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Where Did All the Real Stars Go?
Why we only see a handful of stars in the city.

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$2,210 in one day -- plus a $90 tip!

"Toni and I just did two average rooms (12' x 15' and 10' x 10') yesterday that netted $2, 210.00 cash. They were so impressed that they gave us an extra $90 tip!!! We love this business and the effect it has on our clients. What a wonderful way to make a living!

My wife and I both want to say a big THANKS to Joe Petrashek & all his great STARSCAPES® staff .... James, Matt, Matthew, Alex, & Jill, for all their hard work during the past year! Look what you've given us just in the past year... New STARSCAPES® FX brochures, new STARSCAPES® FX Owner's Manuals, new STARSCAPES® Certificates of Authenticity, and hotel signage! WOW!

And on top of that, this year you have introduced several new paints so we can experiment endlessly with new effects and combinations! STARSCAPES® just keeps getting better! How many businesses can boast of that! Thanks also, Joe, for the constant reminders in the "Galactifier" Newsletter and the great new items in the STARSCAPES® Store that help make our work as Artist-Illusionists a little easier.

THANK YOU AGAIN, Joe and Staff, for enriching our lives with the wonderful, original art form called STARSCAPES®! ~Frank & Toni Wilson S.A.I. #1717


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