Wednesday, November 15, 2006


No, Your Ceiling Hasn't Vanished...

Gui's new business can bring a vision of the cosmos to your...


Salisbury Painter Brings Starry Sky Inside

Jeremy Harrington doesn't need a night-light. It's not even a problem getting the 6-year-old to go to bed. When his friends and family come over, he can't wait to show them his room.

The littlest of the Harrington crew falls asleep watching a... (Click here for the rest of the story.)


Seeing Stars...

For Larry and Roz Ludwig of Lawton, their home-based business has them seeing stars.
Or shall we say, painting the... (Click here for the rest of the story.)


Donna Watts Paints Glow in the Dark Starry Ceilings

A Minot artist has turned her passion for painting into a way to teach astronomy to the young and old as a “Painter of Dreams,” while also helping them get a good night’s sleep... (Click here for the rest of the article.)

Friday, November 10, 2006


Mike Miller goes after free publicity with his business

Free publicity by sending out Press Releases is a good way to promote your business. Here's an example: (Click here for the rest of the article. Also here.)

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