-cloths for most of the job.  You'll have thousands of stars, constellations, etc. in about an hour.

Is it easy to do?  I'm not an artist.

Very easy.  There is no drawing involved.

Learning curve?

Your easy to understand manual and DVD and newsletters both explain the equipment, tools, techniques, methods and secret tricks.  Full confidence after three practice ceilings.  One or two ceilings is not enough.  The magic number is three.  And remember... the paint won't be seen during the day.  It's virtually invisible as it blends right in with an average white ceiling and walls.

Colorful nebulas, and other deep sky objects, (while actually interesting only to a few of your clients) should only be mentioned to them after your first couple of months. Right now, it's important for you to make a few thousand dollars; so... you'll want to remain true to the original STARSCAPES®, and keep it very simple for now. Joe's work, to this day, remains true to the night sky.

Most Artist-Illusionists find that their client's are "purists" to the night sky, and therefore don't wish to veer off of the original night sky view . Most clients won't want those deep sky objects, as they may seem too grandiose or even ominous. These are objects that are not normally seen in the night sky, and, can take away from the peaceful meandering... the original stargazing benefits that only the original star filled night sky can give.  Doesn't that make sense?


Is it physical work?

I don't know if you CAN do this.  You'll have to be able to do these kinds of actions... 

   a.) draw a happy face
   b.) climb a stepladder
   c.) comb your hair 

If you can do these exact things... you'll have fun creating STARSCAPES®.  The Original Stargazing Ceiling.

Is the Work redeeming?


Will I be taught everything, including all the themes?

Everything will be taught except that the Battle in Space Fantasy only, requires a set of large stencils.  They're $395 for the complete set of 17.  You can order these later... After you make a few hundred dollars.  Make your money before you spend it.  

What is "The Art of STARSCAPES® " -- The Customers' Owners Manual?

This informative booklet answers their questions about STARSCAPES® , shows them common constellations, informs your customers about the mythological stories behind the constellation creatures and  folks they'll find in their room,  basic astronomy lessons, and tips for better viewing too!

Is the painting permanent, or will it dim away with time?

It's been on Mr. Petrashek's ceiling for over 28 years with NO diminished effect.

Do you have a site in my area where I can see a STARSCAPES® finished product and can I get a sample of the product with directions? 

The directions or methodology will be found in your STARSCAPES® StarBiz Program.  We don't give you the schooling without first being paid to do so.

Other than in Arizona, we don't have other offices around the world and we do not keep a log of everyone around the world who has STARSCAPES® .  Also, it is not the job of the Artist-Illusionist to field calls from other prospective entrepreneurs like you, to answer your questions and invite you into their home to show you their bedroom ceiling.  Their job is their own business.  Yours will be too.  Our job is the marketing of this business.  You are hereby invited and welcome to visit our international headquarters and showroom in Arizona. 

Also you might like to purchase the Introductory Package which contains the Amazing STARSCAPES®  Poster for only $69.  Then you'll have a better idea of what STARSCAPES®  looks like in your own home.  Click here .

What happens with the ceiling lamp or fan? 

We don't remove them.  When the room is dark, the lamp will not be noticed or in the way of the stars.  Same with ceiling fans.  They are not an obstacle.  When the fan is on... It feels like a breeze coming down from the sky.

How does it look after the job is finished?

It looks like your ceiling has been removed and you are up in the mountains, away from the city lights, under the most beautiful and glorious starry sky imaginable.

Does it get removed, and therefore the need for a lot of ceiling fixing and new wiring, or what?

It can be painted over, but probably never will be.

When does it start glowing and creating the wonderful effects?

The glowing begins as soon as the lights are turned off, and it looks even better after a couple of minutes when your own eyes have adjusted to the dark.

How dark should the room be?  Does the effect disappear if I open the door to another room that has the lights on?  What if I have a small night-light?

The darker the room... the better the illusion is.  A small bit of light infiltration will be fine though.  If light comes through the window, simply add a pull-down window shade to it.  Just like getting away from the city lights... You'll see more stars.

How do I know that it really works? I mean, when you see so many money-taking so-called success stories which require a "minimum start-up sum", you become (at least) a little suspicious about getting involved into something.

We created the Amazing STARSCAPES®  Introductory Package & Demonstration Poster for just that reason.  So you could see what it looks like in your own home.  Other than that... hop on a plane and visit us.  We get visitors every week.  Or... I guess you'll have to trust us.

