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 Why is Everyone Happy and Surprised When They See STARSCAPES® ?

"Most city skies have become virtually empty of stars."
National Geographic magazine, November 2008


On the map below Satellite image of Earth showing city lights.


  • The
    BLACK areas (mostly ocean) below see THOUSANDS of stars.
  • In the BLUE areas, the faintest stars are obscured.
  • In the more populated YELLOW areas, artificial light supersedes brightness of the night sky. 
  • The more populated GREEN areas, many stars lost against background glow.
  • The more populated ORANGE areas, the Milky Way is invisible.
  • The major cities RED see almost none at all, fewer than 100.  Notice Paris and London on this map.


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Credits:  Astronomy Department, University of Padova.
Wired magazine, Feb. 2001, page 87, published by Conde Nast Publications Inc.
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