Heavenly Ceilings

Stargazing is primal.  Intuitive.  Awe-inspiring.  We're supposed to stargaze before sleeping.  It does amazing things for us.

Now, anyone can enjoy the experience of stargazing in their own bedroom, every night.

Perhaps you've seen glow in the dark star stickers before and enjoyed the spectacle. This is the better version. The one that adds value to your home.  The one that you can find in the best hotels and motels worldwide. 

Professionally installed once by trained Artist-Illusionists, in a couple of hours without moving furniture in the room, and enjoyed forever.

Imagine being far away from the city lights, high up in a mountain cabin, snuggled in a warm, cozy bed. Only this room is very special. It has a glass ceiling! And above you is the most beautiful starry sky imaginable!

Gazing high up in the sky, you'll see thousands of twinkling stars, constellations, and maybe even a few shooting stars! Yours will even be astronomically correct to commemorate your birthday or any other special event. Adults and children fall asleep quicker and wake up more refreshed. You'll also find that the experience is awe-inspiring, relaxing, stress-relieving, romantic & educational. Join the million other stargazers worldwide that have found their primal destiny. Contact your installer today.

Starscapes Virtual Reality Viewer



You can experience a fantastic virtual reality demonstration of what this would be like in your own bedroom. Use any VR headset or order the STARSCAPES VR headset below, then download the free app, and slide your phone into the headset, and you'll be AMAZED! With the amazing STARSCAPES app, your prospects will actually seem to be inside of a hotel room, looking all around, and then the ceiling dissolves away revealing the starry night sky!
You'll hear every one of them say "WOW"! A fantastic way to demo your work!

Stores flat for easy carrying
Large 34mm Bi-Convex lenses
Thumbport for reliable touch screen access
Works with all smartphones (Android and iPhone)


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    It's called VR STARSCAPES.



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