STARSCAPES® defined...

STARSCAPES® is the original, custom painted illusionary mural of the starry night sky, painted by licensed Artist-Illusionists worldwide.  These "Painter of Dreams" can create the STARSCAPES® in a client's bedroom, home theater, or any room; including hotels, motels, resorts, and B&B's in just an hour or two (depending on the size of the room) without moving any furniture.

This STARSCAPES® trompe loeil artwork creates a very impressive illusion of having a clear glass ceiling above you as you lie down in your bedroom at night. What you see up in the sky is stars.  Not a typical city view, where one only sees a handful of stars... Imagine a cloudless night, high up in the mountains, where the sky is dark and crystal clear, with thousands of twinkling stars above!

Ancient constellations like Orion, Pegasus, Ursa Major (the Big Dipper), Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Crux (the Southern Cross) will be in their astronomically correct locations.

The crescent moon and famous stars like Polaris (the North Star), Vega, Arcturus, Antares, Aldebaran, Sirius and even Betelgeuse can be found along with a beautifully visible section of our own Milky Way galaxy.

Little boys fantasies can be brought to life with an exciting star war and battle ships and cruisers shooting photon torpedoes at one another. While girls have their choice of pretty fairies and angels to inspire their dreams.

When the walls are included as part of the work, STARSCAPES® becomes the world's first Cosmic Environment Simulator(tm).  Imagine sitting up in your bed as it floats among the stars.  Sublime.

This painted artwork is in a class by itself, as it's not normally visible during daylight hours. The ceiling looks the same as it did before the work was produced. The stars in this painting only come out at night.

Using a very special paint, called Creation Paint(tm), which contains rare earth phosphors, the painter creates an illusion of the night sky, and over 2,000 stars can be seen... which is about a hundred times more than most people see in any given city in the world.

Since the night sky is always changing, the client has the option to choose a scene that will depict and commemorate the same day a newlywed couple were married, the day a baby was born, or any other important day in the client's history.

The benefits of enjoying this celestial masterpiece are great. It's relaxing, stress-relieving, educational, awe-inspiring, and romantic.

Children can even learn the constellations inside and then take their parents outside and point them out.

The perfect "getaway" for anyone who wants to relax and relieve stress and fatigue. Increases positive and relaxing alpha brain waves.

Brings the outdoors inside for those who are bedridden or lack mobility.

Aids in problem solving, meditation, reflection, and creation of profound ideas.

Creates the perfect environment for adult conversation and intimacy.

Helps those who have trouble falling asleep or fear the dark.

Makes the perfect nightlight (without illuminating the room) by giving children something wonderful to focus on, as they drift off to sleep. Covers them in a blanket of stars.

STARSCAPES® is not only an original work of art that is visually appealing, it reflects and often enhances the personality, creativity, inspiration, mind, and sometimes the genius of the person who owns it.

Along with their one of a kind STARSCAPES®, clients receive an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity, signed and dated by the Artist-Illusionist, and also their owner's manual titled ''The Art of STARSCAPES®''.

Originated by Joseph Petrashek,  in the late '70's, STARSCAPES® has become the the #1 home based opportunity program in the universe, for those that want just a part time income to help their family or to supplement their retirement; those that want a new hobby; and also to those who want to work for themselves and earn a "bigger portion of the pie".

STARSCAPES® is also the brand name of the popular StarBiz program.