Sunday, October 01, 2006


Would You Like to Make $13,106 in 5 days?

STARSCAPES® entrepreneur, David Speakman S.A.I., is making over $13k on a job near Dover, England. It's an ecologically built conference center with uninterrupted views overlooking the English Channel. He's completed the first of two 33' in diameter rooms, with 14' high domed ceilings. He said that he was clearly impressed with our new Galactification System, as there would be no other way to create the STARSCAPES® without it.

"When we had finished the work and finally cleared everything away, we
had a grand viewing which was attended by many of the contractors that
where working on the site, as well as numerous family members of the
directors and management of the centre. In all we had somewhere in the
region of 40 people lying on the floor gazing up at this amazing expanse
of star filled ceiling."

"Despite taking two and a half days to complete the job, I was very happy
to be given the first of two cheques for £3,500 (US$6,553)."

"We are now not only looking forward to doing the second room, but we
have been asked whether we would consider doing two rooms in a similar
development that the company is presently building in Mapungubwe,
South Africa. "

"I must say that having the opportunity to have an all expenses paid
working holiday to South Africa does seem rather agreeable.
Thanks Joe, for making all this possible. Regards, David."

Not so bad, when you figure his product materials wouldn't cost him more than $50.
Congratulations, David, and keep reaching for the stars!

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