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from the desk of Joe Petrashek

A Personal Message To YOU.

     There's a big world of opportunity out there and it can be confusing.  Curb making, multi-level marketing, lotions and potions, and all the others.  Doing business with some companies is sometimes unsatisfying and disheartening.  Beware of copycat internet companies that try and duplicate our system, and tell you that theirs is the best.  They'll spin one lie after the other and try to convince you with phony testimonials and 20 year stories.  Oh, they're slick, but most won't even have an actual address.  Some don't even list the city they're in.  Don't be a target for them.  I would like you to feel comfortable and rest assured that we understand what it takes for you to make your decision to do business with anyone, including ourselves. 

      The proof is always the history.  The STARSCAPES® StarBiz opportunity has been around for over 26 years and will be around for another 26 years and beyond.  I began teaching others my craft, worldwide in 1991, by spreading the word in entrepreneurial magazines like Small Business Opportunities and Entrepreneur.  Check the archives; we were in there.  In fact we were the first in those business magazines to put the URL in the advertisement.  We put STARSCAPES® on the internet in 1994 (way before Google).  The Internet Archive Wayback Machine started archiving our site in 1998.  We're the original, and the best.  Experience is important.  Our history is important.  My daughter has been sleeping under the stars for 22 years.  My wife for 25 years.  Call us and talk to us.  Talk to me.  You'll be glad you did.  We provide peace of mind that you are getting your business off to the same start that other successful illusionists, in over 160 countries, have. 

     Please contact our Customer Service for any questions you may have.  The phone number and email address are on the top of the 1st page of this site.  Additionally, if you'd feel more comfortable speaking with myself, please call me in Arizona, U.S.A., during daylight hours in Arizona, at 1-602-679-0257. I'd really love to talk with you!  All of the STARSCAPES® Painter of Dreams™ get my cell phone number too, so I can personally be reached.  I'm there for YOU.  I just took a call moments ago from a newbie in the bedroom of his first job.  I was there for him, and he was glad.  I'm passionate about my STARSCAPES®.  Soon, you will be too.

     Learning this cosmic art is like being part of a larger family of hundreds of like minded individuals.  Our database of customers will be open to you so that you can develop friendships, learn from others and even get business development ideas from them.  And our research and development department, is continually creating newer, better systems, tools, techniques, and paints.

     You'll also be invited to benefit from the knowledge database of the hundreds of others with years of experience "in the trenches" in our online STARSCAPES® community, complete with database of archived community letters and information that is "key word" searchable, and photos and files of other artists' advertising samples, and more.  You can type in, for example, "pricing strategies", or "home show booth", etc. to find out what all the other STARSCAPES® Artist-Illusionists are doing around the world.  It's best to learn from experience.

   Part of being an Illusionist with STARSCAPES® is being part of our larger family of hundreds of like minded individuals.  And our research and development department, is continually creating newer, better systems, paints, and business development ideas for you.

    It may cost a person more to get the StarBiz™ initially, then other low cost opportunities, but after the first couple of jobs or after the first few jobs, the program has been totally paid for.  (Some businesses take months and years to get in "the black".)

    If you can afford it... buy it.  If you can't afford it yet... don't waste your money elsewhere.  You'll be sorry.  We'll be here when you're ready.  I guarantee it.

    With your StarBiz™, you're paying for your education first, and foremost; your equipment, tools, product and supplies.  Top notch.  And later, your customer newsletter, with advertising and marketing examples shared from others. Everything you'd want and more.  The absolute best.

    Let us prove it to you.  I simply invite you to order from us your FREE Intro. Discovery Package with the Amazing 3-D Portal Posters, and see it for yourself.  Then, you'll know for yourself and you'll feel better that you took the responsibility yourself to do your own "due diligence".  The shipping and handling is inexpensive ($7.95) and is 100% refundable. 


   Get your Discovery Package today.  You've got nothing to lose.  I guarantee you'll love it!.

    Some people think that we should pay the shipping.  Let's talk seriously about that for a moment.

    If a company, any company, with YOU YOURSELF INCLUDED, doesn't charge the client enough to cover the costs of being in business, office lease, payroll, and advertising, ETC., whatever costs you'll have, plus the product costs, and have some left over for a fair profit... then there's no reason to be in business.  And that company will soon become disenchanted and quickly be out of business, with you left in the dim shadows of what could have been. 

    Thankfully our StarBiz™ is priced low enough to make it affordable, to those that can afford it, but high enough to keep everyone  from doing this.  This also gives us a fair profit and keeps us in business.  I suggest that YOU do the same in your business.  There will always be those that can't afford your price.  You can't please everyone.  That's the nature of business.  (However, we'll be showing you a strategy that will make your clients happy no matter what they can afford.)

    We spend a lot of money on advertising, and of course without advertising... you would never have found us.  I created this art form, and made the entire worldwide market for this product.  We also spend a lot of money on research and development in order to give YOU, the absolute best for your money.

    And after the first couple of jobs or after the first few jobs, the program should be totally paid for.  Some businesses take months, and sometimes even years to get in "the black".  You should be profitable after the first week or so.  Maybe you'll be a slow starter, and it'll take you a month or two until it "clicks".  That's okay.  Your StarBiz™ and I will always be there for you when you need it.