What tools do I need?

The only tool you'll need to supply is a step-ladder.  Everything else is included for you in your equipment package.

I live in Bucharest, Romania. How can I get what I need from you here?

Easy.  We've already shipped out to 160 countries.  We'll have no problem shipping to you anywhere in the world.  We use DHL & FedEx courier express for most shipments.  This way both of us can track the shipment from door step to door step.

What do I have to order from you later on?

Product Re-orders (our exclusive Creation Paint) are figured at $2 to $4 per room.  Example:  Order enough for 100 various sized rooms... Only $100 to $200.  However, we have no minimum order requirements... $20 orders are fine.

How long will it take to get my order, once I place it with you on your secure server here on the net?

We'll send it to you the very next day.

How long does the paint glow?

Our Super-3 Creation Paint glows for up to an hour and is brightest in the first 15 minutes.  It slowly fades as the stargazer falls asleep.  Great for younger childrens' rooms.  Makes their little eyes slam shut.  Adults like that benefit.  Our Super-10 Creation Paint glows all night and is brightest in the first couple of hours.  It glows throughout the night.  We create our own paint and it is formulated specifically for the STARSCAPES® Artist-Illusionist, and will last for many, many years.  Mr. Petrashek's has been on his own ceiling for over 22 years with no diminished effect.  You can rest assured that not only will your customers be getting the very best product for their money; they'll also be getting the very best talent... YOU.

The Company

Do they supply leads?

Only for licensees.  When an individual or hotel from your area contacts us and wants us to find an artist for them, if you're close to them, we'd give them your contact details.

Will they be around for awhile?

In our 20th year (2011) building a strong base with reps in over 160 countries!

 Are the testimonials real, and what about the license?

Real letters from Real people involved with STARSCAPES® .  And STARSCAPES® is our registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Your customers will appreciate the quality that goes along with a world renowned name.  The OPTIONAL license gives you only the right to use the protected trademark name of STARSCAPES® .  Gives you the coveted S.AI. initials after your name, showing your professional status.  And the license fee is NOT $1,000 a year... It's always been a ridiculously affordable $19.95 (that is less than twenty dollars) each month and can be paid yearly if so desired.  You'll get a car load of important benefits with that license also.  And for the professional, you can even step UP to the GOLD membership for a low $39.95, and you'll get a TRUCKLOAD of  benefits!  One of which is you'll get $40 worth of paint credit on your account each month.  And you'll be a member of our "INNER CIRCLE" insiders chat group and online web community.  Also, your webpage, and webhosting is on us.  Also, we advertise for the S.AI. to Hotel Marketing magazines and websites, and high end magazines and websites.  Applying for your license is an option for you.  Not needed if you're a hobbyist, but if you're wanting to be a professional... It could make sense to you.  Details of further benefits, and virtual territory, are coming to you in your StarBiz package.

How about customer service or schmoozing with other Artists?

Our full-time staff will be glad to help you.  You'll get Mr. Petrashek's home phone number for additional customer service help also, once you're "on board".  You'll be subscribed to our exclusive newsletter, The Galactifier, and later... Our on-line, member's only, group email conversation, and our daily and weekly web-chats with other Artist-Illusionists.
What is F/X?
Originating with action filled Hollywood movies... It's an abbreviation for SPECIAL EFFECTS. Sometimes written as SPFX, of FX.

Is Mr. Petrashek nice to animals?

He loves them all.

The "YOU"

Can I do this?

Your age has nothing to do with creating Stargazing Rooms, Stargazing Ceilings, and Stargazing Skylites.

If you can draw a happy face, and climb a step ladder, you can do this!  And so can your teenagers.  It's YOUR family business!  

You'll have an amazing skill that can carry you through your entire life.  You'll be able to take your "little bag of tricks" with you anywhere around the world to create your magic.  This will be your chance to make people's lives better.

You'll have a life filled with fun, making people happy, and making good, honest money.  What more could you ask for?  Get started NOW at the Order Desk .

Both the Educational manual and DVD Video and all the rest of the supporting documents, equipment, special tools, etc. we provide are complete, thorough and easy to understand.  You'll practice in your own home, and after a few short hours and three rooms later, you'll have confidence in your product, and your abilities.  Confidence to make you feel like a pro.  You'll truly feel proud of yourself.  You'll be stunned the first time you hear... "I'd like to commission you to paint my home".