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STARSCAPES® licensed Artist-Illusionists only... 



We've introduced the new, Super-10 Superior Performance Creation Paint TM for you! It makes an extraordinarily beautiful STARSCAPES® that glows all night, and is energized by ambient room light or sunlight. It's packed with our new "Pro-Pak" Application System (included in your Deluxe StarBiz Program).  (Find it in the newest issue of your Galactifier Newsletter in your email in-box.)


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  Our Members-Only STARSCAPES® Artist-Illusionist Inner Circle Community is waiting for you to join!  This is the place to share your ideas and get help from those in the trenches!  Hundreds of Artist-Illusionists!  More heads are better than one!   


After seeing the STARSCAPES® Demo Poster, the State Fair Officials told Illusionists Doug & Joyce they were going to get the best spot in the fair!  Joyce replied, "But how can you do that, when you're all booked up"?  "We'll boot somebody out!  Your STARSCAPES® will be the hottest thing here"!

Keep an eye on the testimonial page for more inspiring quotes like this!



  • Other Stuff... If you are a licensed STARSCAPES® Artist-Illusionist, you can order business cards, brochures, apparel, etc., on our secure server, for any item(s) you want. 


Starscapes business card front           Starscapes business card back

  Here's what the extreme business cards look like, front and back!


  • OUR AFFILIATE PROGRAM to make you even MORE money will be up soon!
  • See some sample STARSCAPES® Banners you can use to publicize your affiliate program.
  • Check out what our  Battle in Space Fantasy and Fairies and

  • Angels set look like!  To protect them from theft, we are only showing one.


  • Imagine THIS scenario:
    As you look above your home, into the dark, star-filled sky; you witness 21st Century battleships and starfighters engaging in a spectacular combat!  Brilliantly colored photon torpedoes and lasers blast from the ships as they protect their territory!  Enemy ships explode in a high intensity flash as the shrapnel flies!  Your Starfighters' shields are up, deflecting all hits!  Hurrah!!!  Boys imaginations will run wild!


The new lawn signs are ready for shipping!  

Designed to GRAB more potential customers for you.  Place them in your customers' front yards for a week or two and watch the excitement!


Your newly added moniker is...

Painter of Dreams


  • The price on the Super-10 Creation Paint has been lowered, so now you'll make even more money!

  • If you have a change of phone numbers, or email address, let us know so we can keep your page up to date.

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