     Someone might expect a $5,000 piece of high tech electronic equipment in their StarBiz™ that is going to magically create the mural for them, while they just sit and watch it perform.  Someone might think that they shouldn't have to pay for their education.  There's always those that want something for nothing.  I hope that person is not you. 

    Years ago, we used simple tools and methods that happened to be, at the time, less expensive.  Not any more.  Our research and development has produced outstanding tools and equipment.  It's been said by one of our happy customers, about our Galactification System, "Unbelievable. An amazing piece of equipment!".   You'll be proud to use it.

    By the way, on a personal level, if you've bought a health club membership and don't ever go... that's an indication that you may be better off looking for a job instead of creating something bigger for yourself.  If you're still out of shape, and blame the health club, you need to look inside and see who is really at fault. 

     I say this because I don't want unhappy customers.  Who needs the aggravation?  I don't.  I'd rather spend my days talking to my happy customers... those that are able to get off of the sofa and away from the television, and have the diligence and self-imposed responsibility and work ethic to "go after it"... and not blame me or others for all of their miserable failures in life. 

     If you want to be a doctor... pay for your education, and equipment and get to work.  If you want to open a retail establishment, learn how to do it, work your way up the ranks, pay "your dues", and get to work.  If you want to learn this business, and can get away from the TV, order your STARSCAPES® StarBiz™ program.  You'll be glad you did!

    You will have made the most intelligent business decision by going with the most exciting, the best, and most original money making program out there, created for people just like you; the one that gives you the highest value  during and after your purchase; and you'll have studied under the man that originally created this art form, has a passion for it, and that genuinely cares about your success, no matter if you're a hobbyist or a budding entrepreneur.

    You might even choose to "graduate" with a professional Certificate and earn a professional designation, normally identified after your name, like this:  Joseph Petrashek S.A.I..

    You get what you pay for these days.  And when you order your STARSCAPES® StarBiz™ program, you'll get the best VALUE for your hard earned money.  And isn't that what you're looking for?  I haven't even told you about our newest developments yet!  But you'll get them in your StarBiz™!

    Thanks for listening to me "jabbering away"!  I hope to welcome you to the "STARSCAPES® family" real soon; and... above all... keep reaching for the stars!  





STARSCAPES  Purchase Helps Humanity!

"When it's all said and done -- it's what you've
left behind for humanity that counts."
                                                               Joseph Petrashek

     Your STARSCAPES.COM purchase helps support inner city school children by bringing the joy of stargazing and astronomy to those that would never have dreamed it possible. In this photo, high school students begin by examining their new telescope. 

Student thank you notes to STARSCAPES.COM
I just want to thank you for the opportunity to share with my students the wonderful universe first hand.

The experiences that having a telescope in the classroom will provide are priceless, especially for my students who may not otherwise have this opportunity. Again, thank you for your generosity. May the stars be your guide!


Hearts and stars image

You helped a family with their cattle business in Kyrgyzstan

You helped a farmer in Peru


Fruits & Vegetables Business in El Salvador

You gave aid to
a cattle man in Azerbaijan
and more!

Your purchase helps to alleviate poverty too!

 Through we've already helped more than
entrepreneurs rise from poverty
in their own business
with more than 1715 micro loans

valued at $74,750
worldwide! With your help, we've become one of the biggest lenders at Kiva, contributing 2.14% of their entire portfolio lending amount; empowering entrepreneurs around the world in 64 countries incl. the U.S.A..

has certified STARSCAPES
because we seek to inspire in mankind,
the vast and infinite possibilities of the adventure of space travel and exploration.
Certification of STARSCAPES is guaranteed to have stemmed from or been dramatically improved by technologies originally developed for space exploration or to have significant impact in teaching people about the value of space utilization and inspiring an active interest in space. Space Certification products and services have been scrutinized by the Space Foundation, working closely with NASA, European Space Agency (ESA), German Space Agency (DLR) and other organizations engaged in space research and development. A global, nonprofit organization, the sponsoring Space Foundation is a leader in space awareness, education, events, research, analyses and publications, in support of its mission to advance space-related endeavors to inspire, enable and propel humanity.


 You'll also be a part of history...

     Your purchase also supports The Planetary Society.
With you... we are developing innovative technologies, like the first solar sail spacecraft: funding astronomers hunting for hazardous asteroids; supporting radio and optical searches for extraterrestrial life; and influencing decision makers to ensure the future of space exploration, such as the New Horizons mission now en route to Pluto.


As STARSCAPES Artist-Illusionists, we're speaking to other worlds!

     We've sent our message high up into space, so when your descendants and the Martians of the future find and decode our message to them, our name will be there, as a permanent record of your part in the story of space.

     Our Message is printed in fine letters on an aluminum plate -- and is aboard the Lightsail, the Venus Climate Orbiter "AKATSUKI" and on a Silica mini-DVD aboard IKAROS.

     Lightsail, a project of The Planetary Society, will merge the ultra-light technology of nanosats with the ultra-large technology of solar sails setting a course to the stars. LightSail-1 is the beginning of an innovative program that will launch three separate spacecraft over the course of several years.

     IKAROS (Interplanetary Kite-craft Accelerated by Radiation Of the Sun) is a solar sail which gathers sunlight as propulsion by means of a large sail. This solar powered sail craft will employ both photon propulsion and thin film solar power generation during its interplanetary cruise. IKAROS was launched together with the Venus Climate Orbiter, 'Akatsuki' in May 2010 by JAXA.


Our message into space!

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